Understanding Christ and His Church fulfilling all law


Christ fulfills all Jewish laws writtin and oral that was carried out in Jewish tradition. Thus ultimately meaning that he elevated the physical Jewish law to a spiritual level through His paschal mystery and those who are imperfect are made perfect through His Church

The most profound example of this is the law of confessing to a high priest that allowed him to know what animal would be needed to atone for the transgression confessed. The most grievous sins required an unblemished lamb. The sacrificed lamb was not discarded but eaten for physical nourishment.

This truth given to the Jews is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church when the unblemished lamb is transfigured in the host and received by a penitent with a confessed soul that nourishes and perfects the spiritual soul.

Christ said  “It is not enough to be sinless to get into heaven, one must be perfect” and as scripture states this is imposable if it were for Christ who stood as the unblemished lamb for man kind and was crucified to offer himself as the spiritual nourishment that perfects a soul in the Eucharist. The Eucharist perfects the soul by allowing one to use their knowledge(2) in humility/wisdom(3) to find understanding(4) of others as to Council(5) others in fortitude(6) converting both deeper into paschal mystery which is piety(7). This is in Fear(1) of not being one holy and “APOSTOLIC” [perfecting all 7 gifts of the soul]

The meaning of Christ and His Church fulfilling all Jewish Laws both written and those in oral traditions is scripture based. This is seen when Christ said He has come to fulfill the law in totality and not abolish it. This again meaning ever letter of the law is properly lawfully and spiritual fulfilled by crossing every t and doting ever i of the law in perfection thus elevating physical law to supernatural status of spiritual perfection.  These laws are both written and unwritten that are found in tradition. Every law was fulfilled in Christ paschal mystery.

One of the most important laws the Jewish had was that found in their tradition and when fulfilled in the Church it separates us from all other faiths that believe in one God.


This tradition is seen when a child would want to make a claim of their fathers inheritance. The child could not rightfully or lawfully make this claim. The child had to first identify their mother so she could intercede on behalf of the child identifying the rightful father to the rightful child. The reason being is she alone was intimate as ONE with the father in sacrament of marriage in sexual relation as well as she was intimate with the child as One in the motherhood of carrying the child in her womb. This truth given to the Jews is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Trinity is the one doctrine that all Christian agree too. All agree one must be born or reborn in the Holy Spirit. Christianity all agree on the fact the Holy Spirit intercedes for mankind fulfilling which is the spiritual fulfilling of the physical truth given to the Jews who they must identify the Feminine God they know as Sophia as Spouse Mother Spirit aka Holy Spirit. By the Jews acknowledging the universal truth of the Feminine Holy Spirit in the Trinity they will be saved because like there own truth they will have identified the universal Mother therefore allowing Her to intercede on their behalf making rightful lawful claim of the eternal Fathers inheritance.

By Christ being born of a woman who was in infinite and perfect communion to the 3rd person of the Trinity, the Jews will have to acknowledge the truth given to them lived out in traditional law is fulfilled and explained on a spiritual level through with and in the Holy Spirit. When the Jews Identify the Spouse/Mother Spirit they will then have a rightful claim to God the Father.

How the imperfect become perfect in Image of Christ. Imperfect Man himself through Christ Church fulfills every letter of the Jewish written and unwritten law. For example presenting the Jewish child in the temple is fulfilled in the Catholic church when one is confirmed.

When one confirms the sponsor presents to the Catechist to the Priest in image of the Virgin Mary as she presented the child Jesus. The sponsor litteraly says “Father I Present to you ….” . In this manner the Catichest by confirming is saying in humility I am identifying the  universal  Mother Church who is fully united to the feminine Holy Spirit(St Kolbie’s) who is infinitely united to the Immaculate conception aka Mother of God.


One can see how the Jewish laws of tradition of  presenting a  child in temple and the law of a child claiming their mother are fulfilled in Christ Church. again  the physicall Jewish laws in  acts and tradition are elevated to a supernatural Level by uniting the physicall and spiritual to achieve supernatural perfection.
Upon confirming the Catichest is onoited and/or marked with the Holy Spirit aka “The Seal.” The Seal is another name for the Holy Spirit and as far as confirmation is concerned it is aka as the “Living Seal” and is directly related to this who’s name is written in the “Book of life.” Again this having a physical and spiritual meaning and those who are confirm meet both meanings and is one reasons the church has written documentation of the names of those wh

These are not new things are not new truths but new as to being identified as it relates to understanding universal truth Christ gave. Again the truth  that he promised would be  protected until the end of time.


There are several Catholic Bibles and translations within these Bibles. We Catholics say we have the unperveted Bible however Christ didn’t teach a Bible, the Bible documents what He taught with regards to the Gospel. Christ didn’t promise the Bible would be preserved from evil but His Church which is the apostolic teaching of the Scripture. Many Catholics do not know that the two times God referrsz to woman is Geneses 3:15 as well when Christ addressed his Mother on the Cross when he said “Woman this is your Son” Thus meaning  St. John of the Cross who stood in approxy for all of humanity was the Mother of all of man. Protestants in thier rebellious spirit had always reject this apostolic teaching. So how does one know She is the divine Mother of all redemed man. Well first of all sacred uperverted scripture states this. Geneses 3:15 says “i will put amenity between the woman and her said and she will crush your proud head.” Original unperveted scripture such as that found in the Douay Rhiems Bible that traditional Latin Catholic
Catholics  use. Everyone knows that Catholic Church has always taught the blessed Virgin Mary has the final victory that Christ insured by his life death and resurrection. “Traditional”  statues that go back to the first days of the church show the Virgin Mary standing on top of the earth with Her foot crushing the serpents head. We also know that the church has always had a devotion To the Virgin Mary and are fulfilled in the Rosary and 5 first Saturday’s. The Rosary is the fulfillment of the divine office which itself is a fulfillment of the Jewish tradition of Honoring the One God in recitation of Psalms certain hours of the day. This  is why the Rosary is also referred to as  “Little Divine office.”

all Protestant Bibles have this perversion of Geneses 3:15 that says he instead of she crushing satins proud head.  The sad thing is because satin knew the Catholic Church was the only way to salvation he to tried to destroy this this scripture within it. Many newer Catholic Bibles post Vatican 11 have this perversion however it has not perverted the Church. Since Catholics do not depend on there own understanding of scripture and we depend on the teachings of the church we ourselves are protected from this attack of secred scripture and the follies of prideful sole scripte  because of our devotion to the Virgin Mary and the Rosary insure that the unversal truth of scripture and it’s understanding is preserved in tradition of the Rosary as well as the churcg teachings  of our lady of wisdom as Co-redemptrix.