Peter the Roman firmly addresses LGBT.


It is time the Church clears up some issues as to make peace and to give proper “counsel”. Judgment implies a punishment and certainly there is not punishment in a good counceling session.

The Roman Catholic Church embraces those individual who are “struggling” with homosexual and transgender issues.

God ask ALL to put up a good fight and certainly LGBT issues are serious spiritual battle that is brought into the physical world. Those who bear this heavy cross and put up a good fight they should be certainly seen as worthy of the stature of the greatest of saints. However let the Church be clear on this issue. Those who die actively engage and embracing the ideology of the LBGT then let it be known that their condemnation by God is upon them as they freely choose to ignore Church teaching and counciling and are in rebellious Image of the beast who says ME, MYSELF AND I know Universal truth of salvation over Christ own teachings He gave His Church. (note: man was made on the 6th day and when man puts his knowledge over the will of God he has made himself in Image of the beast 666 ME MYSELF AND I. Essentially man makes himself God by putting their knowledge and understanding of what is right and wrong above Gods. Those who do are truly the AntiChrist.

It is only those who are in traditional marriage or sacramental life of Holy Orders who are in Image of The 1 God who is 3 divine persons. Simply put “Active” homosexual are in Image of the beast aka unholy trinity. Bellow is the Holy Trinity of the 1 God in 3 divine persons. God the Father God the Son and God the Spouse/Mother whos masculinity is by divine position of Authority. Lord as in Lord giver of life is NOT gender specific and is a 2ndry pronoun that is masculine by position of authority. (Ref the Creed: The Holy Spirit proceeds as Spouse” from God the Father and proceeds from God the Son as “Mother.” The Holy Spirit Proceeds in divine “Humility” that scripture states is “Wisdom.”;)

If you think the Church’s Teachings are outdated then perhaps you need to be reminded of the Glory be Prayer that was added at Fatima to the Holy Rosary. Fatima gave many graces and one was a warning to the world the devils last attack would be on sacrament of Marriage and the family.

The Glory Be Prayer reminds us all that the law aka Torah that was given to the Jews in the beginning of time and is fulfilled in the Catholic Church is intact “…as it was is now and forever will be world without end, Amen” At this time let us recall how God dealt with the abominations of Sodom and Gomorrah. God does not change neither does His teachings they are only fulfilled in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Peter the Roman

You LGBT better read that name again and realize who is addressing you.

More on of Fatima teachings on

PS in Closing the Church is looking for those saints who are putting up a good fight. Not a perfect fight but putting up a good fight. A fight that is spiritual but fought in the physical world as to lead others up the stairway to Heaven in sainthood

Jesus “It’s not enough to be sinless…” How to perfect the soul

The issue of being perfect is addressed in a letter formatted to Peter the Romans biological brother. It should be noted that to increase in sanctifying grace one must be in a state of grace achieved by fulfilling the sacrament of reconciliation.

Dear Michael Paul

Jesus in scripture warned it was NOT enough to be sinless to get into heaven. The apostles ask them how can anyone go??? The perfection of one is on the ability to recognize accept and act in perfecting the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For one to be perfected, One has to perfect all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fear(1) is the gateway grace) Knowledge(2) Wisdom which is actually humility(3) understanding(4) fortitude(5) council(6) Piety(7)these are the 7 gifts.

No one gets into heaven if one is not Apostolic in life both in living and in preaching,,, this means from the top of the church to the Lay, especially the Lay since they are ground troops for Jesus Christ. Apostolic as in one Holy Apostolic Church,,,

This means in the near future God is going to help out humanity through His Church. All are fixing to have the fear of God(1) to have Humility which is Wisdom(2) too listen to the Church teachings or those who teach it as to gain knowledge(3) and to find understanding(4) in the teachings and in others as to counsel(5) them in Fortutude(6) this ultimately converting both closer to universal truth. Yes you are Apostolic in living your faith but to perfect it you must be able to perfect other 7 gifts of understanding fortitude counseling etc in eachs own Apostolic journey. These gifts come in no particular order except Fear of God(1) aka the gateway grace. This particular grace is why the traditionalist as a “WHOLE” do a much better job living preaching the paschal life of Jesus Christ as it pertains to Christ teachings He gave His Church. Something the (for lack of better word) tree hugging Nevo Ordo peps better grasp and grasp quickly.

This is a mystery of Fatima you guys understandable don’t understand yet, no blame here,, but I will do all I can for when the time comes you all will be on Fire and a all out threat to the Devil!

This understanding of grace as it perfects the soul can lead you all to understanding why Lucia said in the end the world would be converted and on ONE Holy and “Apostolic” Church will Prevail. THE LAY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY GOD TO HELP ALL UNDERSTAND THE EX CATHEDRA statement made by the great pope “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION, this will be done through with and in understanding the CoRedemption Dogma(Fr Marie a powerful traditionalist helped me on this) which is a fulfillment of the Jewish Law within the Holy Catholic and Apostolic. (See article “Why outside the Catholic Church there is no Salvation)

Co as in CoRedemptrix means along with Christ not equal to.

God Bless you Michael, you have been a good brother and Jana a good sister in law. thank you for all the kindness and understanding you have given me,,,

Your Brother

Peter the Roman

Is the Pope Catholic?

Is there betrayal in the Church? You tell me after you review these 3 particular documents.

Peter the Roman


I will address Bergoglio affiliation with the Freemasons with this popes thoughts.


Now in review of all this information the Lay should be empowered to speak up and with full authority!!!


Why Outside the Catholic Church there is NO salvation.

I was watching Protestant talk show in which they discussed how they believe the law was completed with Jesus and the law is not fulfilled in the Church as Catholic’s know.

We know that one of these Jewish laws is in regards to a child calming father inheritance. This law is found in the Jewish tradition that says a child can NOT claim the fathers inheritance unless the child identifies the mother who she then has to intercede on their behalf by identifying the rightful child to the rightful fathers inheritance. (The reason are specific to why this is). This law didn’t end upon Christ life death and resurrection. Christ did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it as to allow the opportunity to do so as well in His image.

This law is fulfilled in Christ Church when one acknowledging the Mother of God who is perfectly and infinitely infused with the Fiminine Holy Spirit. The law is raised from the Natural world to the supernatural.

By claiming this infusion one acknowledges the Femininity Holy Spirit as the 3rd person of the Trinity who was made one with the Blessed Virgin Mary. She certainly is not God however for Christ to be born God hand made Her as one with the Immaculate God also know as the Holy Spirit.

Jews know of the femininity of the 1 God as Sophia which means wisdom. However Jews could never explain the femininity of the 1 God found in the third person of the Trinity as taught by the Catholic Church.

The Jewish law is also fulfilled when Protestant convert and claim the Holy Spirits infinite confusion with the Immaculate conception thus acknowledging Her Crown Of Coredemptrix.

Without one acknowledging the twos infinite infusion She as one can not intercede to say a souls has the Universal truth and intercede to make a souls rightful claim to the eternal Fathers eternal inheritance,,,, This is why outside the Catholic Church there is no Redemption

When She Acknowledges a soul she confirms that souls rightful position as the inheritance of the True eternal God,,. Jewish law is fulfilled on a spiritual level inside the Church making Catholic’s perfect in Image of Christ. Rebelling against the Church or Her teaching is in Image of the Beast 666 meaning me, myself and I know more about salvation than Christ Church.


Peter the Roman


Do you want answers?!!!


Fact is, most readers whose attention was caught by this articles tittle will answer this question as soon as they read the next paragraph and exit this page.

Solemnly “i” say to you the reader that the masculinity of the feminine Holy Spirit is the greatest of Signs of Contradiction to yet breech mans mind.

Never in all of time has a masculine entity ever given birth to life. This is against universal truth found written by the hand of God on the canvas of Science wether biology genetics chemistry physics even mathematics unveils this universal truth.

 I ask the reader if God made man in His image and God made man both male and female, then where is the feminine God that the Jews refer to as Sophia(means Wisdom.) Remember Jews were also given truth though not fulfilled)

  The Holy Spirit is also known as the Lord giver of life. And to be born of the Spirit we must be In communion with the Lord giver of life by way of HUMILITY. This humility is Birth in accepting all teachings of the Roman Catholic Church who’s own birth took place upon the descent of the Holy Spirit.
Want to know more? Then read defending the Traditional Family.
Peter the Roman

Defending the Traditional Family Family

  1. Mans sole purpose is to be in Image of the 1 God who is three divine persons. The traditional family unite is the simplest way the human mind can comprehend the One God in three divine persons. Anything outside the traditional marriage or sacramental life that is in Image of Christ and his Beloved Mother is an abomination. Those who depend on self knowledge to pridefully reject the Church’s teachings and go outside the universal truth written by the hand of God in natural law found in Sciences (biology genetics chemistry physics mathematics) are in the image of the beast who rebukes divine design.


Father divine Intellect
Holy “Spouse/ Mother” Spirit Divine Wisdom
Son BOTH divine Intellect and Wisdom

(Natural law )

The Holy Spirit or the Lord giver of life is Feminine in Humility. Scripture states true Humility is Wisdom.

The wisdom and/or humility of the Holy Spirit is confessed in the universal creed by proceeding from the Father in divine humility/wisdom as a Spouse  and proceeding in in divine Humility/Wisdom from the Son as Mother.

However It is well noted throughout scripture and Church teachings that the Lord giver of life is dominate in masculinity by position of  divine authority by being within the Holy Trinity.

Again man as in both male and female are in Image of the one God. There is no ambiguity in the 3 divine persons of the 1 God.

Lord as in “Lord giver of Life” is not gender specific and is a secondary pronoun that is masculine by position of authority. An example of this is a Ships Captain who can be male or female.

This definitively defends the traditional marraige.

The traditional Family being in the image of the one true God in three divine Persons is the very reason Our Lady warned us at Fatima that the family and the sacrement of marraige would be the devils last attack.

The image of God is that mans mind can comprehend as being 3 divine persons as seen in the unity of traditional family allows for infinite graces to be accessible to man in his fight for salvation. This image is also despised by Satin

God Father
God Spouse/Mother Spirit
God the Son (Gallations: son with regards to the family unite has the meaning both male female as found in scripture)

Natural law unveils the universal truth of femininity of the Holy Spirit in the Masculine position of divine authority within the Trinity.

In all of time no masculine entity has ever given birth. A birth that is needed to been born or reborn in the Holy Spirit a birth of humility that allows one to accept the Roman Catholic Church teachings in there entirety which is essential for salvation.

In closing, I ask the reader to ask themselves this: If man was created in the image of God and God made man both male and female, then where is the feminine God represented within the Trinity that the Jews referred to as Sophia(Meaning Wisdom). Natural law unveils the universal truth of the femininity of the Holy Spirit by being masculine in divine authority being within the Holy Trinity.

Solemnly “i” say to you the reader that the Masculinity of the Feminine Holy Spirit is the greatest of Signs of Contradiction to yet breech mans mind.


Peter the Roman

The Trinity: Lord Giver of Life is masculine by “Divine Position of Authority.”


Father is divine Intellect

Holy Spirit is Divine Wisdom

Son BOTH divine intellect and wisdom

(Natural law )
The Holy Spirit or the Lord giver of life is Feminine in Humility(scripture) seen by proceeding from the Father and Son, however the lord giver of life is dominate in masculinity by position of authority by being within the Trinity.
Lord is not gender specific and is a secondary pronoun that is masculine by position of authority. An example of this is a Ships Captain.
This definitively defends the traditional marraige. By the traditional Family being in the image of the one true God.

God Father

God Spouse/Mother (Still masculine by being by a power of divine authority within the Trinity)

God the Son (Gallations: son meaning both male female)


Peter the Roman

The Power of the Rosary

The Rosary is second to the Mass in perfection of prayer. Through the Rosary Our Lady in perfect and infinite communion with the Holy Spirit gives the 7 graces that Perfect a soul. It is not enough to be sinless as Christ said to get Into Heaven. Our Lady gives one knowledge(2)understanding(3) of paschal mysteries that allow us to have wisdom(4) in fortitude(5) to counsel(6) others in conversion this allows both to be converted deeper in universal truth which is Piety(7). The fear(1) of not being One Holy And Apostolic propels one to pray the Rosary as asked AT FATIMA! In Short the Rosary allows us to Know Christ to Serve Christ and to Love Christ with ever fiber of our being being perfected in the 7 gifts.

Peter the Roman

The Crowning 

By Peter the Roman

The Crowning of the Immaculate Conception is that result from Her infinite communion with the Holy Spirit(aka Immaculate God). In salvation we are to reign with God in Heaven and as all Protestants know this reign is achieved by being in communion with the Holy Spirit. St. Kolbe was most noted for his Marion teachings that explained how the Immaculate Conception was the perfect mirror image of the Holy Spirit. In all of history no human conception was as Blemish free as the Immaculate Conception who was the perfect mirror image of divine humility/wisdom by proceeding from both God the Father and Son in flesh as the eternal Immaculate God proceeded in Holy Spirit.

Because of there divine humility in proceeding in mans redemption from Both God the Father and Son, God himself  “Hand made” them one.  Thier unity allowed The fulfillment of universal truth in-which Christ was born and truly the Son of God being light from light true God from true God.

The Immaculate conception proceeded in physical mirror image from Both God the Father as Temple of the Holy Spirit and from God the Son as Mother of all Humanity. There infinite unity is the reason She is CoRedemptrix to all of Humanity along with Christ NOT equal to Christ. For one to be “reborn” in salvation they must accept Her CoRedemptive roll as essential along with Christ but not equal to Christ.

Christ Sacraments of baptism and confession insure the forgiveness of sin and the Holy Eucharist along with the Holy Rosary help perfect the Soul to live out ones sacramental life.

Scripture states it’s not enough to be sinless to enter heaven one must be perfect. The Holy Eucharist and the Holy Rosary that councils the Souls to understand and live deeper in the paschal mysteries of Christ. This perfecting ones communion with the Holy Spirit. The closer one is in communion with living a Christ paschal mystery through the knowledge wisdom fortitude to council others in conversion leading both oneself and others in conversion of true Piety. The gifts of knowledge understanding and wisdom to council in fortitude is gained by the Rosary and sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. These two are essential to salvation and allows for the perfection of ALL 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady of Lourdes revieled in the END science would prove God. 

By Petrus Romanus aka Peter the Roman

Catholic scientist proves God with Big Bang theory which is oddly accepted by Scientist.

Here is the reason why No Christian should reject the Big Bang Theory. Catholics think it’s wrong to believe in the Big Bag theory because it’s science dismissing God. The Fact is scientists can’t believe in the Big Bang Theory because it based on the law of contingency(to come into being from nothing.) Scientist by their own law of matter can not be created nor destroyed rule out the Big Bang theory because the Big Bang theory is base on Mass being created from nothing(Light is both partical(mass) and wave(transfer of energy) Things that come into being from nothing is called the Law of contingency. The fact that matter and/or light coming from nowhere is perfectly within the Catholic faith. The crazy thing is that this Big Bang theory by science continues to prove God because they have proven that for life to exists that CO2 and H2O must be present. The combustion reaction like that described in the BIG BANG is the only reaction in-which CO2 and H2O are created that science has proven is essential to life. Thank you science for proving God.
Dedicated to James Bean (Roy Bean) and Stephen Cabell to correct Chad Gorick ignorant service homily who Allen Tanner knows