By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Addressing Our Lady’s title as “Daughter Of God” and Her title as “Our Lady Of Light”

Guys I ant got time to poetically write everything addressing this specific group. Many times I copy and past letters to others. I have already addressed the Mary is God Movement and mr Sanchez with regards to Mary is God movement. Sanchez and I’ve have had words in the past like I have with all of you. You guys need to respect what this man has stated. He did the best he could translating Spiritual language into English or any man made language for that matter. Sanchez had the same problem I had with all you know it alls, if you could have shown a little humility and continued to converse with him you all would have gotten to the point I am fixing to explain to you all.

Now before I start you all need to be reminded that the Church has always taught Our Lady was essential to all Mans salvation because She is the universal divine Mother. She is not only Mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but SHE is also divine Mother Of all of humanity as declared by the Church. If you have any other understanding then you have been affected or infected by the Freemasons! Get rid of this infectious pride that wants to argue with the Church’s teachings and or Myself because I’m on the edge and I wishing someone would get froggy and jump so I can release some stress that’s been festering up,,, lol just playing

Ok Here is the texted I sent My ALPHA Priest Father Marie at the Oratory Of the Immaculata in Arlington Tx.


Ok Father, it’s time to address Our Lady’s Tittle Daughter Of God.

With regards to the title Daughter of God, start thinking about the Movement Mary is God. Research and recall the Saints and Father’s of the Church in Reference to the prayer efficacy when they prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary. All of them from the Saints to the Fathers of the Church are well documented by the Church as saying “Praying to the Immaculate Conception has the same efficacy as praying directly to God.” They all were perplexed by this but it was not to be know until the End Times. Well we are in the End Times

We all know that the Immaculate Conception is blimmish free from sin and since She was conceived this means we all know that She is NOT, again I say She is NOT the eternal 3rd person of the Trinity. Because God is infinite and the Immaculate Conception is not the only way for Jesus to be birthed and fulfill sacred scripture in prophecy was for the Lord Giver Of Life, who is already one with the Son of God, to be infinitely infused with the blemish free Immaculate Conception. She has to be infinitely one with the 3rd person as to birth Christ since Christ is eternal and infinitely united with the Lord giver of Life within the Trinity.

The universal Creed states Jesus, God the Son was “begotten not made” however the Daughter Of God was hand made one with God and Not begotten. God literally made Her one with the Lord Giver Of Life. God gave Her the greatest gift that one could ever receive and that is to be fully infinitely and perfectly infused(Sanctifying Grace). This is why She is Queen heaven as well as earth.

The reason why Our Lady was able to be made one with The Lord Giver Of Life is because She is in the flesh the mirror image of the 3rd person. She like the Lord giver of Life but in the Flesh completely gives over Her own will to God the Father as Spouse and She completely abandons Her will To God the Son as Mother. She magnifies the Lord by being the living Ciborium of grace. She is visible in the Flesh unlike the Holy Spirit who is never visible and the Holy Ghost present is always symbolized by a dove.

All Protestant know that to get into heaven one has to be united with the Holy Spirit and as Sacred Scripture States She is infinitely infused with the Lord Giver Of Life as to give birth to the eternal Savior. This infinite unity is why She wears a Crown in heaven.

Explaining the Infinite infusion of the Immaculate Conception and the Lord giver of Life brings us to Her next Title Our Lady Of Light.

One might ask well when do I call or recognize the Holy Spirit and when is it appropriate to refer to thier union as Immaculate Conception in Her Divine MotherHood? The only way to grasp which one of the proper titles should one use is buy understanding how light is taught in physics.

Before you read any further look up the physics lab that uses a Radiometer as to show Light as Both a wave and a Partical.

Do not cheat this go and look it up.

If one puts a flashlight on the white side of the flags inside this vacuum nothing happens because light is acting like a wave and it reflects(Holy Spirit). However If one puts the light of the black painted side the flags inside the Vacuum began to rotate(Our Lady). The reason is light is acting like a partical hitting the black flag. When a particular hits a objective it creates a force and there fire causes the flags to Rotate.

So is Light a wave or a Particle? Is the 3rd Person a Holy Ghost or the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Is the Immaculate Conception The 3rd person of the Trinity?

It all depends on where when and how light is calculated as it is the Same with the Immaculate Conception who is one with the Eternal Immaculate God aka Lord giver of life is seen or observed in life and time with regards to eternity.

So let me conclude by saying this. It is always correct to refer to the Church’s titles of Our Lady who shares every title and name of the Holy Spirit. From Our Lady of Grace to Our Lady of Wisdom. There are well over 114 titles the Church refers to the 2 being one. Pick one;)

So looking back on “The Mary is God Movement” it is easy to see Dominic Sanchez was not as wrong as everyone thought. Sanchez just had a little trouble translating what was given to him in a spiritual langue into human language.

Inclosing: Jesus Christ is truly Son of God because He is one with the Lord giver of Life within the Trinity. When he was begotten Our Lady also had to be infinitely infused with the Lord giver of Life as to Birth Our Lord and Savior. Our Lady is truly the Daughter Of God and Queen of Heaven because of this infinite unity. The Trinity Doctrine does not say the 1 God is 2 divine persons and a Holy Ghost it says the 1 God is 3 divine Person. Chew on that for a while you arrogant Protestant. The Holy Ghost is masculine by divine position of authority and Proceeds from the Father as Spouse by birthing the universe and life as we know it. The Holy Spirit also proceeds from God the Son as Mother in the Rebirth Of man in salvation. God the Father willed life and creation along with mans salvation. It was the Lord Giver Of Life as Spouse/Mother who infinitely infused with the Immaculate Conception to fulfill God the Fathers will.


Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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