Before we go deep into and beyond Blessed Fulton Sheens analogy of the 1 God as 3 divine person analogy with H2O and Family it is extremely important to understand two man scripture verses.

The First scripture verse shows man meaning male and female are in image of the 3 divine persons and NOT in image of the 1 God who is neither male or female.

Please take you time and really think about this scripture but it should speak volumes on the misunderstanding of who man is to be in image of and how this scripture is miss-used by LGBTQ

The Second scripture is just as important because it is linked directly to the one above. Since man was made non ambiguous male and female in image of the 3 divine person we can use both inductive and deductive reason to be assured that the 3 divine persons are also NON AMBIGUOUS.

From the above we know that Sheens teaching of the 1 God is Gods nature but the 1 God can and does express himself as 3 divine non ambiguous(masculine & feminine) person that make up the 1 God. Sheen uses water as well as the Family unite as an analogy to the 1 God who is 3 divine persons.

Now from the two scriptures above and the following teaching by Sheen one will see how powerful the Fatima teachings are in explaining the Trinity and especially explaining the Special relationship the Holy Spirit has with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here is Sheens video

Blessed Fulton Sheen states that that water has one natural state as God does. He goes on to say that this state is H2O.

Sheen then States that like the Trinity H2O has 3 states. Gas, liquid and Solid yet 1 nature H2O just like God has 3 divine persons yet 1 nature of God.

Sheen clearly shows the unity of the Trinity while the 3 divine person exists within this unity. The Fatima teachings explain that these 3 different states of representation how how God as 3 divine persons chooses to unveil himself as 3 non ambiguous persons.

Sheen also uses the Family as an analogy to the Trinity. He states all family members are equal as all of the 3 divine persons are equal because they are eternal. Sheen goes on to state that a Husband does not become a father and a spouse does not become a mother until the exact moment the child is conceived thus they are all equal.

However, like the divine order of the Trinity the traditional family also has a natural order

As you all know, from Sheens statement, since the family unite is all equal because they all came into existence at the exact same time, it therefore is understandable how the Spouse/Mother is in image of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father as Spouse and proceeding the offspring as Mother. She holds a masculine position of authority while retaining all divine femininity. The Spouse Mother proceeds the Father and the Offspring in image of the Lord giver of Life(Holy Spirit) as stated in the creed as seen below

The above creed can be demonstrated as a diagram as it is below

Here is how the Spouse Mother in the traditional family unite proceeds from the Father and Offspring as to be in perfect image of the Holy Spirit

The above diagram is given in by Our Lady of Fatima under the Authority of Our Lord, Jesus Christ as the Fatima DNA Family diagram as seen bellow.

As one can see the whole Family is to be in image of the 1 God who is 3 non ambiguous persons. This is easily seen when the Fatima Family DNA diagram is superimposed with the Trinity Church diagram as seen bellow.

It should be note that Galatians states all men meaning both male an Female are in image of Christ. The reason is not just a physical one but mainly because all male and females are born with masculine virtues of intellect/will and feminine virtues of humility/wisdom. Take a close look at the above diagram focusing on the offspring(male or female) being in image of Christ having both masculine and feminine virtues as shown bellow

The predominant virtue God created one with and knew us by before we were in the womb is the Gender one is born with. So if we had more intellect/will we are born male. If we have more wisdom/humility one is born female.

Christ had a perfect and infinite balance of both masculine and feminine virtues but true too natural law as found in Genetics the dominate virtue expressed was the male gender as willed by God. It is important to remember at this time, out of all the Fatima teachings the most important statement made by Our Lord was “God the Father willed natural law in accordance to universal truth found in the Trinity.” Genetics, biology male female and laws of attraction and repulsion of like and opposite are all aport of natural law in image of the divine order found in the Trinity.

Switch gears back: The Whole family unite represented by the Fatima DNA diagram represents the 1 God who is infinite in masculinity and femininity yet niether male or female just like The Whole family unite. Each individual non ambiguous persons of the family unite make up the Family just like the 3 non ambiguous divine persons make up the 1 God.

For this is the reason Satan and his evil secret sect wants to destroy the sacrament of marriage as well as the two genders because it destroys the image of the 1 God as well as the image of the 3 non ambiguous divine persons who are the 1 God.

Let’s switch gears from Blessed Fulton Sheen to St Lucia who was shown a vision of the Trinity. In this vision she was shown the Unique relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This vision is depicted bellow and be reminded this is the artist interpretation of St Lucias vision.

What Lucia was Shown was that the infinite unity or Sanctification of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Holy Spirit as 1. This communion was by divine humility/wisdom in the flesh being infinite in union with divine humility/wisdom in the Spirit that is Holy. They were made one and not by opposition of sexual gender or opposition of sexual gender virtues. They were made one because of Our Lady who was conceived immaculate with both masculine virtues of intellect/will and feminine virtues of humility/wisdom abandoned all her masculine virtue of self will and surrendered in divine humility to the will of God the Father and God the Son for the redemption of mankind.

The unique relationship that St Lucia saw between the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary was they were both Spouse’s and Mother’s while having a masculine position of authority among there respect groups(Trinity, Family). The two spouse/mothers were made one in divine femininity and was also noted by St Pio upon his death.

They were so infinitely United as 1 that She gave birth to Gods on begotten Son.

With the above scripture one can easily understand that you can not separate the BVM from the Holy Spirit. To reject one is to reject or blaspheme the Other and that’s unforgivable in this world and the next.

This is infinite infusion of the Holy Spirit with the BVM was the only way Christ could be fulfill scripture as being begotten not made

In the sacred highest form of prayer there are two times that it is pointed out that Christ is begotten not made. Once in prayer when we bow and pray “by the power of the Holy Spirit “became” man.” The second time this is point out in the Mass is when we pray out loud these words

Again for Jesus to be begotten and not made the Holy Spirit had to infinitely infuse with the Blessed Virgin Mary who was the perfect living host because of her immaculate conception as well as abandoning all her will(masculine) in divine humility/wisdom to God the Father and Son. Christ is both Man and God and all DNA of Christ came from Our Lady.

Our Lady in unity with the Holy Spirit as 1 proceeds from God the Father birthing Christ eternal in the flesh as He is in the Spirit. Our Lady 1 with the Holy Spirit proceeds from Jesus Christ birthing the Church, nurturing and suckling all Gods children in the sacraments and teachings of the Mother Church.

Let me make this clear. St Bernadette caused a big scuttle when she told clergy what Our Lady called Herself. When St Bernadette told clergy that Our Lady is to be known as the Immaculate conception they all gasped in amazement. The reason being is because the clergy at time reserved the word “Immaculate” solely for the eternal Immaculate God we know as the 3rd person of the Trinity. This is just one more title of a 114 plus that Our Lady shares with the Holy Spirit that shows they are 1 as declared by either Herself or Church approved tittles.

So let me be clear. The Immaculate conception is NOT the eternal Immaculate God aka The Holy Spirit. One is eternal the other conceived but both, one in flesh the other in Spirit are blemish free and perfect. Therefor Gods greatest gift ever given was too unite His blemish free mother to the Blemish free Holy Spirit. This unity is the universal meaning of sacred scripture when it states the Holy Spirit overshadowed her. This unity is why She is Queen of “Earth” as well as Heaven.

It is important to understand that the above statement “Our Lady is not the 3rd person of the eternal Immaculate God aka the Holy Spirit because She was conceived Immaculate. It’s also equally important to under stand that the Eternal blemish free 3rd person of the Trinity was made one with the Blessed Virgin Mary and is the perfect example of what the Church calls “A sign of Contradiction”

All Protestants know that one’s queenship or kingship(depending on gender) that allows one to reign with Christ is dependent on ones infusion(Sanctification) with the Holy Spirit. There was no one more infused(Sanctified) than the BVM as to become 1 with the Holy Spirit and birth Gods only begotten Son.

In regards to Jesus fulfilling the Law.

One must ask themselves why was the prophecy of the savior being birthed of a Jewish Virgin so important. As you know Jesus came to fulfill all laws. This was so children of God could also fulfill all law that were no longer applicable on a natural level but have been elevated to the supernatural level. The understanding of the Holy Spirit being 1 with the BVM is essential to understanding how a particular law was fulfilled by Jesus thus allowing his Mother to fulfill a specific Jewish law on a spiritual level. The bellow should open the eyes of the Protestant as well as the Catholics that it’s True Jesus is the one Mediator to God the Father at Judgment however Our Lady intercedes at Jesus judgment on behalf of the spiritual child (soul) being Judge in fulfillment of the law on the supernatural level. This understanding should unite Protestants and Catholics as so in unity we can defeat Satan and his secret sect who want to destroy Divine Femininity as to stop man’s reBIRTH in salvation.

Please understand that the above law was elevated to the spiritual level so all men could fulfill this law in salvation.

As children of God it’s important we are nourished by the Holy Spirit in unity of the universal truth and not the Jezebel Spirit who divides by confusion of the universal truth.

In Closing I would ask you all to pray for me. I am a horrific sinner who struggles sec by sec.

God bless you all and I love you

Fatima’s Peter the Roman of St Malachy’s prophecy


Vincent Paul Frederick

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