By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Mitochondria DNA comes solely from the Mother.

 Jesus was fully Man and Fully God. His own Mitochondria DNA came from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jesus is God in the Flesh. We know that the Virgin Mary is not the 3rd Person Of the Trinity so the Only way Jesus could be man and God in the Flesh is if the Blemish free Eternal Holy Spirit was infinitely infused with The Blemish Free Concieved Immaculate Conception as to fulfill the universal Creed “God from God light from light TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD”

The blemish free eternal 3rd Person God and the Blemish free Immaculate Conception have two separate origins but Hand made by God to be One!!! There infinite unity makes our Lady a living ciborium of the Holy Spirit,,, To deny this Infinite unity is to deny the birth of the Her divine Son as well as one blasphemes the Holy Spirit which applies to Our Lady’s roll in as Being CoRedemptrix along with Christ however NOT EQUAL to Christ. She is essential in perfecting ones sole which is needed to enter heaven. To reject the Virgin Mary who is the Living Ciborium Of Lord Giver Of Life is to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit and that sin is unforgivable by Christ in this world and the Next.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, in closing: To deny the infinite infusion with the Immaculate conception with the Lord giver of Life as one, is to deny Jesus Christ divine origin as God begotten man. Do not make the Mistake of the Eternal Son of God having both a Eternal existence as well as a divine origin being birthed in the flesh by the divine Mother, the Immaculate Conception. Since The Immaculate Conception is NOT the third person of the Trinity the only way God could be birth as man is for the Immaculate Conception to be infinitely infused with the Lord giver of life as 1. This explains the Eternal Jesus Christ being birth in divine flesh. Our Lady’s divinity had to be established first.

  She is Divine Mother of God perpetual in Her Divine Mother Hood to all of mankind as Coredeptrix. Since our Lady is infinitely one with the 3rd person of the Trinity one must accept Her as essential along with Christ but not equal to Him in thier salvation. She is the living ciborium of the Holy Spirit. To reject the cup that holds all graces is to reject the graces themselves because they are one.

Because of Our Ladys divinity of universal Mother, a devotion is needed to Her by way of the Rosary which perfects the soul by teaching and giving us understanding by giving us all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christ said it’s not enough to be sinless by Confession to get into heaven one must be perfect. The divine mother is the only one who can perfect the soul as willed by Jesus Christ as to insure his beloved Mother will be loved!!

God bless you and please pray and  “ACT” in your prayer to get the teachings recognized by the Church.

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

PS: If one would like to help Our Lord then please by all means demand the Church to acknowledge ALL the Fatima teachings that are posted on

To insure the Church Authority are held accountable to the Fatima teachings then write call email leave Phone messages for For Terry at Caritas of Alabama. If Terry gets the teachings he will hold the Church Authority accountable (205) 672-2000. I realize few will take that last request serious. However the few that at least try will be given great graces and ever great conciliation by both Our Lady and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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