The Power of the Rosary

The Rosary is second to the Mass in perfection of prayer. Through the Rosary Our Lady in perfect and infinite communion with the Holy Spirit gives the 7 graces that Perfect a soul. It is not enough to be sinless as Christ said to get Into Heaven. Our Lady gives one knowledge(2)understanding(3) of paschal mysteries that allow us to have wisdom(4) in fortitude(5) to counsel(6) others in conversion this allows both to be converted deeper in universal truth which is Piety(7). The fear(1) of not being One Holy And Apostolic propels one to pray the Rosary as asked AT FATIMA! In Short the Rosary allows us to Know Christ to Serve Christ and to Love Christ with ever fiber of our being being perfected in the 7 gifts.

Peter the Roman

The Crowning 

By Peter the Roman

The Crowning of the Immaculate Conception is that result from Her infinite communion with the Holy Spirit(aka Immaculate God). In salvation we are to reign with God in Heaven and as all Protestants know this reign is achieved by being in communion with the Holy Spirit. St. Kolbe was most noted for his Marion teachings that explained how the Immaculate Conception was the perfect mirror image of the Holy Spirit. In all of history no human conception was as Blemish free as the Immaculate Conception who was the perfect mirror image of divine humility/wisdom by proceeding from both God the Father and Son in flesh as the eternal Immaculate God proceeded in Holy Spirit.

Because of there divine humility in proceeding in mans redemption from Both God the Father and Son, God himself  “Hand made” them one.  Thier unity allowed The fulfillment of universal truth in-which Christ was born and truly the Son of God being light from light true God from true God.

The Immaculate conception proceeded in physical mirror image from Both God the Father as Temple of the Holy Spirit and from God the Son as Mother of all Humanity. There infinite unity is the reason She is CoRedemptrix to all of Humanity along with Christ NOT equal to Christ. For one to be “reborn” in salvation they must accept Her CoRedemptive roll as essential along with Christ but not equal to Christ.

Christ Sacraments of baptism and confession insure the forgiveness of sin and the Holy Eucharist along with the Holy Rosary help perfect the Soul to live out ones sacramental life.

Scripture states it’s not enough to be sinless to enter heaven one must be perfect. The Holy Eucharist and the Holy Rosary that councils the Souls to understand and live deeper in the paschal mysteries of Christ. This perfecting ones communion with the Holy Spirit. The closer one is in communion with living a Christ paschal mystery through the knowledge wisdom fortitude to council others in conversion leading both oneself and others in conversion of true Piety. The gifts of knowledge understanding and wisdom to council in fortitude is gained by the Rosary and sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. These two are essential to salvation and allows for the perfection of ALL 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady of Lourdes revieled in the END science would prove God. 

By Petrus Romanus aka Peter the Roman

Catholic scientist proves God with Big Bang theory which is oddly accepted by Scientist.

Here is the reason why No Christian should reject the Big Bang Theory. Catholics think it’s wrong to believe in the Big Bag theory because it’s science dismissing God. The Fact is scientists can’t believe in the Big Bang Theory because it based on the law of contingency(to come into being from nothing.) Scientist by their own law of matter can not be created nor destroyed rule out the Big Bang theory because the Big Bang theory is base on Mass being created from nothing(Light is both partical(mass) and wave(transfer of energy) Things that come into being from nothing is called the Law of contingency. The fact that matter and/or light coming from nowhere is perfectly within the Catholic faith. The crazy thing is that this Big Bang theory by science continues to prove God because they have proven that for life to exists that CO2 and H2O must be present. The combustion reaction like that described in the BIG BANG is the only reaction in-which CO2 and H2O are created that science has proven is essential to life. Thank you science for proving God.
Dedicated to James Bean (Roy Bean) and Stephen Cabell to correct Chad Gorick ignorant service homily who Allen Tanner knows

In honor of todays celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes


Celebrating Our Lady of Lourds with the unveiling of a few mysteries

Feb 11 the Church celibates Our Lady of Lourds. Most know this divine because of the miracle healing water from a spring that seen to songs spontaneously come up. Most people missed or have forgotten very important details of some of the messages. One was Our Lady foretold that science would lead to prove, clarify And give greater understanding of God. Many did not link the actual science of water that made this apperition so special. For example science has proven that water is the universal solvent. Church has always taught baptism by water cleanses all sin from the soul. Science has proven what the church knows on a universal level which water is essential for life. The Church always knew that the consumption of water is essential for hydration and homeostasis of physical life as well as it is  essential for spiritual salvation in baptism by being the universal solvent for sin and


Science also names water H2O which is how the church orders the divine Trinity grouping the masculine Father with the Masculine Son followed by the 3rd feminine person the Holy Spirit. The science of the molecular farmular as places the two positive H ions in a group of being the first 2 as in H2 the followed by the negative 2 ion.

One can easily see that the masculine Father and Son are represented by the +2 or H2 in the molecular naming followed by the – charge which represents the feminity of the Holy Spirity in Oxygen. The kicker is the magnatude of the feminity represented is 2 or -2 for 2 × the femininity which is where the phrase the “Power of the Holy Spirit” comes from. This magnatude is 2 because the feminine holy Spirit within the Trinity proceeds from the Father as a spouse in humility and she proceeds from the Son in humility of being Mother. The Father and Son masculinity comes from their divine intellect which is why a Father assumes role of head of the house hold. One of Fatima mystery was that the Holy Trinity feminity and masculinity is the perfect image of the One God as three divine persons as seen In the Holy Family.


When the Masculinity and femininity of the Trinity or added up +1+1-2(spouse-1(+) Mother-1) the human mind can understand how the one God is neuter or equal to 0. All three faiths know that the one God of Abraham is nether male or female however God made man in His image thus making them male and female.

The science of water having high specific heat meaning takes alot of energy to change its temperature proves scripture of God is slow to anger.
Please read article if this is confusing.

Medjugorji and Science.


Most of humanity believes that science says God does not exsist.  However since God created science it is only proper to conclude that science proves the One God of Abraham (nueter) as three divine persons(feminine masculine)

A secret of Our Lady of Lourdes


H(+1) = Divine intelect of Father & Some

O(-2) Divine Wisdom.                   True  Wisdom is humility (1Peter)

God the Father(+1) Divine intellect

God the Son(+1) Divine intellect

God the Spouse(-1)/Mother (-1)

[True Wisdom defined by scripture as being humility and this is a  feminine characteristic(-) and is In opossition of divine intellect(+)]

If you add the masculinity with the femininity within  the divine Trinity one will prove what all faiths agree on which is God is neither male or female.  God the Father (+1) God the Son(+1) and God the Spouse(-1) along or in addition to God the Mother(-1) you have a neuter God being neither male or female. [+1+1-1-1=0 or neuter]

Scripture defends the feminity of the 3rd divine person by stating man was made in image of God and He made man both male and female. One must ask themselves were is the representation of the feminine God the Jewish faith was given that was know as Sophia which means Divine wisdom? Divine wisdom is always mentioned as a feminine entity as Proverds unviels it as the divine wisdom of a mother. Jesus who built the Church stated that for one to be saved they must be reborn of the Holy Spirit which in itself proves the feminity of the 3rd person of the trinity because never in all of history has one been born or reborn from a masculine entity. To conclude this subject it should be known that the word Lord as in Lord giver of life is a secondary pronoun that has a masculine in its position of authority. An example would be a capton of a ship. A capton can be male or female and thier position is masculine in position of authority like the feminine 3rd person is holding a dominate divine position of authority within the Trinity.

The Trinity:   The Holy Family is in image of the Holy Trinity. Natural law of genetics biology physics etc  unveils that if there is a God the Father and God the Son then there is God the Spouse/Mother.


This is critical when understanding the Co-redemption dogma


It is critical with regards to Co-redemption dogma to know St Kolbe’s teaching that the immaculate conception was the perfect mirror image of the Immaculate eternal God aka Holy Spirit. The Immaculate Conception proceeded from God the Father in perfect Divine humility as spouse of the Holy Spirit being in perfect communion with the 3rd divine person(her spouseship is not to be seen as man and wife but as a perfect mirror image made one). The Immaculate Conception was the physical Host(For lack of better words) in which The Holy Spirit infinitely infused as one being that she was the physical mirror image of the Spiritual 3rd person of the Trinity.  She  as well as proceeded from God the Son in perfect Divine humility as Mother of God and as Mother as all of humanity as Jesus so willed. Like the universal creed States She like the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and God the Son in fulfilling God’s will for man’s redemption.  Both the Immaculate eternal God and the Immaculate conception are infinity united (to man’s understanding) as one which was unveiled at Fatima when Jesus ask for 5 first Saturday devotion for “blasphems” against His Mother’s Immaculate heart. The word Blasphems is specific to the Holy Spirit which is the Immaculate eternal God. Since the Holy Spirit has  no human heart they have to be infinitly united as the Immaculate conception. Fatima unveils this unity when Christ asked for the 5 saterday devotion for the blasphemes against His Mother’s Immaculate heart.   This infinite unity is why she is truly the Mother of God both physical and Spiritually do to the fact the Immaculate Conception was made one with the Immaculate eternal God. Her infinite communion with the Immaculate eternal God is the reasons she reigns as  Queen of heaven and earth.

Fatima enlightens us of this mystery when Our lady warned that the devil’s last attack would be on the sacrement of marriage and that’s because homosexual marriages destroy the divine image of the Trinity as three divine persons in the one God as seen perfectly in the holy family that is masculine Father, masculine Son and feminine Spouse/Mother.


Peter the Roman

Understanding Christ and His Church fulfilling all law


Christ fulfills all Jewish laws writtin and oral that was carried out in Jewish tradition. Thus ultimately meaning that he elevated the physical Jewish law to a spiritual level through His paschal mystery and those who are imperfect are made perfect through His Church

The most profound example of this is the law of confessing to a high priest that allowed him to know what animal would be needed to atone for the transgression confessed. The most grievous sins required an unblemished lamb. The sacrificed lamb was not discarded but eaten for physical nourishment.

This truth given to the Jews is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church when the unblemished lamb is transfigured in the host and received by a penitent with a confessed soul that nourishes and perfects the spiritual soul.

Christ said  “It is not enough to be sinless to get into heaven, one must be perfect” and as scripture states this is imposable if it were for Christ who stood as the unblemished lamb for man kind and was crucified to offer himself as the spiritual nourishment that perfects a soul in the Eucharist. The Eucharist perfects the soul by allowing one to use their knowledge(2) in humility/wisdom(3) to find understanding(4) of others as to Council(5) others in fortitude(6) converting both deeper into paschal mystery which is piety(7). This is in Fear(1) of not being one holy and “APOSTOLIC” [perfecting all 7 gifts of the soul]

The meaning of Christ and His Church fulfilling all Jewish Laws both written and those in oral traditions is scripture based. This is seen when Christ said He has come to fulfill the law in totality and not abolish it. This again meaning ever letter of the law is properly lawfully and spiritual fulfilled by crossing every t and doting ever i of the law in perfection thus elevating physical law to supernatural status of spiritual perfection.  These laws are both written and unwritten that are found in tradition. Every law was fulfilled in Christ paschal mystery.

One of the most important laws the Jewish had was that found in their tradition and when fulfilled in the Church it separates us from all other faiths that believe in one God.


This tradition is seen when a child would want to make a claim of their fathers inheritance. The child could not rightfully or lawfully make this claim. The child had to first identify their mother so she could intercede on behalf of the child identifying the rightful father to the rightful child. The reason being is she alone was intimate as ONE with the father in sacrament of marriage in sexual relation as well as she was intimate with the child as One in the motherhood of carrying the child in her womb. This truth given to the Jews is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Trinity is the one doctrine that all Christian agree too. All agree one must be born or reborn in the Holy Spirit. Christianity all agree on the fact the Holy Spirit intercedes for mankind fulfilling which is the spiritual fulfilling of the physical truth given to the Jews who they must identify the Feminine God they know as Sophia as Spouse Mother Spirit aka Holy Spirit. By the Jews acknowledging the universal truth of the Feminine Holy Spirit in the Trinity they will be saved because like there own truth they will have identified the universal Mother therefore allowing Her to intercede on their behalf making rightful lawful claim of the eternal Fathers inheritance.

By Christ being born of a woman who was in infinite and perfect communion to the 3rd person of the Trinity, the Jews will have to acknowledge the truth given to them lived out in traditional law is fulfilled and explained on a spiritual level through with and in the Holy Spirit. When the Jews Identify the Spouse/Mother Spirit they will then have a rightful claim to God the Father.

How the imperfect become perfect in Image of Christ. Imperfect Man himself through Christ Church fulfills every letter of the Jewish written and unwritten law. For example presenting the Jewish child in the temple is fulfilled in the Catholic church when one is confirmed.

When one confirms the sponsor presents to the Catechist to the Priest in image of the Virgin Mary as she presented the child Jesus. The sponsor litteraly says “Father I Present to you ….” . In this manner the Catichest by confirming is saying in humility I am identifying the  universal  Mother Church who is fully united to the feminine Holy Spirit(St Kolbie’s) who is infinitely united to the Immaculate conception aka Mother of God.


One can see how the Jewish laws of tradition of  presenting a  child in temple and the law of a child claiming their mother are fulfilled in Christ Church. again  the physicall Jewish laws in  acts and tradition are elevated to a supernatural Level by uniting the physicall and spiritual to achieve supernatural perfection.
Upon confirming the Catichest is onoited and/or marked with the Holy Spirit aka “The Seal.” The Seal is another name for the Holy Spirit and as far as confirmation is concerned it is aka as the “Living Seal” and is directly related to this who’s name is written in the “Book of life.” Again this having a physical and spiritual meaning and those who are confirm meet both meanings and is one reasons the church has written documentation of the names of those wh

These are not new things are not new truths but new as to being identified as it relates to understanding universal truth Christ gave. Again the truth  that he promised would be  protected until the end of time.


There are several Catholic Bibles and translations within these Bibles. We Catholics say we have the unperveted Bible however Christ didn’t teach a Bible, the Bible documents what He taught with regards to the Gospel. Christ didn’t promise the Bible would be preserved from evil but His Church which is the apostolic teaching of the Scripture. Many Catholics do not know that the two times God referrsz to woman is Geneses 3:15 as well when Christ addressed his Mother on the Cross when he said “Woman this is your Son” Thus meaning  St. John of the Cross who stood in approxy for all of humanity was the Mother of all of man. Protestants in thier rebellious spirit had always reject this apostolic teaching. So how does one know She is the divine Mother of all redemed man. Well first of all sacred uperverted scripture states this. Geneses 3:15 says “i will put amenity between the woman and her said and she will crush your proud head.” Original unperveted scripture such as that found in the Douay Rhiems Bible that traditional Latin Catholic
Catholics  use. Everyone knows that Catholic Church has always taught the blessed Virgin Mary has the final victory that Christ insured by his life death and resurrection. “Traditional”  statues that go back to the first days of the church show the Virgin Mary standing on top of the earth with Her foot crushing the serpents head. We also know that the church has always had a devotion To the Virgin Mary and are fulfilled in the Rosary and 5 first Saturday’s. The Rosary is the fulfillment of the divine office which itself is a fulfillment of the Jewish tradition of Honoring the One God in recitation of Psalms certain hours of the day. This  is why the Rosary is also referred to as  “Little Divine office.”

all Protestant Bibles have this perversion of Geneses 3:15 that says he instead of she crushing satins proud head.  The sad thing is because satin knew the Catholic Church was the only way to salvation he to tried to destroy this this scripture within it. Many newer Catholic Bibles post Vatican 11 have this perversion however it has not perverted the Church. Since Catholics do not depend on there own understanding of scripture and we depend on the teachings of the church we ourselves are protected from this attack of secred scripture and the follies of prideful sole scripte  because of our devotion to the Virgin Mary and the Rosary insure that the unversal truth of scripture and it’s understanding is preserved in tradition of the Rosary as well as the churcg teachings  of our lady of wisdom as Co-redemptrix.

Fatima Secrets the final unveiling

Natural Law & Co-redemption

Our Lady 2017

“Should not this 100th anniversary (1917-2017) be a great time of rejoicing, a time when the Fatima gift is poured out in its fullness?  That was my plan.  This entire century was meant to be 100 years of blessings, all leading up to the anniversary.  A blessing that has been rejected becomes an accusation. A gift spurned becomes a great issue.”

“Now, the anniversary looms on the horizon as an unfulfilled promise, rejected by those who should have had faith.  What will I do?  What will happen in these next 2 ½ years?  This is not settled.  However, the quicker the Church fully responds to Fatima, and as devotion to the Woman Clothed With the Sun multiplies, the blessings will come.  Otherwise, Fatima remains a gift that is still rejected.”
Our Lady 217


*The following is written by a lay person the Portuguese know as  Petrus Romanus through a well known church approved prophecy that was kept alive in that part of the world.

To The Roman Catholic Church:

St Kolbie stated that the Virgin Mary was the perfect mirror image of the Immaculate eternal God we know as the third person of the Trinity as the Holy Spirit. He stated that the Holy Spirit in divine humility proceeded as a spouse from God the Father  and proceeded in divine humility from God the Son as a Mother . Humility as defined by 1 Peter is True wisdom and this is the very wisdom the Jews understood to be the feminine God they called  Sophia and this divine wisdom of the Divine Mother God is spoken about all thoughtout scripture especially Proverbs.
As st Kolbe stated there is no question the blessed Virgin Mary proceeded in divine humility from the Father accepting God the Father’s will through Arch Angel Gabriel proceeding in man’s redemption as Spouse of the Holy Spirit and then Proceeding from God the Son as Mother of God and as Mother of all of Humanity in man’s redemption. She was such a perfect image of divine humility that Her Son gave Her the greatest gift of all mankind uniting The Immaculate eternal God (Holy Spirit) to the Immaculate conception as one which their unity is infinite to man’s understanding. This unity with the Immaculate eternal God makes Her Co redemptrix and if one rejects either or then they have blasphemed the Holy Immaculate Heart as warned about at Fatima.
Their  unity i the reason the Blessed Virgin Mary shares the names of the Holy Spirit within Her own 114 + titles(Ie. Our Lady of Grace Our Lady of Council) This unity is validated when our Lord asked for the 5 first Saturdays devotion for “blasphemes” against His Mother’s Immaculate Heart. The only time blasphem is used with regards to scripture is against the Holy Spirit again validating there unity as well as giving understanding to the churches soon to be released  CoRedemption Dogma that is the 5th and final Marion dogma. The five Saturday devotion is for those blasphemies against the 5 Marion dogmas.   In closing I would like to remind all that in all of history no man has ever been born or reborn for that matter from a masculine male therefore to reborn in the spirit as Christ said one must except the feminine Holy Spirit who is fully and Infinitely united to the Blessed Virgin Mary. When one confirms in the Catholic faith they are fulfilling the Jewish law that’s says a child cannot claim the inheretance of the Father, that the child must identify the Mother who alone can lawfully “interced” on behalf of the child to lawful identify the rightful Father to the rightful child. The reason is She alone has been intimate as one through the sacrament of marriage in sexual relation with the Father as well as She has been intimate as one carrying the child in the womb  as a mother. She alone can lawfully and rightfully intercede to claim the Father’s rightful inheretance  for the child. Christ came to fulfill the law and not abolish the law. meaning he came to fulfill all law on the spiritual and physical level doting every I and crossing every  t in the law given to the Jew’s. Christ and His church does this by fufillig the written and unwritten oral law given to the Jews. This specific law of identifying the Mother of God  is fulfilled when one confirms because they are identifying the Mother church who is infinitely united to the feminine Holy Spirit who is infinitely united to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In confirmation the Priest acts on behalf of the Mother church placing “the Seal” aka Living seal on the one confirming marking them as the rightful inheritance of God the Father.[this proves and gives full understanding of the Popes infallible Ex Cathedra statement of, “Out side the Catholic Church there is NO salvation.”  The Seal is another name for the Holy Spirit and is directly related to the names written in the book of life spoken about in the book of Revelation.

Natural law of Genetics biology even physics and mathematics says if there is God the Father and God the Son there has to be God the Mother Spirit. One of  Fatima’s mysteries unveil that the last attack by the devil will be on the sacrament of marraige because the family unite like that of the Holy family. The Holy family is the purest most simplest way the human mind can understand the one God in three divine persons. meaning God the Father, God the Son(Gal: son meaning both male and female) can only be fully united by feminine Mother God the Jews called Sophia that we know as the immaculate God aka Holy Spirit. This is the same divine Mother noted for her wisdom all throughout Psalm. Fatima unveils that the devil wants to destroy all images of the one God as three divine persons either In totality or in perversion. Satin did this  by attacking the sacrament of marraige in divorce or by perverting it by going against natural law by having his secret sect in powerful places promote  homosexual marraiges. Let me remind you oboma was a Free Mason and the first to be s black Freemason who was openly celebrated for his homosexual agenda by the freemason. St kolbie has a lot to say about this very subject so if you think I am crazy then you better think twice. Oboma sure was a smooth talking man who changed the laws of God by marrying homosexuals.

*Changing gears back to the Holy Spirit*

Lord as in Lord giver of life Is NOT gender specific it’s a secondary pronoun that is dominate by position of authority. The Holy Spirit is Lord Giver of life as feminine God who’s authority comes from being within the Trinity. No masculine gender as in a male has ever given life as those gender specific to femininity, it is against natural law   An example of secondary pronoun would be a  Capton, as in capton of a ship that can be either male or female who’s masculine charicter comes by position of authority.

In honor of Fatima 100yr anniversary this year and for  Warning us the sacrament of marraige would be the devil’s last attack. The reason being is that There family unite is the purest clearest way man’s mind can comprehend the one God of Abraham in three divine persons. The Holy Trinity is God the Father God the Son who God the Holy Spirit  proceeds from God the Father in divine Humility as a Spouse and proceeds from God the Son in divine humility as God the Holy Mother Spirit. Humity as scripture states in 1 Peter is true divine wisdom and this is the very divine wisdom that the Jews understood the feminine God to be Sophia and is the very Motherly devine wisdom referenced all throughout the old treatment especially in Psalms


The Popes infallible statement (Ex  Cathedra) “outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation” is seen in the Fulfilling of all Laws given to the Jews wether written or oral as it was is and forever will be fulfilled in Christ and His Church. As Christ stated it is not enough to be sinless to get into heaven we must be perfect and that is fulfill in “His Church.”
When onr identifies the Mother Church they are identify the  Feminine Holy Spirit(St Kolbe) who is fully united to the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Fulfilling the Jewish law of the child identifying their  Mother so she can lawfully interced to Identify the Child to the Rightful Father’s inheretance. This law man  fulfills  in the  sacrament of confirmation in which the Priest acts on behalf of the Mother Church marking the Confirming with the mark of the feminine Holy Spirit (infinitely united to the Immaculate conception to man’s understanding). The Mark is called the Seal aka Living Seal and is and Outward sign that gives grace that identifies the confirming as  Child of the one God of Abraham in three divine persons. This “confirms”  they in image of Christ have fulfilled all laws given to the Jews and fulfilled in the Church. The confirming are then lawfully and rightfully marked for their eternal rewards of heaven. The infinite unity between the Holy Spirit aka Immaculate eternal God and the Immaculate conception was explained in full in previous email and this again proves and gives understanding to  The Blessed Virgin Mary is Co-redemptrix and how the church teaches that all Grace’s flow through Her.

“The Immaculate conception – Blemishes free*

There is no doubt that Jesus was divine wisdom which is a dominate feminine trait as 1Peter points out true wisdom is humility. Even though Jesus had feminine charicteristis of humility he was also very masculine in divine intelect. Natural  law of genetics unveils that a Son(Gal: meaning male of female) takes certain traits from His Father and certain charicteristis of  His Mother.  Therefor universal truth which is unquestionable is that Jesus possess both traits of divine intelect (Masculine) from God the Father and devine wisdom(Feminine, 1 Peter true wisdom is humility) from God the Mother Spirit(Psalm)  as it is unveiled by natural law of genetics. For this reason the Masculine gender proceeds as head of the House hold in a family setting as it is image of divine God and in accordance to  devine design as willed by the One God in three divine persons.
One should remember that to be a Jewish Rabbi the Son must come from a Jewish mother. It is well documented that ALL Rabis have a specific protein that can identify their rightful claim.
The Protestant who reject the Virgin Mary being the Immaculate conception need to be reminded that all mitochondrial DNA found in offspring comes from there Mother therefor Natural law of Genetics unveils and proves that Jesus Was fully human and fully perfect with His Mother’s “immaculate” mitochondrial DNA.

Peter the Roman

Fatima unveiling of Co-redemptio