The Jewish law fulfilled in the Catholic Church says that a child has to identify thier Mother first before the child can claim the Fathers inheritance. This is so she the mother, can rightfully and lawfully intercede for the Child making claim for the child because only the mother can rightfully and lawfully identify the father. The reason being is she (mother) alone was one intimately with the father in sacrament of Marriage and she, as mother, was also intimately one with the child nourishing the child in her womb.

Jesus being born of the Virgin Mary who is one with the Holy Spirit conceived Christ and when Christ was born this physical law of the Jews and raised it to the Supernatural spiritual level. This is because the Holy Spirit was one with the Immaculate Conception. To conceive means to become pregnant and the Holy Spirit Conceived as sacred scripture states therefore Our Lady had to be fully and infinitely infused as one.

This physical Law of the Jews was now elevate to the Spiritual relm. Therefore take the above statements change the small “m” of mother to a capital M(Universal Mother) and small “f” of father change it to a capital F(Universal Father)

So on a spiritual level of one does NOT clam or identify the universal Mother(Aka Mother Church) aka Immaculate Conception then one can NOT rightfully claim the universal Fathers inherentance and The Universal Mother can not intercede for them because they were not nurished in the Universal Mother Church. Nurished meaning the true living bread of Jesus Christ body and Blood and the True universal teachings of the Scripture Christ gave His Church.

[Special Note added for Catholics] Can one see how important the labyrinth is a at Notre dameis? Its the spiritual umbilical card it’s not some silly maze.

Therefore Mrs Clinton needs to be addressed after calling Catholics the bastered faith. The Protestant are truly the bastered children both in the spiritual and physical level in-which Universal True governs.

No one is going to bash Gods people under my watch and not get a preverbal ass spanking like I just gave this Treasonous pedophilia santanist.

Now what does this info mean to Protestant? it means unless you are “reborn” in the MOTHER CHURCH being feed Her universal teachings (Being in the womb) in humility then you are NOT saved. You are not saved because you are not receiving the true living bread of Jesus Christ in the flesh in the Eucharist as well as universal truth of scripture and its universal meaning. The Mother Church is one With The holy Spirit who is one with Immaculate Conception!!! If She was not infinitely infused with the Holy Spirit Christ could not be Born!!!! “God can only come from God and Our Lady is the perfect living Host of the Holy Spirit” They are one and to be reborn in the Spirit which is Holy is to be reborn in a spirit of humility to the universal(aka Catholic) Church teachings!

Fatima’s Peter the Fatima


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