“How all Protestant break the new Covenant by breaking the old law”

The Torah and the 5th Marion Dogma

Torah means Law. It is often referred to as the Old Testament.

This is just one of infinite examples of the written Law of the Torah. There are many more written laws outside the 10 Commandments.

There are many other Laws of the that were handed down that are apart of the Torah. These laws passed down are called Traditions. They are “LAWS” in every since and not like the traditions you find in today’s societies. One particular law the Jews practice was that for a child to make a claim of their father’s inheritance, the child had to first identify their mother. Only the mother could intercede as to make a “LAWFUL and RIGHTFUL” claim of the Fathers inheritance for the child. This is explained in detail as to why in other Fatima Teachings)

Here is Jesus talking about the Torah law , again, that is law both written and handed down.

One must not forget the (Torah) are laws “both” written and “laws” handed down in Tradition. These laws were not destroyed but elevated to the supernatural realm so we all could fulfill them in Image of Christ in Christ’s Church. When Christ was born of the Immaculate Conception died and resurrected, “all” Jewish law were elevated from this world to the supernatural level. The 10 commandment Honor thy Mother and Father is raised from the ones earthly mother and father to ones heavenly Mother and heavenly Father. The same principle applies with regards to one claiming to be saved. No one person can rightfully or lawfully declare their own salvation. One must identify the Universal Mother the Immaculate Conception as so She can advocate for ones salvation in this life as well as intercede as to declare one the rightful lawful inheritance of Her Sons promise.

For one to fulfill all law in Image of Christ they must be practicing Catholics.

Every law written such as the 10 commandments as well as the unwritten “ Laws” handed down In Jewish Tradition like that of only a Mother can lawfully declare the child’s inheritance of the fathers are fulfilled only in the Roman Catholic Church.

Let’s look at other laws such as confession and atoinment. For the Jewish high priest to make a proper animal sacrafice for the sin committed he had to be confessed the sin. Small animals such as doves were used all the way up to the Perfect Lamb for the grave sins committed. This law is fulfilled in confession and the sacrifice of the Mass. The presentation of the child in the temple is fulfilled in the sacrament of Confirmation which also fulfills the Jewish law on a supernatural level of the Child identifying the Mother as in the Mother Church. When this sacrament is meet the Priest acts on behalf of the Mother Church who is one with the Immaculate Conception who is also one with the Holy Spirit. The priest anoints with oil “THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD.” This anointing by the Mother Church tells the supernatural world that the anointed is the rightful heir of the Fathers eternal reward. Every Jewish Law is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church however it is often not recognized. The seal of the Living God is mentioned in the Book Of Revelation with regards to the sacrament of conformation.

In closing, If one does not claim the Immaculate Conception as Universal Mother, then She can not “advocate” and “intercede” as to make the lawful and rightfully claim of Her Sons inheritance for them! They will stand in condemnation. ***One must remember our Lady was made infinitely one with the Lord Giver of Life as so the “infinite” Son of God could be “birthed” and not manifested.***

SPECIAL NOTE: There is a specific teaching on why the Jewish law demands the mother be identified as so a child can make the rightful claim of the father’s inheritance. Links will be added for this information.

What troubles the Protestant is they have no understanding of the difference between Christ being birthed and the definition of manifesting.

The Infinite Son Of God, Jesus, was birthed and “NOT manifested.”

For the birth of the infinite Son of God to take place Our Lady had to be infinitely infused with the Lord Giver of Life. If they were not infinitely infused then Christ would have manifested which is in opposition to sacred scripture and universal truth.

The birth was willed by God the Father because birth of life itself wether physical or in the rebirth of salvation is the power of God. The Lord giver of life is only Masculine by position of Authority being within the Trinity and NOT by gender. The Spouse/Mother in the Family Unite is in Image of the Lord Giver Of Life by birthing physical life as the Lord Giver Of Life. When the Immaculate Conception was infinitely infused with the Lord Giver of Life as ONE, the physical Universal Truth of Jesus Christ was birthed. When one is Re-Births in universal truth in salvation they accept the Church’s teachings on the Immaculate Conception being the Universal Mother to all mankind. To be reborn is to be reborn in the feminine Holy Spirit which is a Spirit Of Humility(Wisdom) to the Church’s teachings. This rebirth is only capable by a feminine Holy Spirit that is masculine by position of Authority being within the Trinity and not by gender.

The underlying issue is the rebellious Protestant rejecting Church teaching. The Protestant by not listening to the Church has confused Christ birth as a manifest of Himself which is clearly against sacred scripture and sacred teachings of the Doctrines and Dogmas of Church. God comes only from God as this universal truth is proclaimed in the Universal Creed.

The Protestant should be reminded of another Dogma that they have rejected and that Dogma is “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION.”

By the Man-Child

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

aka The French Monarch

Links to information regarding the Jewish Law Of a child identifying their mother as so she can make the lawful rightful claim of the Fathers inheritance.



Protestant and their Father of Lies

Art by the Man-Child 😉
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
Aka the French Monarch
I call this masterpiece “Protestant and their Father of Lies”
Protestant know scripture and verse as good or even better than Satan himself. Problem is they don’t connect the Father of Lies with regards to understanding scripture meaning. This is why Christ build His Church as to persevere the understanding and teaching of sacred scripture. The Bible is NOT GODS words it’s words inspired by God as stated in sacred scripture(2 Timothy 3:16) Christ promised His Church would prevail against the gates of Hell not the Bible which the Protestant Have deleted 7 books and changed words. Protestant are soon to find out that universal truth has many truths on many levels. The Bible is a book itself made up of a collection of books and as it says in the Book Of Revelation, who ever adds are deletes from this book (Universal meaning of both Book Of Revelation and the Bible itself) will suffer Gods wrath.
Protestant deleted total of 7 books as well as changed words and meanings. This is the understanding of universal truth that not only does this scripture apply to the book of Revelation but to the Bible as a book of prophecy itself especially the gospel with the Return of Christ. Universal truth is truth on multiple levels that are applicable at any given time.

   In closing the Protestant need to be reminded that the universal truth of Christ being the living bread has truth on infinite levels. Yes scripture and understanding of scripture is one truth however Protestant reject the universal truth of Christ in flesh in the Holy Eucharist. As Christ stated in sacred scripture those who do not eat of His flesh and drink of His blood do NOT have life in them. Therefore Protestant are truly dead by not accepting universal truth as taught by the Church of sacred scripture.

The meaning of being “reborn in salvation” is to be reborn in the Spirit of Humility to Christ Church teachings

Protestant should listen to what Our Lady has been telling the world since the beginning of the Church. She never focuses on Herself and Her role along with Christ but NOT equal too as CoRedemptrix but focus on Her Son in the Holy Eucharist. That is Her soul/sole purpose!!!

“Protestant error of scriptures authority being over the Church’s Authority”

By the French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman

When one is converting the Protestant the first thing that has to be establish is the Church‘s authority of the teaching of Sacred Scripture.

Christ stated He would build “His Church”(singular) not write the Bible. As scripture states itself the Bible is not God’s words itself but words inspired by God. Big difference.
Christ also stated that “His Church” (Singular) not the Bible would prevail against the Gates of Hell.
This is most evident with Protestant when you explain to them that if sacred scripture was to be preserved from error than the King James Bible wouldn’t exists that edited and eliminated 7 total sacred books.
Protestant need to understand that if the scripture understanding itself was to be preserved then there would NOT be over 1500+ denomination of Protestant faith. The Protestant in these end times are forced to acknowledge there error or suffer eternal damnation.
The time is up for the Protestant, they have to options that will be made clear upon the French Monarch, Fatima’s Peter the Roman being made public. They can either stop grieving the Holy Spirit and prolonging conversation or reject the Fatima teachings by refusing to studying them in regards to Church teachings and blaspheme the Holy Spirit in this world by not finishing conversion to Christ Church. This is Unforgivable as sacred scripture states.

Inclosing I like to add that before the late 1400 there were no printing presses. What few bibles there was in the world were owned by the Catholic Church. Copy’s were distributed only to the Church because it was the Church responsibility protect and teach what the sacred scripture meant.

It was the Catholic monks who hand copied them which took years. To think that scripture is the sole and only means of salvation is just asinine. To think that people who were in the Church who didn’t have access to a Bible for 1500 years went to hell is an Insult To Jesus Christ Himself who built “His Church.”


Fatima “…the grave sin of Omission is what sends most Catholics to Hell…”

By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

For one to love others properly one must bare the cross and crown of thorns that is given in the counselIng of others in sin.

One loves the offender by using the gift of Counsel as to instruct them on their eternal consequences of the grave sin they are committing. This is not Judgment because Judgment implies a punishment for the action committed. Our Lady Of Fatima warned that sins of the flesh was what caused the majority of the human race to go to Hell. However She also states that is was sins of “omission” that caused the majority of Christians to go to Hell.

“Counsel” as in counseling the ignorant or the rebellious is just 1 of 7 gifts given by the Holy Spirit. To Perfect the soul one must use and Perfect all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. One can only perfect all 7 gifts whether lay or clergy by exercising their APOSTOLIC duties “trying” to convert others to the faith or deeper into the Paschal mysteries of the universal faith.

The False Prophet Frances is leading my sheep astray to Hell by saying Catholics are not to convert those outside of the Church.

However you can beat your sweet Catechism that I, The French Monarch, Fatima’s Peter the Roman will not give up calling to Gods people as to protect them from Heresy and Apostasy as taught by the False Prophet Frances.

The reason Apostolic duties of lay and clergy are alike is because this exercises all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit perfect the soul. It is not important that one is successful in converting others although if one does the saints teachings is that one would be assured of heaven.

Christ in sacred scripture says it’s not enough to be sinless to get into heaven, one has to be perfect. So even if one is practicing all the Sacraments they can still go to Hell because the sacrament were instituted to give grave as to fulfill an apostolic life!!! “To whom much is given much is expected”

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

“How Christ distributes His Divine Mercy”

By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Divine Mercy is only achieved by the way Christ intended to be which is through the confessional. Here’s why.

For the Protestant to say they confess to God is an all insult to God’s omnipresence and omnipotence. By this they are degrading God the creator to that of creature. This infuriates God!!!!

One can not confess to almighty God who is omnipresent and omnipresent because He already knows.

The reason Confession is essential to salvation is because it is in total opposition to pride (that causes sins) by way of HUMILITY. Humility is 1 of 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and its most importantly because it perfects all other 6 gifts of the Spirit as to allow one into heaven. As Christ stated it’s not enough to be sinless to enter heaven one must be perfect.

Humility is being subject to one who is equal too or less than such as a priest. He is a man being equal to are less than the confess-ant. However the Priest has the authority of God as it was given to St Peter and by apostolic succession passed down to the Apostle to forgiven sin as stated in sacred scripture and as well documents the apostles giving the sacrament Itself which Protestant like to avoid when reading and studying.

Divine Mercy is only given through the practice of humility found only in sacrament of reconciliation. Out side of Confession the sin is dealt with for better or worse through divine justice and is subject to DIVINE WRATH.

No Protestant is in a state of Grace. It’s this simple. There is no humility confessing to God who is almighty and if you Protestant don’t convert the Holy Spirit is going to make you all confess outside of the confession as to cleanse your disobedient asses. Even then many will rebel against God for humiliating them by bringing to light what the un-confessed hide in the dark. It’s your choice 😉

Peter the Roman

“Catholic prophecy of America being invaded”

By the French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Over site: The whole goal of the NWO/Freemasons sects, is to get the Muslim and Christian especially Catholics in war as so they can go unnoticed and set up 1 world government as to control both groups of Gods people. For you Catholics, don’t forget that scripture states the descendent of Ishmael will be blessed too and Our Lady will convert them as the Catechism states as well as several numerous church approved prophecy.

The Catholic approved prophecy that the United States will be invaded on its northern border is NOT again I say is NOT the Russians and not by way of Alaska.
The prophecy is referring to the invasion through Canada by Muslims. This is why Obama flooded the north with illegal Immigrants as to aid in this future event. The numbers are down below in the image.

The invasion of the US has been planned for centuries and written instructions along with it. This planned invasion is also why Freemasons Elitist Canadian President Trudeau is “actively” and “publicly” recruiting and financing “KNOWN MUSLIM TERREST” to Canada. This has been in the Canadian news as well as some articles on this issue here in the states.


If one has doubts about the Muslim invasion. This may clear it up.
Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as furniture. This furniture was for Muslim immigrants who come to America. They were headed up north to those Obama settle as to aid in the invasion. Below is just a few images of what was being sent.
Muslim ammo


“Q” is not about the political awakening because there is no such thing. The awakening has much deeper meaning.
The Muslim Terrorist compound that riddle the North and New England Areas is general public knowledge. They also line the Mexican border and 2 outside of Houston. Of course this particular area show in the below area is in the western part of the United States. But one can easily see the magnitude of the Muslim operation.

Israel Jews as taught by the Church is an enemy to the WORLD especially Christianity. They have to be converted. The NWO Zionist Jew knows that they must make America fall as so Antichrist can totally destroy Christianity. US Military US civil servants especially SWATT and National Guard is who the Muslim Compounds are training for. Fake SWATT call outs as to get them all to one spot.
These Muslims are terrible at war but it’s the Jew Zionist Of Israel who are teaching them strategies. MAKE SURE YOU SWALLOW THE GRAVITY OF ISRAEL’S OWN PEOPLE TRAINING ISSIS. ISREAL IS TRAININ ISSIS AND THIS IS A FACT AND NOT FAKE NEWS!!!!!!


The reason Trudeau’s And Obama’s scheme is not being exposed for what it is, is because the NWO Zionist Soros has cleverly covered this up by having a pseudo invasion in Texas and California. Soros ties to the main stream media also insures that the real issue is overlooked. This is why the southern invasion is so well covered by the liberal left media who are under close supervision of the NWO!!!


Trudeau is an all-out “cluck-bitch” to the NWO but make no mistake about it he is dangerous.

What makes Trudeau so dangerous is he listens to the NWO Zionist(Freemasons).
This plot against America by the NWO Freemason Zionist is the Blue Print Of the Freemasons found in several manifestos. Several Freemasons underground secret books that have been published for the secret sect have the bellow outline in detail how to Carrie this war out between the Muslims and Christians as to destroy each other. Read very close the below image because it is in every Freemasons secret manifesto.

Israel’s Government does NOT represent the authentic Jew who by no means is no longer God’s chosen. The meaning of Israel as it applies today are those faithful Catholics who have a devotion to the Our Lord and Saviors divine Mother. The devotion to the divine femininity of Our Lady is the fruitful land that enriches the soul as to perfect it.

Any group or society that not only rejects the Son Of God but also responsible for His crucifixion is far from blessed and assured of damnation. Israel’s Government made up of Freemasons Zionist does NOT have the Authentic Jew in its best interest and only uses the Authentic Jew as a false shield with the ignorant Protestant who they teach “whoever blesses the Jews and protects them are blessed.” The Protestant has suckled from the breast of the beast listening to Freemason pastors. They are the son of a bitches that attack the divine femininity of Our Lady. They falsely “accuse” Her who is one with the Holy Mother Church as being the Whore of Babylon as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Make sure you always read closely the images but particular the one below as they give clarity to these Fatima teachings. The word accuser translated Hebrew means Lucifer and in the new world promised by God all accusers of the Holy Catholic Church will be banished from earth “AS IT IS IN HEAVEN world without end, AMEN.”


The downfall of America will be caused by the majority of Catholics who have rejected the true faith converted to Protestantism as to be misled by the Freemasons Zionist. Those Catholics who continue to stay silent about freemason and the freemason pastors with their freemason agenda heard in their preaching will go to Hell as Our Lady of Fatima stated for the sin of OMISSION. Our Lady of Fatima warmed that those who stayed silent and even while practicing the sacraments that are to give strength to speak up will serve the Freemason in Hell. All Protestant go to Hell for the blind man that follows the blind man into the pit!
Mason Star
In conclusion I would like to say the Church teaches that the Church itself will be betrayed by one of our own bishops. The False Prophet Frances doesn’t even hide his NWO status and agenda with regard to the Church’s teachings are to the destruction of Christianity by the fall of America. He like all NWO Elitist need America to be destroyed as so the Antichrist can totally destroy Christianity. Holy Pope BENEDICT XVI is the Real Pope and Frances is the False Prophet.

pope USA

If Catholic’s don’t believe we have a teaching that say that one of our own bishop’s will betray Christ Church well then you better listen to the first 15 mins of Venerable Fulton Sheen on this very subject. Within the first 15min Sheen tells you of False Prophet Frances and the solution for this problem.


St. Pio’s vision of TWO Mothers at death

img_4759 (1)

Many would believe that Saint Pio was talking about his earthly mom and the Immaculate Conception. However Saint Pio was well aware of his earthly mother’s existence as well as the Immaculate Conception roll in salvation. So he at no time was surprised by the fact of these two existing mothers. However one should recognize that St. Pio believed in Divine Motherhood and for him to point out there are “two Mothers” at death is a direct reorganization to the understanding he was talking about the LORD GIVER OF LIFE with regards to the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION who was made one with, as the 2 or 1 (Our Lady’s title of Chaste Spouse of the Holy Spirit defends the 2 or 1. They infinite infusion(Communion) is not in opposition by way of gender but in communion by their divine humility. The Holy Ghost divine in humility by way of the Spirit and the Immaculate divinely humble in the flesh)
Saint Pio is referring to The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception. Both proceed from God the Father as Spouse and God the Son as Mother in man’s redemption and it is why Our Lord and Savior Gave the Greatest gift to Her which is to infuse the 2 as 1.
The Holy Spirit “proceeds” (proceeds is feminine in humility) as Spouse from God the Father and “proceeds” as Mother from God the Son. The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority by being within the Trinity and not by gender much in the same way a mother in a family unite is masculine by authority not by gender.
The Immaculate Conception in perfect divine humility Also “proceeded” as Spouse from God the Father in accepting Gods will for His Son Birth as well as The Immaculate Proceeds from God the Son, when on the Cross Jesus willed She be a Mother to Mankind.
The Immaculate Conceptions perfect humility to both God the Father and God the Son allowed Her to be fully infuse with the Lord Giver of Life as 1 making of both the physical and spiritual existence of the Church on all levels with no regards to time.
This infinite unity of the 2 as 1 is precisely why scripture states the Church is the Mother Church and it is both physical and spiritual on all levels both eternal yet having been “Birthed.” I could go way deeper but will stop now. Just remembers scripture states that the Church will be a physical place as well as spiritual that includes from lumber to build a church all the way to having a meaning of flesh and spirit as to birth to salvation on all levels physical and spiritual. So many different ways to address this so will stop here
Peter the Roman

Being “Reborn” on Mother’s Day.

By the French Monarch. Fatima’s Peter the Roman

As you all know that many Protestant believe that being reborn again means one believes  in Jesus as Lord and Savior. This is at best a partial truth.
   From past Fatima teachings you all understand how the Holy Spirit as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary “proceed” from both God the Father and God the Son in Divine Humility in mans redemption.
    They both proceed at one time or another from God the Son and God the Father in mans redemption therefore God himself made the two one as the Mother Church on all levels both physical and Spiritual.
   To be born again simply means you have a “humble spirit” in Image of Our Mother who was MADE ONE with the Lord Giver Of Life. Humble means humility to ALL CHURCH TEACHINGS CHRIST GAVE HIS CHURCH. This rebirth of man is that depending on the Mother Church as to nourish and develop the human mind body and soul. When man abandons his own understanding and humbles oneself to the Church’s teachings then they are reborn with a Spirit of Humility which is the Holy Spirit who is one with The Immaculate Conception.
 The Holy Spirit as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary are both Spirit and Flesh that is divine humility. To have humility to all Church teachings as to aspire to live them is a rebirth of man!!! In this rebirth one becomes ONE with the Church HOLY and APOSTOLIC in its mission to bring all to the Love of Christ through the divine Intercetion of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is one with the Holy Spirit. This is precisely why She is Mother of all of Humanity.
The French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
Breaking News: Pope Francis has decided to authorize pilgrimages to Medjugorje…”can now be officially organized by dioceses and parishes pilgrimages to Medjugorje”…
This will be Frances own undoing
He never saw Medjugorje as a threat. In fact the False prophet has stated that for over 30+ years the message haven’t said anything and have been general message about nothing.
   As you all know I am not a big fan of Terri of Caritas Bermingham Alabama. However he was given a gift of ensight to the messages that seemed ordinary to most. He has a great gift, and Frances overlooked this as well as he fell to the trap and final athorized this which will backfire on him as Our Lady designed.


By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

National Geographic(Liberal Leftist organization) has launched all out war on Catholicism with there new show HOT ZONE.

National Geographic threw this blasphemous tv program is showing the spread of a END TIME disease through the giving of the Sacraments. Gods promise to “HIS” CHURCH was those who had faith to receive the Sacraments would indeed be protected from such plagues. This very post was originally posted with National Geographic official trailer of this blasphemous show and before a minute was up they removed the trailer from my post. Not 10 min but 1 min. So I added my own images. The NWO people do not want Protestants to convert as to be saved so they are trying scare tactics as to keep them away from the TRUE BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST found in Christ Church that is one Holy and Apostolic.

As the French Monarch Peter the Roman it is my responsibility to remind all that Christ will protect HIS CHURCH from such plagues who receive the sacraments in the Union with the Universal ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Freemasons owned and operated

Freemasons owned and operated

Freemasons owned and operated

“Divine Chemistry” within the Trinity.

Two +Hydrogen & 1 (-2Oxygen).

1 Thumb, Pointer and Index finger

By the French Monarch, Peter the Roman

Divine Chemistry and Catechism by the French Monarch Peter the Roman

For each of the 2 images up above assign a masculine God the Father and a masculine God the Son to two of the three molecules and or digits of the hand. Then for the final molecule and or digit assign the Holy Spirit.

Clue: for the Molecule image, one should remember that the Holy Spirit is the ***BREATH OF GOD and for the 3 digits remember that there is and opposition to the Masculine Father and Masculine Son by way of being a Holy Spirit.

Answer: it is easy to assign the two (+ Hydrogen) with masculinity of one being the Father and the other the Son because they are the only two with the same + molecule but different. Since NATURAL LAW was created by the divine designer. In natural law two like entities such as the two (+ Hydrogen) molecule always repel “AWAY” from each other.

. This was by divine design because it is in Image of the Divine Creator. Like natural law, for the Trinity to be fully unified it had to have a divine opposition to the two masculine Father and Son that was also equal in magnitude meaning 2.

There is a divine opposition in Femininity that is needed within the Trinity as to fully be united. This is represented in Natural law by -2Oxygen molecule that is needed to fully unite both + Hydrogen. Like Oxygen the Holy Spirit has 2 X the magnitude of the Father and Son but in Femininity which is in opposition to masculinity. This is where the key phrase “the power of the Holy Spirit” comes from. It is twice that of the Father and the Son but in Femininity. The Lord Giver of Life is masculine by position of Authority not by gender. The word Lord in Latin is a secondary pronoun masculine by position of authority NOT BY GENDER!!!

We are baptized in water(H2O) for many reasons I will one day go into. Note that we are NOT baptized in Holy Water which has both blessed Water and Blessed NaCl aka salt.

The three digit image of the hand is no different. If you were going to assign 2 masculine divine identity too two of the digits you would have to assign them to the pointer and to the index finger because they are similar as a Father is similar to a Son in masculinity but not exactly the same. In direct opposition of two these two digits(Pointer and index) is the thumb which is not considered a finger. When a Catholic makes the Sign of the Cross it is the thumb that fully unifies the index and pointer finger like the Oxygen fully unifies the two Hydrogen. This is to show the unity of the 3 divine persons in the 1 God.

In closing Natural Law was created by God as to reflect Gods infinite omnipotence and goodness of The Divine Creater.

Natural law is elevated to the supernatural level in the Sacraments as so man can be in full image of his creator. God the Father God the Son God the Lord Giver Of Life who the Wife/Mother is in Image of. The Holy Spirit like the Wife/Mother is masculine by position of Authority NOT BY GENDER within the family unite.

Homosexuality is against natural law therefore in no form or manner can it be Godly much less elevated to the image of God.

I’ll remind you all that it is my duty and responsibility to say “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION”

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