Two +Hydrogen & 1 (-2Oxygen).

1 Thumb, Pointer and Index finger

By the French Monarch, Peter the Roman

Divine Chemistry and Catechism by the French Monarch Peter the Roman

For each of the 2 images up above assign a masculine God the Father and a masculine God the Son to two of the three molecules and or digits of the hand. Then for the final molecule and or digit assign the Holy Spirit.

Clue: for the Molecule image, one should remember that the Holy Spirit is the ***BREATH OF GOD and for the 3 digits remember that there is and opposition to the Masculine Father and Masculine Son by way of being a Holy Spirit.

Answer: it is easy to assign the two (+ Hydrogen) with masculinity of one being the Father and the other the Son because they are the only two with the same + molecule but different. Since NATURAL LAW was created by the divine designer. In natural law two like entities such as the two (+ Hydrogen) molecule always repel “AWAY” from each other.

. This was by divine design because it is in Image of the Divine Creator. Like natural law, for the Trinity to be fully unified it had to have a divine opposition to the two masculine Father and Son that was also equal in magnitude meaning 2.

There is a divine opposition in Femininity that is needed within the Trinity as to fully be united. This is represented in Natural law by -2Oxygen molecule that is needed to fully unite both + Hydrogen. Like Oxygen the Holy Spirit has 2 X the magnitude of the Father and Son but in Femininity which is in opposition to masculinity. This is where the key phrase “the power of the Holy Spirit” comes from. It is twice that of the Father and the Son but in Femininity. The Lord Giver of Life is masculine by position of Authority not by gender. The word Lord in Latin is a secondary pronoun masculine by position of authority NOT BY GENDER!!!

We are baptized in water(H2O) for many reasons I will one day go into. Note that we are NOT baptized in Holy Water which has both blessed Water and Blessed NaCl aka salt.

The three digit image of the hand is no different. If you were going to assign 2 masculine divine identity too two of the digits you would have to assign them to the pointer and to the index finger because they are similar as a Father is similar to a Son in masculinity but not exactly the same. In direct opposition of two these two digits(Pointer and index) is the thumb which is not considered a finger. When a Catholic makes the Sign of the Cross it is the thumb that fully unifies the index and pointer finger like the Oxygen fully unifies the two Hydrogen. This is to show the unity of the 3 divine persons in the 1 God.

In closing Natural Law was created by God as to reflect Gods infinite omnipotence and goodness of The Divine Creater.

Natural law is elevated to the supernatural level in the Sacraments as so man can be in full image of his creator. God the Father God the Son God the Lord Giver Of Life who the Wife/Mother is in Image of. The Holy Spirit like the Wife/Mother is masculine by position of Authority NOT BY GENDER within the family unite.

Homosexuality is against natural law therefore in no form or manner can it be Godly much less elevated to the image of God.

I’ll remind you all that it is my duty and responsibility to say “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION”

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