By the French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman of St Malachy’s prophecy.

Pentecost: remember Pentecost was on an “church level as a group” and on am individual level with all 120 Apostles disciples. The Apostle had issues understanding Our Lord as a victim but had no issues of Jesus being Lord. Jesus as Lord AND victim was confusing especially to St Peter. You see, Peter did not think Jesus Christ as Lord should suffer on the cross,, it is for this reason Jesus called Peter Satan and told him to get behind Him. St Peter understood Christ as Lord but not as VICTIM.

Upon the Holy Spirit coming the through the BVM on the Day of Pentecost, the apostles understood Christ as victim and payment of sin as Lord. However they still needed Our Lady’s teaching of the Eucharist at Pentecost to have complete understanding of His sacrifice as victim.

So Pentecost was BOTH on a individual level with all apostles understanding Christ being Lord and VICTUM AND as a Group by Our Lady teaching them the true Presence of Her Son in the Holy Eucharist.
The Holy Spirit works on multiple levels with all as well with multiple teachings and multiple people. The Holy Spirit WITH IN and THROUGH the BVM as 1 worked in unity of the Group by teaching them the true presence of Her Son in the Holy Eucharist. The unity of the Church was under the Governing Body of Peter who is under the Reign of Our Lady. St Peter took his final instructions from Our Lady on the Holy Eucharist. This is why we understand one of the universal saying of Church is “Men Govern woman reign.” It is because Our Lady, Mother of God was the first Catechist to Her Son and the reigning Queen of Apostles by insuring they understood the True Presences of Her Son in the Holy Eucharist.
Again; the Holy Spirit with through and in Our Lady as 1 worked On a Individual level With each apostle giving understanding in regards to thier knowledge as to why Christ had to be victim. The Holy Spirit with in and through the BVM. As well, worked on a group level by teaching all on Pentecost through Christ true presence is in the Holy Eucharist.

From the time the Holy Spirt overshadowed the Blessed Virgin Mary until the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was 1 with and in Our Lady. On the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came through Our Lady to birth the Church.

The representation of the Dove at Pentecost is for the same reason the dove is represented at the baptism of Christ. From the time Christ was begotten the Holy Spirit too was with and in Christ but it wasn’t until Christ baptism did the Holy Spirit flow through Him and this is why He began publicly teaching the new covenant. Up until then He only taught the Jews about thier laws.


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