By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

(Secret Of Fatima with secret Medjugorji)


Our Lady as CoRedemptrix is Divine Mother of humanity because Christ himself gave Her to us as A DIVINE MOTHER(coRedemptrix) What most are failing to understand is Her infinite unity with the Lord giver of Life as one from two different origins.

This unity was a gift from Her beloved Son because She was the perfect Physical Image of Gods Soul in the Spirit. They both proceeded in Divine Humility/Wisdom(Feminine) from Both God the Father and From God the Son in mans Redemption. Lord as in Lord giver of life is NOT, Again I say is not Gender Specific. The Word Lord as in Lord giver of life is a 2ndary pronouns that is ONLY MASCULINE BY POSITION OF AUTHORITY. Christ gift to His Beloved Mother was to make the eternal Immaculate God(Aka Holy Spirit) one with the Immaculate Conception!!! No the Immaculate conception is not the 3rd person of the Trinity because She has an origin of being conceived while the Immaculate Eternal God(Aka Holy Spirit) has no origin because of the eternal existence. This infinite unity allowed for the fulfillment of universal truth found in the Creed of “..God from God, True God from true God..”

This unity was because of Our Lady’s perfect humility to the will of God! The Soul Of God is the Holy Spirit and a Spirit can not been seen However Our Lady’s Divine Humility to Gods Word magnifies the Holy Spirit who carries out the Father and Sons will in divine humility being divine in perfection.

The Lord giver of life is masculine only by divine position of Authority and it is in image of the Masculine position a mother holds within the family unite!!! This is the mystery given in a vision to Lucia and this is the very reason The Devil.wants to destroy the traditional family. The traditional family is in image of the 1 God in 3 divine persons


The Trinity


-God the Father

-God the Son

-Lord giver of life who proceeds as Spouse from God the Father and As Mother from God the Son,,,,masculine by divine position of authority

Our Lady Of Fatima warned about Satan’s last attack on the Sacrament of Marriage and Family because the Traditional Family is Image of the 1 true God in three Divine Persons. To destroy the traditional family is to destroy sanctifying graces needed for salvation that flows through the traditional family.

Next most important

There infinite infusion is the reason They Share all tittles such as Our Lady of Grace. Our lady Mother to human race. Remember the Holy Spirit is masculine only by position of Authority and not by Gender. There for in accordance to natural law you must be reborn of the Feminine Holy Spirit who God “hand made” one with the Immaculate Conception.

She is the living Ciborium of the Holy Spirit and thier unity is often mentioned in Medjugorji messages when Our Lady states She “…is just realizing Her plan..” with regards to the Final Church victory, thus making note of the Feminine eternal divineness of the Lotd giver of life which is documented in the book of Wisdom!!! The book of Wisdom refers to divine wisdom as feminine and as scripture states true wisdom is humility. This wisdom that is feminine is documented as being eternal in the Book of Wisdom which has to be asigned to The 3rd person of the Trinity as unveiled by natural law that says if there is a Father and Son there has to be A Spouse/Mother. This is why Our Lady Of Medjugorjie always says  She comes with a Motherly Spirit.

Divine Humility is divine wisdom that as the Creed states who proceeds from God the Father as Spouse and Proceeds is divine Humility/Wisdom from God the Son as Mother in Mans redemption.


Only the Immaculate Conception was the physical mirror image of the Holy Spirit who mirrored the Lord Giver of Life by proceeding from Both God the Father and Son in Mans redemption

Thus God made them one Crowning Her Queen Of Heaven and Queen Of Earth. No Protestant can deny this infinite unity because they themselves know that if one is to reign in heaven with God as scripture states then one has to be in communion with the Holy Spirit and that is a spirit of humility. Humility to all Church teachings allows for Salvation therefore all those outside the Roman Catholic Church have no salvation.



Fatima’s Peter the Roman












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