By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Active Homosexuals are NOT again are NOT the only ones who are in Image of the beast.

Before we continue on with this Fatima teaching that is not mine but mine to give, one might need to reference previous teachings. Previous teaching help give understanding of how Jesus Christ being born of the Blessed Virgin Mary did not abolish the Law both written and/or passed down but elevated the law to the supernatural level. This elevation of the law is fulfilled only in complete perfection in the Roman Catholic Church. Christ Church which is one Holy And Apostolic allows man to be in Image of Christ himself by man being able to perfectly fulfill all laws wether written or found in tradition on a supernatural level.

As previously discussed those who actively engage in homosexuality and/or embrace the LBGT ideology are in Image of the beast. When Man being made on the 6th day makes himself God by say Me, myself and I know what is holy and good with respect to salvation above Christ Church which He gave his teachings is the ANTI Christ Trinity and is in full Image of the beast. (Note: Those struggling with this grave sins with in and through the Church are simply in Image of Saints, The Roman Catholic Church embraces the Sinner NOT the Sin!!!!

Fatima warned that the last attack by the devil will be on the Sacrament of Marriage and Family. Certainly active homosexuality is not is only attack in on the Sacrament of Marriage.

Now on to the the main portion of this particular Fatima teaching. The traditional family is the most perfect image of God found in 3 divine persons. As we know there is no ambiguity among the 3 divine persons in the Trinity.

Marriage is a Sacrament because it allows for the Image of God to be perfected in the traditional Family unite. However there are infinite reasons it is a Sacrament. One of the main reason that is of importance at this END TIME is the the fact that the Law given to the Jews with regards to marriage was raised to the Supernatural level. Marriage is not an agreement between man and wife it SOUL foundation is the agreement with GOD, with regards to the husband and wife.

The law of a marriage given to the Jews was a man should have one wife until God separated them.

This law lifted to the supernatural level is a supernatural OATH risen as a agreement to God.

Those who go outside of this law is outstide of Universal Truth because it does not involve Universal truth itself that is filling United to the Mother Church. The Church acts on behalf of God making the Agreement thus binding to and fulfilling supernatural law.

Those who do not have valid marriages through the Catholic Church are in civil unions PERIOD! They have not acknowledged universal truth therefore they are in civil unions and outside of fulfilling the Law on a supernatural level.

Anyone who embraces engages in heterosexual acts outside that of a VALID traditional marriage is in Image of the beast. Beast are animals that fulfill Biological “urges” as to copulate. The sad part about heterosexual sex outside of traditional marriage it is every bit as Evil as homosexuality. Both of these particular sins selfishly satisfy me myself and I urges without any law both that given to the Jews or the Law supper-naturally fulfilled In the Roman Catholic Church. These demonic acts are for the pure self satisfaction of physical pleasure and absolutely have no true nor holy love because of the Absence of the Universal Truth found in supernatural law fulfilled in Christ Church!!!

Since the devil can not stand the image of God seen in the traditional marriage he wants to destroy it. The traditional marriage alone supplies enough grace on its on as to perfect a soul to gain entrance into heaven.

The destruction of a valid marriage is two fold mostly because it is much easier for Satin to lead the divorcees into animal acts of constant fornication. Wether it’s masterbation or cohabitation with another it does not matter, because these acts are outside of being within the universal truth. Therefore if one is not under the law including supernatural law then THEY ARE SUBJECT TO THE LAW and JUDGMENT!!!!!

Devils main goal is to destroy the seven sacraments as to destroy mans ability to be in Image of Christ. When man is outside the Image of Christ he is easily lured to engage in less then human acts that are natural to that of a mere animal. The devil loves to get man to embrace this ideology. He wants Man to be a beast as he is rebelling against Devine Design and Universal Truth. The easiest way is to make man Act and engage in acts that animalistic at BEST! Animals as a whole reproduce by simple parameters of opportunity. This meaning If a mate is there it’s a high probability. This is not governed by Law given to the Jews nor is it a fulfillment supernatural law by having any type of communion with God in these acts. True love as they call it, involves universal truth given by Christ to His Church as to unify with the True God of Abraham Issac and Jake. The 1 God of 3 divine person.

Make no mistake about it people. Active heterosexuals outside the traditional valid marriage is in Image of the beast and is the greatest danger to the Sacrament of Marriage and to the Family far greater than Homosexuality!!!

The devil has organized a multifaceted attack on the marriage and family. The Protestant actually think they are not helping the devil but actually helping defend Christ teachings. This is the biggest lie the disobedient Protestant has bought into and is soul Damning. They will be Judge for they are outside of the Law therefor SUBJECT TO THE LAW IN JUDGMENT!!! “Protestism” in it self is a attack not only on marriage and family it is a direct attack on Christ himself because it rebel’s against the teachings He gave HIS Church which is one with the Holy Spirit. They simply blaspheme the Holy Spirit by rebelling against universal truth that is kept intact by the Holy Spirit in Christ Church. This is why the gates of Hell will not Prevail against the Roman Catholic Church!!!!

In closing I will say this. These are only a few things so that are brought to clarity. They certainly are not the only attacks on marriage and Family however these are a few of the main ones. We will see how Abortion plays it’s main roll too in attacking the Marriage and Family. Prepare because its a strong STRONG teaching that is next to come.

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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