By the French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Over site: The whole goal of the NWO/Freemasons sects, is to get the Muslim and Christian especially Catholics in war as so they can go unnoticed and set up 1 world government as to control both groups of Gods people. For you Catholics, don’t forget that scripture states the descendent of Ishmael will be blessed too and Our Lady will convert them as the Catechism states as well as several numerous church approved prophecy.

The Catholic approved prophecy that the United States will be invaded on its northern border is NOT again I say is NOT the Russians and not by way of Alaska.
The prophecy is referring to the invasion through Canada by Muslims. This is why Obama flooded the north with illegal Immigrants as to aid in this future event. The numbers are down below in the image.

The invasion of the US has been planned for centuries and written instructions along with it. This planned invasion is also why Freemasons Elitist Canadian President Trudeau is “actively” and “publicly” recruiting and financing “KNOWN MUSLIM TERREST” to Canada. This has been in the Canadian news as well as some articles on this issue here in the states.

If one has doubts about the Muslim invasion. This may clear it up.
Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as furniture. This furniture was for Muslim immigrants who come to America. They were headed up north to those Obama settle as to aid in the invasion. Below is just a few images of what was being sent.
Muslim ammo


“Q” is not about the political awakening because there is no such thing. The awakening has much deeper meaning.
The Muslim Terrorist compound that riddle the North and New England Areas is general public knowledge. They also line the Mexican border and 2 outside of Houston. Of course this particular area show in the below area is in the western part of the United States. But one can easily see the magnitude of the Muslim operation.

Israel Jews as taught by the Church is an enemy to the WORLD especially Christianity. They have to be converted. The NWO Zionist Jew knows that they must make America fall as so Antichrist can totally destroy Christianity. US Military US civil servants especially SWATT and National Guard is who the Muslim Compounds are training for. Fake SWATT call outs as to get them all to one spot.
These Muslims are terrible at war but it’s the Jew Zionist Of Israel who are teaching them strategies. MAKE SURE YOU SWALLOW THE GRAVITY OF ISRAEL’S OWN PEOPLE TRAINING ISSIS. ISREAL IS TRAININ ISSIS AND THIS IS A FACT AND NOT FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

The reason Trudeau’s And Obama’s scheme is not being exposed for what it is, is because the NWO Zionist Soros has cleverly covered this up by having a pseudo invasion in Texas and California. Soros ties to the main stream media also insures that the real issue is overlooked. This is why the southern invasion is so well covered by the liberal left media who are under close supervision of the NWO!!!


Trudeau is an all-out “cluck-bitch” to the NWO but make no mistake about it he is dangerous.

What makes Trudeau so dangerous is he listens to the NWO Zionist(Freemasons).
This plot against America by the NWO Freemason Zionist is the Blue Print Of the Freemasons found in several manifestos. Several Freemasons underground secret books that have been published for the secret sect have the bellow outline in detail how to Carrie this war out between the Muslims and Christians as to destroy each other. Read very close the below image because it is in every Freemasons secret manifesto.

Israel’s Government does NOT represent the authentic Jew who by no means is no longer God’s chosen. The meaning of Israel as it applies today are those faithful Catholics who have a devotion to the Our Lord and Saviors divine Mother. The devotion to the divine femininity of Our Lady is the fruitful land that enriches the soul as to perfect it.

Any group or society that not only rejects the Son Of God but also responsible for His crucifixion is far from blessed and assured of damnation. Israel’s Government made up of Freemasons Zionist does NOT have the Authentic Jew in its best interest and only uses the Authentic Jew as a false shield with the ignorant Protestant who they teach “whoever blesses the Jews and protects them are blessed.” The Protestant has suckled from the breast of the beast listening to Freemason pastors. They are the son of a bitches that attack the divine femininity of Our Lady. They falsely “accuse” Her who is one with the Holy Mother Church as being the Whore of Babylon as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Make sure you always read closely the images but particular the one below as they give clarity to these Fatima teachings. The word accuser translated Hebrew means Lucifer and in the new world promised by God all accusers of the Holy Catholic Church will be banished from earth “AS IT IS IN HEAVEN world without end, AMEN.”


The downfall of America will be caused by the majority of Catholics who have rejected the true faith converted to Protestantism as to be misled by the Freemasons Zionist. Those Catholics who continue to stay silent about freemason and the freemason pastors with their freemason agenda heard in their preaching will go to Hell as Our Lady of Fatima stated for the sin of OMISSION. Our Lady of Fatima warmed that those who stayed silent and even while practicing the sacraments that are to give strength to speak up will serve the Freemason in Hell. All Protestant go to Hell for the blind man that follows the blind man into the pit!
Mason Star
In conclusion I would like to say the Church teaches that the Church itself will be betrayed by one of our own bishops. The False Prophet Frances doesn’t even hide his NWO status and agenda with regard to the Church’s teachings are to the destruction of Christianity by the fall of America. He like all NWO Elitist need America to be destroyed as so the Antichrist can totally destroy Christianity. Holy Pope BENEDICT XVI is the Real Pope and Frances is the False Prophet.

pope USA

If Catholic’s don’t believe we have a teaching that say that one of our own bishop’s will betray Christ Church well then you better listen to the first 15 mins of Venerable Fulton Sheen on this very subject. Within the first 15min Sheen tells you of False Prophet Frances and the solution for this problem.


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