By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Divine Mercy is only achieved by the way Christ intended to be which is through the confessional. Here’s why.

For the Protestant to say they confess to God is an all insult to God’s omnipresence and omnipotence. By this they are degrading God the creator to that of creature. This infuriates God!!!!

One can not confess to almighty God who is omnipresent and omnipresent because He already knows.

The reason Confession is essential to salvation is because it is in total opposition to pride (that causes sins) by way of HUMILITY. Humility is 1 of 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and its most importantly because it perfects all other 6 gifts of the Spirit as to allow one into heaven. As Christ stated it’s not enough to be sinless to enter heaven one must be perfect.

Humility is being subject to one who is equal too or less than such as a priest. He is a man being equal to are less than the confess-ant. However the Priest has the authority of God as it was given to St Peter and by apostolic succession passed down to the Apostle to forgiven sin as stated in sacred scripture and as well documents the apostles giving the sacrament Itself which Protestant like to avoid when reading and studying.

Divine Mercy is only given through the practice of humility found only in sacrament of reconciliation. Out side of Confession the sin is dealt with for better or worse through divine justice and is subject to DIVINE WRATH.

No Protestant is in a state of Grace. It’s this simple. There is no humility confessing to God who is almighty and if you Protestant don’t convert the Holy Spirit is going to make you all confess outside of the confession as to cleanse your disobedient asses. Even then many will rebel against God for humiliating them by bringing to light what the un-confessed hide in the dark. It’s your choice 😉

Peter the Roman

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