By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The universal Creed states that we believe in God the Father maker of  heaven and earth and ALL THAT IS SEEN and UNSEEN. Therefor nothing was created intrinsically evil. This means everything created has a proper and/or Holy use even though we don’t always recognize them. The commandment Of God is NOT to use His name in vein without purpose or meaning.

When one properly uses the word GD when referencing the Goddamn secret sects such as Freemasons, one is actually performing an act of Piety. It’s an act of Piety to counsel all of the eternal judgement for those who chose to go against Christ Teachings He have His Church and enter into Satan’s Church.

Our Lady of the Roses words are perfectly clear on the eternal Judgement placed on unaware, disobedient and/or those who have full knowledge of entering Satan’s Church.

All should be reminded of Our Lords Words with regards to ALL Church teachings especially Homosexuality and/or Freemasonry especially in these end times.

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