Letter to Mary Refuge Of Holy Love

I understand that the apparitionest at Holy Love, (Maureen) believes in Maria divine mercy. The only issue I have ever had with what she has stated is the importance of the “Living Seal Prayer.” From the Fatima Teachings that are not mine but mine to give I understand the Living Seal as taught by the Church is the Mother Church sealing through the anointing of oil on the forehead (Book Rev)of the one being confirmed.  This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law that a child must first identify the mother and ask her intercetion as to make lawful and rightful claim of the fathers inheritance. This anointing is telling the Spiritual world, the devil mainly, that this Child has identified the Mother Church who is in full unity with the Holy Spirit thus the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a rightful lawful claim the the Eternal Fathers reward.  Simply put the confirming is identify and claim the Mother thus the Mother Church intercede marking or claiming the confirming for the eternal Fathers inheritance. This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law on a spiritual level.

Through Fatima teachings i understand that the Confirming, in Humility, has as identify the Mother Of God/Mother Church/ Mother Spirit and the priest only acts on behalf of the Mother blesses them with the “Living Seal” with Oil. This fulfilling the Jewish law on the Spiritual level. The Mother Church on a spiritual level is making rightful claim of the eternal Fathers inheritance.

My issue with Maria of Divine Mercy is the push of Living Seal prayer as being as powerful as a Sacrament and is mandatory for salvation in these end times.

I am good with the Living Seal prayer seen as a sacramental but I myself at this time In discernment can not place no value on a piece of paper with a prayer on it. The true Living Seal at this time in my discernment is,has been i and forever will be the Sacraments Of confirmation.

This is essential to know as far as CoRedemption Dogma is concerned. It’s another way of explaining the dogma and the absolute beauty of Christ Church. Sad these days people quick to hand out graduation invitations to celebrate but there is no event worthy of celebration more than Comfirmation.

What are your or anyone’s thoughts at Holy Love Of this issue.

Peter the Roman.

“The Living Ciborium”

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Our Lady is the Living Ciborium of the Lord Giver of Life in which Our Lord and Savior was birthed. To reject a devotion to Our Lady as CoRedemptrix is to reject the living Cup to who is Filled” to the brim with all graces that perfect the soul. When a soul is perfected in all 7 gifts then one is reborn with a Perfect soul in Image of Her Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As scripture states it’s no enough to be sinless to get into heaven one must be perfect. Our Lady’s infinite infusion with the Lord giver of Life made possible by God was to insure His divine Mother be loved by all of Humanity as Christ himself loved Her!

If you reject the cup(Ciborium) then one rejects what is in the Cup(Graces to Perfect the Soul)

Fatima’s Peter the Roman Roman

Special note: There is a reason for this chosen image. As the Church has always taught all graces and sacraments come through the Mother Church who is one with the Holy Spirit(ETERNAL Immaculate God) and Infinitely infused with the Immaculate Conception. To reject one is to reject all and to damn oneself.

More blasphemy of the Holy Spirit from disobedient Protestant aka “Protest-ant”.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Protestant disobey the 10 commandments. Christ elevated Jewish law in His Church to a supernatural level. The law was not again I say NOT abolished but fulfilled in Christ Church. All law From the Passover to how a child rightfully and lawfully claims the Fathers inheritance is fulfilled in Christ Church that is One Holy and Apostolic. Here is another example of Protestant error.

Since Christ took the Jewish Law and raised it up to supernatural status it is easy to see how Protestant do NOT again DO NOT “HONOR Their MOTHER ANd FATHER.” You see this in their rejection of the Holy Eucharist as well in the rejection of the 4 soon to be 5 Marion Dogmas.

All The 10 commandment and/or law was raised to the Supernatural spirit relm and thOse Catholics who are faithfully practicing are in Image of Our Lord and Savior by also doting every “i” and crossing every t. Protestant do not Honor there heavenly Fathers as found in scripture as well as Do Not Honor our Divine Mother when She instructs us to receive the true Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Protestant also do not recognize the Holy Spirit proceeding in divine Humility/Wisdom From God the Father as Spouse as well as proceeding in divine Humility from God the Son as Mother. The Holy Spirit masculinity is by divine Position Of Authority much like that of a Spouse/Mother within the family unite. The Word Lord as in Lord giver of life is a secondary pronoun that is NOT gender specific and masculine by position of authority like the Holy Spirit is masculine by divine position of Divine authority.

Because the Mother Of God is in Physical mirror image of the Holy Spirit in divine Humility/Wisdom to both God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, made them one even though they have two different origins one eternal and one Conceived. This was only possible because The Immaculate Conception abandon all Her will in divine Humility/Wisdom as to carry out God the Fathers will in divine obedience.

To deny this unity is to deny the birth of Christ and universal truth found in the Creed “…God from God light from light….” The Immaculate Conception is was and forever shall be the perfect Host for the Eternal Immaculate God Also known as the Holy Spirit.

Simply Put the Protestant Blaspheme the Holy Spirit There is just to many subjects to cover

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The Chaste Spouse of the Lord giver of life.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Our Lady’s Divine MotherHood is as perpetual as Her virginity to all of mankind because the Lord giver of Life is one With Immaculate Conception, thus the Title Spouse Of the Holy Spirit.

The Chaste Spouse title  unveils the Immaculate Conception is one with the Lord giver of Life. HOWEVER Her tittle is not based on the opposition of masculinity and femininity . Instead the union is based on the communion of divine virtues of humility. Her unity is the Infinite and perfect communion with the Holy Spirit as 1. This unity is the infusion by way of divine humility and a gift from Her Son Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This unity by divine humility was granted by Her Son because the Immaculate Conception in flesh was the perfect and infinite mirror image of the Lord Giver Of Life proceeding in divine Humility in mans redemption from Both God the Father and God the Son. Sacred scripture states that divine humility is wisdom. This wisdom as stated in the universal Creed proceeds from Both God the Father and God the Son in Divine Humility. The Crowning Of Our Lady as Queen Of Heaven and Earth is by the Gift Christ gave to His Mother to be one infinitely with the Lord giver of Life all though having only two separate origins Conception and eternal.

Because our Lady was in perfect humility to God the Fathers and Sons will, Jesus Christ gave the greatest gift of all which was to to infinitely infuse the Lord giver of life with the Immaculate Conception as 1.

The word “Lord” as in the Lord giver of Life is a 2ndary pronoun masculine by position of authority not gender. So the 3rd person of the Trinity is NOT gender specific and masculine by position of authority. This is why the book of Wisdom refers to divine wisdom as feminine as well as why Jesus Christ said man has to be reborn of the spirit. Natural law found in universal truth unveils the rebirth of man from the Holy Spirit is a a rebirth in the spirit of humility which is feminine. One is reborn in the Spirit of humility when one accepts all teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

To deny the Power Of the Holy Spirit to Infinitely and perfectly infuse with the Immaculate Conception, as to be CoRedemptrix along with Christ NOT equal too, is the only unforgivable sin. Let all be reminded that outside the Catholic Church there is NO SALVATION!

The Chaste Spouse Title unveils the 2 or 1.

How Catholic’s fulfill the Law in Image of Christ.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman


Jesus elevated every Jewish Law from the natural world to the supernatural spiritual world. This is the meaning of the Law was not abolished but fulfilled by Christ and with through and Christ Church.

Jesus Christ being Born of the Virgin fufilling all Law meaning He elevated Jewish law to the supernatural level then you should have no problems understanding this:

Jews had a law that a child could not rightfully claim Fathers inheritance. The child by law had to identify There MOTHER! The mother was the only one who could lawfully claim the child’s inheritance for them “because” she was intimate with the Father in sexual relations through marriage as 1 as well as the mother was intimate with the Child in her womb as one.

Jesus being born of the Immaculate fulfilled this law because She was one infinite with the Holy Spirit as to fulfill universal truth “true God from true God. Since Our Lady Of Grace is NOT the 3rd person of the Trinity then the only way “..true God from true God..” could be fulfilled in the birth of Christ is for the Blessed Virgin Mary be infinitely infused with the Lord Giver Of Life. This elevating the natural law of Honor they Mother on a supernatural level that is universal truth,,, if one does not identify Our Lady she can NOT INTERCEDE for ones rightful inheritance of eternal salvation!!!!

Outside the Church there is no salvation,,,

Tell people to fight for there Church!!!!!!! Do not leave

The warning to Protestant is not a warning of physical threat or danger but is a warning for the threat of eternal damnation.

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The Immaculate Conception CoRedemption Dogma is written in Jesus Christ DNA.

By Fatima’s Peter the RomaN  Mitochondria DNA comes solely from the Mother.

 Jesus was fully Man and Fully God. His own Mitochondria DNA came from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jesus is God in the Flesh. We know that the Virgin Mary is not the 3rd Person Of the Trinity so the Only way Jesus could be man and God in the Flesh is if the Blemish free Eternal Holy Spirit was infinitely infused with The Blemish Free Concieved Immaculate Conception as to fulfill the universal Creed “God from God light from light TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD”

The blemish free eternal 3rd Person God and the Blemish free Immaculate Conception have two separate origins but Hand made by God to be One!!! There infinite unity makes our Lady a living ciborium of the Holy Spirit,,, To deny this Infinite unity is to deny the birth of the Her divine Son as well as one blasphemes the Holy Spirit which applies to Our Lady’s roll in as Being CoRedemptrix along with Christ however NOT EQUAL to Christ. She is essential in perfecting ones sole which is needed to enter heaven. To reject the Virgin Mary who is the Living Ciborium Of Lord Giver Of Life is to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit and that sin is unforgivable by Christ in this world and the Next.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, in closing: To deny the infinite infusion with the Immaculate conception with the Lord giver of Life as one, is to deny Jesus Christ divine origin as God begotten man. Do not make the Mistake of the Eternal Son of God having both a Eternal existence as well as a divine origin being birthed in the flesh by the divine Mother, the Immaculate Conception. Since The Immaculate Conception is NOT the third person of the Trinity the only way God could be birth as man is for the Immaculate Conception to be infinitely infused with the Lord giver of life as 1. This explains the Eternal Jesus Christ being birth in divine flesh. Our Lady’s divinity had to be established first. 

  She is Divine Mother of God perpetual in Her Divine Mother Hood to all of mankind as Coredeptrix. Since our Lady is infinitely one with the 3rd person of the Trinity one must accept Her as essential along with Christ but not equal to Him in thier salvation. She is the living ciborium of the Holy Spirit. To reject the cup that holds all graces is to reject the graces themselves because they are one.

Because of Our Ladys divinity of universal Mother, a devotion is needed to Her by way of the Rosary which perfects the soul by teaching and giving us understanding by giving us all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christ said it’s not enough to be sinless by Confession to get into heaven one must be perfect. The divine mother is the only one who can perfect the soul as willed by Jesus Christ as to insure his beloved Mother will be loved!! 

God bless you and please pray and  “ACT” in your prayer to get the teachings recognized by the Church.

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Ps If one would like to help Our Lord then please by all means demand the Church to acknowledge ALL the Fatima teachings that are posted on Fatima911.wordpress.com

To insure the Church Authority are held accountable to the Fatima teachings then write call email leave Phone messages for For Terry at Caritas of Alabama. If Terry gets the teachings he will hold the Church Authority accountable (205) 672-2000. I realize few will take that last request serious. However the few that at least try will be given great graces and ever great conciliation by both Our Lady and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Universal truth written in natural Law of Genetics unveils the intimacy of the Trinity.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Natural Law in regards to genetics and the Trinity.

-God The Father(Divine Intellect that created divine design represented by Blue Genome)

-God the Lord Giver Of Life Divine Wisdom(Humility)

-God the Son(Both Divine Intellect and divine Wisdom which is represented by both blue and red genomes that express divine intellect and divine wisdom/humility.

Reference the bellow top picture.

[Top pic] Blue strand of DNA represents the Spouse/Mother who is masculine by position of Authority not by gender. Red strand of DNA is Divine Intellect Of God the Father.

Natural law of Genetics unveils that God the Son is both masculine in Divine Intellect with feminine virtues of divine Wisdom aka Humility.

Within the Trinity the Masculinity of male is expressed in through and with Jesus Christ. However as the Book of Galatians states sons within the traditional family unite can be expressed as female. The Book Of Galatians states all men both male and female are Son’s of God.

This is Fatima’s Peter the Roman and for all who read this, tell the world not to leave the Church! Fight for It!

FATIMA: There is no ambiguity among the 3 divine persons of the 1 God who is neither male or female.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

We all need to be reminded that all of Christianity upholds the fact that Jews were given the Truth that would be fulfilled through with and in the Catholic Church.

The truth given to the Jews consisted of the fact that the 1 God had a Femininity and they referred to the 1 Gods femininity as Sophia which means WISDOM.

This truth did not resolve upon the “Birth” of the Catholic Church. It is unveil with the CoRedemption Dogma in regards to the Vision Of perfect clarity of the Trinity given to St Lucia.

There are many who say you can not assign a gender to God. This is incorrect because Jesus Christ was a male and not some anomaly such as a morphidite.

There is no ambiguity among the 3 divine persons of God. Each divine person takes either a masculine or feminine being by way of virtue.

When the Lord giver of Life proceeds from Both God the Father and God the Son it proceeds in divine humility(feminine) in mans redemption. The Lord Giver of Life is humble to God the Father and Son’s “WILL” to proceed in mans redemption. To proceed in the Father and Sons Will is Humility and feminine. As scripture states humility is WISDOM.

The masculinity of the Holy Spirit is by divine position of authority which the Spouse/Mother is Image of within the traditional family unite. The word Lord as in Lord giver of Life is a 2ndary pronoun masculine by position of authority not by gender just like the Lord Giver Of Life is masculine by divine position of authority being one within the Trinity.

When the reader studies sacred scripture and sees exactly how the Blessed Virgin Mary was in perfect infinite mirror image of the Holy Spirit. The Immaculate Conception in Image of the Holy Spirit. They both proceed from God the Father as Spouse being infinitely united with the Lord Giver Of Life as well as proceed from God the Son as Universal Mother again proceeding in mans redemption perpetually. Their infinite unity is the Crowning Our Lady with the CoRedemptrix title that makes Her essential to salvation along with Christ but NOT equal too Christ.

To deny this infinite unity of Our Lady Of Grace is to deny the Holy Spirit inwhich all graces flow from With and through there unity. She alone teaches mankind to be in Image of Her Son Jesus Christ through the 7 gifts our Graces that flow from Her Hands.

In closing it needs to be reiterated that there is ABSOLUTELY NO AMBIGUITY AMONG THE 3 divine persons of the 1 God who is neither male or female.

And for heavens sake what ever you do remember that OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION!

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The False prophet Frances blasphemes the Trinity by embracing civil unions.

Natural law was willed by God the Father in accordance to universal truth found within the Trinity. This is the reason the Church was willed by divine intellect(Masculine) of God the Father, built (divine masculinity of intellect in accordance to divine humility to God the Father) by God the Son and “birthed” in DIVINE FEMININITY by the Lord Giver of Life(Pentecost). The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority divine in feminine virtues. The word lord as in Lord giver of life is NOT gender specific and is a secondary pronoun that makes one masculine by position of Authority. The use of “he” with regards to the Holy Spirit in sacred scripture unveils the Holy Spirit divine position of Authority while giving understanding to the divine femininity of the Holy Spirit that birthed the Church and rebirths man in salvation

The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority. To proceed in another’s will is a submissive feminine act and is virtuous in humility/wisdom. When the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and Son(Creed) in man’s redemption it is a submissive act that is divine in femininity and virtuous in humility/wisdom.

The solid Blue and Red DNA rings and/or solid blue and red circles in the Church Trinity diagrams represent the God the Father and the Lord giver of life. The parents in the traditional family are in direct image of God the Father(masculine) and the Lord Giver of life(Feminine in divine virtues but masculine by position of Authority.) As stated in the Creed when the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father it does so in divine femininity of submissiveness as spouse maintaining masculine position of Authority and infinitely infusing with the Immaculate conception that birthed the living word Jesus Christ who is both infinite in the flesh and He is in spirit. When the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Son in infinite unity with the Blessed Virgin Mary they as one do so in the submissive feminine act “rebirthing” man in a spirit of humility to Christ Church teachings, while still maintaining divine masculine position of Authority.

The offspring represented by both blue and red in the Fatima diagram super imposed on the church diagram is directly in image of Christ because all off spring wether male or female are born with both masculine virtues of intellect and feminine virtues of humility/wisdom.


Peter the Roman

PS the final persecution of the Church is two fold. One attack is from outside the church by Protestants and their perverted scripture. The second attack on Christ church is from within by Freemasons and the false prophet Frances. Let us all be reminded of St Lucia’s words

Life as Defined by God is proved by Science and not disproved by the “Abominables”

By the Man Child(Bk of Revelation) 
Fatima’s Peter the Roman 
Aka The French Monarch 
By the Man Child(Bk of Revelation)
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
The French Monarch
From a scientific view, nothing can be proved only things can be disproved. Reread that because this is the backbone of biology. There is also a term called THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE that directly applies to this issues of proof of Life. An example is given with this term in regards to the safety of Fluorine in the water but it applies to life itself.

The “abominables” such as Ruth have to prove that there is no life by proving there is no characteristics of  life(provided in the bottom left image). There are certain characters that define life itself and this is well established by the science community. 

   By all scientific text book definitions of life the “abominables” such as Ruth can not(Definition of life bottom middle image)prove there are NO characteristics of life that define life itself. 

 Again the “abominables” have to disprove there is life and/or that characteristics of life exists. 

By all text book science definition life begins at conception.

From fertilization, characteristics of life over exponentially increase.

   To disprove a theory is the backbone of science and the scientific method. If these “ABOMINABLES” are to use science to argue then they have to use the rules that science itself uses.
Signed #1 Deplorable
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
French Monarch 
Man Child