Medjugorji and Science.


Most of humanity believes that science says God does not exsist.  However since God created science it is only proper to conclude that science proves the One God of Abraham (nueter) as three divine persons(feminine masculine)

A secret of Our Lady of Lourdes


H(+1) = Divine intelect of Father & Some

O(-2) Divine Wisdom.                   True  Wisdom is humility (1Peter)

God the Father(+1) Divine intellect

God the Son(+1) Divine intellect

God the Spouse(-1)/Mother (-1)

[True Wisdom defined by scripture as being humility and this is a  feminine characteristic(-) and is In opossition of divine intellect(+)]

If you add the masculinity with the femininity within  the divine Trinity one will prove what all faiths agree on which is God is neither male or female.  God the Father (+1) God the Son(+1) and God the Spouse(-1) along or in addition to God the Mother(-1) you have a neuter God being neither male or female. [+1+1-1-1=0 or neuter]

Scripture defends the feminity of the 3rd divine person by stating man was made in image of God and He made man both male and female. One must ask themselves were is the representation of the feminine God the Jewish faith was given that was know as Sophia which means Divine wisdom? Divine wisdom is always mentioned as a feminine entity as Proverds unviels it as the divine wisdom of a mother. Jesus who built the Church stated that for one to be saved they must be reborn of the Holy Spirit which in itself proves the feminity of the 3rd person of the trinity because never in all of history has one been born or reborn from a masculine entity. To conclude this subject it should be known that the word Lord as in Lord giver of life is a secondary pronoun that has a masculine in its position of authority. An example would be a capton of a ship. A capton can be male or female and thier position is masculine in position of authority like the feminine 3rd person is holding a dominate divine position of authority within the Trinity.

The Trinity:   The Holy Family is in image of the Holy Trinity. Natural law of genetics biology physics etc  unveils that if there is a God the Father and God the Son then there is God the Spouse/Mother.


This is critical when understanding the Co-redemption dogma


It is critical with regards to Co-redemption dogma to know St Kolbe’s teaching that the immaculate conception was the perfect mirror image of the Immaculate eternal God aka Holy Spirit. The Immaculate Conception proceeded from God the Father in perfect Divine humility as spouse of the Holy Spirit being in perfect communion with the 3rd divine person(her spouseship is not to be seen as man and wife but as a perfect mirror image made one). The Immaculate Conception was the physical Host(For lack of better words) in which The Holy Spirit infinitely infused as one being that she was the physical mirror image of the Spiritual 3rd person of the Trinity.  She  as well as proceeded from God the Son in perfect Divine humility as Mother of God and as Mother as all of humanity as Jesus so willed. Like the universal creed States She like the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and God the Son in fulfilling God’s will for man’s redemption.  Both the Immaculate eternal God and the Immaculate conception are infinity united (to man’s understanding) as one which was unveiled at Fatima when Jesus ask for 5 first Saturday devotion for “blasphems” against His Mother’s Immaculate heart. The word Blasphems is specific to the Holy Spirit which is the Immaculate eternal God. Since the Holy Spirit has  no human heart they have to be infinitly united as the Immaculate conception. Fatima unveils this unity when Christ asked for the 5 saterday devotion for the blasphemes against His Mother’s Immaculate heart.   This infinite unity is why she is truly the Mother of God both physical and Spiritually do to the fact the Immaculate Conception was made one with the Immaculate eternal God. Her infinite communion with the Immaculate eternal God is the reasons she reigns as  Queen of heaven and earth.

Fatima enlightens us of this mystery when Our lady warned that the devil’s last attack would be on the sacrement of marriage and that’s because homosexual marriages destroy the divine image of the Trinity as three divine persons in the one God as seen perfectly in the holy family that is masculine Father, masculine Son and feminine Spouse/Mother.


Peter the Roman