By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

For one to love others properly one must bare the cross and crown of thorns that is given in the counselIng of others in sin.

One loves the offender by using the gift of Counsel as to instruct them on their eternal consequences of the grave sin they are committing. This is not Judgment because Judgment implies a punishment for the action committed. Our Lady Of Fatima warned that sins of the flesh was what caused the majority of the human race to go to Hell. However She also states that is was sins of “omission” that caused the majority of Christians to go to Hell.

“Counsel” as in counseling the ignorant or the rebellious is just 1 of 7 gifts given by the Holy Spirit. To Perfect the soul one must use and Perfect all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. One can only perfect all 7 gifts whether lay or clergy by exercising their APOSTOLIC duties “trying” to convert others to the faith or deeper into the Paschal mysteries of the universal faith.

The False Prophet Frances is leading my sheep astray to Hell by saying Catholics are not to convert those outside of the Church.

However you can beat your sweet Catechism that I, The French Monarch, Fatima’s Peter the Roman will not give up calling to Gods people as to protect them from Heresy and Apostasy as taught by the False Prophet Frances.

The reason Apostolic duties of lay and clergy are alike is because this exercises all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit perfect the soul. It is not important that one is successful in converting others although if one does the saints teachings is that one would be assured of heaven.

Christ in sacred scripture says it’s not enough to be sinless to get into heaven, one has to be perfect. So even if one is practicing all the Sacraments they can still go to Hell because the sacrament were instituted to give grave as to fulfill an apostolic life!!! “To whom much is given much is expected”

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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