By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

As a whole and with regards to the subject of grace, noticed I said as a whole, the biggest difference between Novu Ordo and Traditionalist is that the traditionalist held on to teaching there Children as Priest and as Parents the Gateway Grace which is Fear of God aka Fear of Hell.

In doing this the traditionalist have open the door to the 6 other gifts/graces (total of 7 gifts) This is why “as a whole” traditionalist are meeting there apostolic duties as clergy and as lay!!! Lay need to be reminded that they are required by faith to be appostilic.  One most not only live their faith but teach be crucified by those you teach as to become a perfect image of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

By traditionalist keeping with church teachings which states first thing a parent is responsible for is teachings there children fear of God aka Hell. That is the first obligation of a Parent and or Priest no matter what the age.

By doing this it perfects the other 6of 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. The “use” of these gifts/graces PERFECT THE SOUL. This is what Christ meant when He stated it is not enough for one to be sinless to get into heaven one must be perfect.

Teaching the Fear of God:

FEAR OF GOD(1) motivates one to be humble/wisdom(2) in listening and gaining knowledge(3) of the Church teachings as to gain such and understanding(4) that they are able to councel(5) others in fortitude(6) which allows both the teacher and the student to become deeper in communion with universal truth thus loving it which is piety(7)

Special  Note: though there are 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, infinite in number, they do NOT have a specific order as a whole.

In short the greater the fear of God the greater the pathway for other 6 gifts of the Holy Spirit to increase as to increase the perfection of the soul, thus is why Church teaches the different levels of heaven. The fear of God is the gateway grace that allows one to know God and to Love God with all ones Heart mind body and Soul which is the one ultimate commandment.

The traditionalist sticking to traditions and church teachings allowed them as a whole to be inundated, on all levels, with apostolic graces that they are unafraid to use!!!

On the other hand the Nevo Order “as a whole” neglected the teachings of the Church with regards to parents either being clergy or lay instilling the proper foundation of FEAR of GOD aka Hell. The “Tree hugging” (for lack of better words” taught nutrient lacking homilies that simply overshadowed the importance of Church teachings of doctrine and dogma. This allowed for a Protestant-like mentality among Novus Ordo. This is a mentality  that claims a heavenly crown prematurely and/or falsely do to the fact they have not accepted the cross of thier Apostolic duties at it pertains to there life wether clergy or lay. This cross is to bear witness to universal truth that Jesus gave His Church. The same universal truth that we are to teach is the same universal truth Christ taught and was crucified for. The only way mankind can be in image of Christ is to “ACT” as He did both in living and preaching His teachings of the gospel as He taught His Church. The crown of heaven a Saint wears is solely based on the fact they accept their cross and crown of thorns for teaching the universal truth that Christ gave “His” Church. No cross and no crown of suffering only means No crown of salvation of eternal salvation.

In short the Novus ordo as a whole simply did not have the grace as to Fear God as to protect sacred traditional even sacred scripture. If a Nevo Ordo questions this then please cross reference the below scripture that is in the traditionalist bible to that of a Novu ordo bible.


The Nevo ordo bible say “he” not she will crush the head of satin. The Church has always taught that the final victory by Our Lady crushing the head of satin was insured by Our Lord and saviors victory on the cross. This is why we Catholics have always had a devotion to Our Lady as well as why why you always see statues with the Virgin Mary foot stepping on the snakes head.

The nevo ordo is in great danger of Grave  error and at this point in time. So much so that they are jeopardizing their salvation. This is why Fatimas Peter the Roman was promised to the Church as to re-educate and teach, thus the meaning of the bellow prophecy”… He will feed his flock…”



There are so many ways this particular subject can be taught and unfortunately I’m not a writer. There are infinite universal truths that “bleed” into this Fatima teachings that is not mine but mine to give.

Peter the Roman

2 thoughts on “Traditionalist -vs-Novus Ordo.

  1. The Blessed Virgin Mary’s virtue are humility and obedience.

    Ás St. Faustina said satan can díguised ás pious but he cannot and does not know hơ to wear the cloak of obedience.

    With regards to the celebration of the Holy Mass which one is pleasing and acceptable to God, the Latin or Novus Ordo?

    God said in Samuel 15:22 ” Obedience is better than sacrifice”

    So a Latin Mass celebrated by a priest not in full communion with Rome and slandering the Pontiff, the Mass is not pleasing to God and cannot ascend the Throne of God.

    I will always go to the Novus Ordo Mass as God is always present where the Pontiff is.
    As St. Ambrose guide all Catholics both traditionalist and Vatican II Church.
    “Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia, Ibi Deus. ”

    In the End My Immaculate Heart will Triumph but it will only triumph with catholics faithful who are obedient to Pope and Living Church Magisterium.


  2. Your comments are noted, However they are wrong and it’s the reason your NOT FATIMAS PETER THE ROMAN who is hand picked by Our Lady. I suggest you show some humility yourself and shut your mouth and listen. As you yourself stated obedience over sacrafice.

    Let me add that MASS was never even mentioned in this article and again it goes to show you how Pride in the Nevo Ordo people are soooo damn blind. If you had fear of God you would have been bettered studied and on gaurd for these end times


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