Did you know the Jews understand the 1 God to have a Divine femininity? Currently there is no “pure” representation of divine femininity in the Christian Trinity. This truth of the divine femininity of the 1 God was given to the Jews and of they referred to this divine femininity as SOPHIA which translates to WISDOM.

Wisdom of God is always referred to as feminine but again one needs to remember it’s not represented currently in the Trinity. All truth including this particular truth, as promised by Christ, is fulfilled in Christ Church and its detail understanding will happen during the final unveiling.
1 Peter states humility is WISDOM. When scripture states that Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and God the Son in man’s salvation it does so in humility(wisdom). This is seen in scripture when the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father by infinitely infusing/sanctification with the Blessed Virgin Mary femininity as to “birth” Our Lord and Savior eternal in the flesh as He is in the Spirit.

****If one doubts this infinite union and or communion between the Blessed Virgin Mary as 1 with the Holy Spirit then they should listen to Fr. Ripperger’s talk on the Church’s teaching in regards to this specific subject. FFW to around the 16min 0 sec mark in his bellow video.****


This infinite unity between the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary is much like the union of two body’s as 1 in to Marriage except for their unity is not by opposition of gender and gender virtues but by way of communion of divine femininity(humility/wisdom) in the Spirit with divine femininity(humility/wisdom) in the flesh. Again their unity as one was so infinitely perfect in boths femininity that Our Lady birthed the Son of God in the flesh and spirit. The meshing of divine femininity of the Holy Spirit with divine femininity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the exact understanding of what St Lucia saw when she was given the vision of the Trinity that gave her a great understanding of the unique relationship between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit. In short St Lucia understood they were in union as 1 in divine femininity but hold masculine position of authority.

One must remember sacred scripture of Mathew 19:2 with in regards to this infinite unity.

BVM and the Holy Spirit as ONE proceed in divine humility from Christ in all man’s redemption as to “”birth the Mother Church and “rebirth” man in salvation. 

SPECIAL NOTE: The universal Creed states this divine humility(wisdom) of the Holy Spirit as written in sacred scripture

Our Lady was in full communion with the Holy Spirit was She accepted Gods will for Her. There for She Proceeds as 1 with the Holy Spirit from God the Father to Birth Christ as to fulfill scripture. She also proceeds as 1 with the Holy Spirit from The Cross in Her Sons Will to Birth the Church on the day of Pentecost as well as rebirth man in the sacraments and teachings of the Church

Divine femininity in humility(Wisdom) allowed for Christ to be begotten not made as to fulfill “authentic” sacred scripture found in both Genesis and the Book of Revelation.

The BVM and the Holy Spirit as one birthed the physical Church in the flesh and in Spirit at Pentecost, as well reBIRTHing man in salvation. The rebirth of man in salvation is that of mankind, in humility, accepting all Christ teachings taught by the Mother Church. Only Christ’s Mother church cam rebirth man in the Spirit of humility(wisdom) as to attain the promise of Christ, eternal salvation. 

The Holy Spirit holds a “masculine position of authority” will retaining all divine feminine virtues of wisdom by being within the Holy Trinity. The Masculine position of authority the Holy Spirit holds within the Trinity is why “some” translations of sacred scripture use the pronoun He in referencing the Holy Spirit. AGAIN, The Holy Spirit holds the masculine position of authority while retaining all divine femininity of “Birthing” (feminine) the Church on the day of Pentecost and are-“Birthing” man in salvation
Many old Catholic translation of scripture use the pronoun “She” referencing the Holy Spirit. This divine femininity is referred to directly in sacred scripture because only the divine femininity can “rebirth” man and it is for this reason Christ specifically stated that one had to be “reborn” of the Spirit as to again eternal salvation.

Bellow is a book written by a Jesuit priest who gives several references to old translations of sacred scripture referring to the Holy Spirit with the feminine pronoun “She.” For example
“But when She the, Spirit of truth, shall come, She will guide you into all the truth. For she will not speak from herself, but whatever She may hear, She will speak. And She will declare to you the things”

St Kolbe specifically talks about the infinite sanctification of the Blessed Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit was done by the infusion of divine femininity in the Holy Spirit with divine humility in the flesh of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is clearly stated in his writings one can find in the bellow book

Christ himself acknowledges the divine femininity of Holy Spirit which is a spirit of humility and to act in the Church’s teachings allows one to sanctify with the Holy Spirit in a spirit of Humility(Wisdom)
The wife/spouse in the family unite is in image of the Holy Spirit proceeding in humility from the father in his will for unity in companionship and family. The spouse/wife proceeds from the offspring as MOTHER birthing the child and proceeding in the offspring will for nurturing and love. The SPOUSE/Mother in the family unite is in image of the Holy Spirit as well by holding a masculine position of authority while retaining all femininity.

Intellect/will = Masculine in image of God the Father 

Wisdom/Humility = Feminine in image of the Holy Spirit 

Intellect & wisdom= Both genders image of God the Son. The predominant virtue manifest as ones Gender 

You might ask yourself where in scripture does it say that the Trinity has an assigned divine femininity? 
This answer is found in two specific genesis verses that relate the Trinity to being non ambiguous 3 divine persons. 
Let’s start with Genesis 1:26 which clearly states man meaning both male and female are in image of the Holy Trinity as God the Father refers to the Trinity as “Our Image.” 

Now let’s look at Genesis 1:27 that states that man meaning both male and female who are non ambiguous are made in the image of God who is 3 non ambiguous divine persons. 

Again until now the Christian Trinity has never assigned a divine femininity to the Trinity mostly because of the confusion that divine femininity of wisdom in Spirit manifest as feminine gender and and divine masculine spirit of intellect/will manifest in flesh as the male gender.

Many will say Christ exemplified divine femininity and He did, there is no questioning that. However Jesus Spirit also posses all divine masculinity virtue which manifests physically as a dominant trait.
SPECIAL NOTE: Our Lady and Lord stated to me during the Fatima teachings that “Natural law was willed by God the Father in accordance to universal truth found within the Trinity
All men meaning both male and female are in image of Christ. This meaning having both spiritual virtues of masculine intelligent-will as well as spiritual feminine virtues of humility-wisdom.

In Gods omnipotence He gave each gender a larger amount of either spiritual feminine virtue(Wisdom) or spiritual masculine virtues(Intellect-will). The predominant virtue given to each individual is why God in scripture states “He knew us before we were in our mother’s womb.” This meaning our predominant virtue wether male(intellect) or female(Wisdom) manifest as our gender in the presence of the lesser virtue that is also present. Both masculine and feminine virtues present allows all male and female to be in image of Christ who too has both masculine and feminine virtue. This is why Book of Gallatins states all men meaning male and female are Sons of God. Again this is because all male and female have both masculine and feminine virtues.

An overview of the Trinity.

Because of the infinite sanctification/union with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit the Holy Family is in direct image of the Holy Trinity.

All Traditional families are also in image of the Holy Trinity!!!! It is for this exact reason why St Lucia stated the bellow. Satan wants to destroy the Triune Image of the 1 God!!!

At this time I would like to reiterate the importance of understanding Christ fulfilling all Jewish law by being birthed by Blesssed Virgin Mary who is 1 with the Holy Spirit. This birth was essential in Gods will because it fulfilled a Jewish law that has long been forgotten or overlooked. This unity of allowed not only for Christ to be birthed but it also allows for a very important Jewish law to be fufilled in regards to Sons of God claiming there eternal inheritance. Bellow is a overview of the Jewish law.

In closing I would like to recall sacred scripture when Jesus was baptized and the dove appeared. The Church has always thought Christ infinite unity with the Holy Spirit so the baptism was in humility to God the Fathers will as to institute the Sacrament of baptism. 

The same unity also was held with the Holy Spirit by the Blessed Mother and existed since the time of Conception of Christ. The infinite unity was established before the day of Pentecost in which authentic church art always depicts Her center frame of the art and above all other apostle present. This is because like the birth of Christ, Our Lady acted as a spiritual synapse between man and God birthing the Church. She is perpetual in the will of God and continues as one with the Holy Spirit being a synapse to all man in as MOTHER OF SALVATION, Truly COREDEMPTRIX!!!

Additional photos
The bellow is stated in Holy Mass

The only way for the above to be true in the birth of Christ in the flesh is if the following was true.

LET ME BE CLEAR, THE VIRGIN MARY IS NOT THE 3rd person of the Trinity however She was infinitely infused(Sanctified) as 1 with the Holy Spirit. This is a perfect example of what the Church teachings is a “SIGN OF CONTRADICTION”

With regards to this information: The lay has just as much responsibility in apostolic duties as our Holy Priest. Apostolic duties in the sacraments as well as in spreading church teachings which allows one to perfect the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus stated it is not enough to be sinless one must be perfect and the only way to perfect the soul is to be apostolic in duties and in teaching others.

In closing I would like to ask all to help me, Peter the Roman, get the authentic true Pope Benedict back to his rightful position as head of the Church.
Peter the Roman of St Malachy’s prophecy

Extra Images 2.

3 thoughts on “Defending the true authentic teachings of the Church, CoRedemptrix, Mother of Salvation to all mankind.

  1. Our lady of mexico is
    coa tla xopeuth- as per GENESIS 3-15
    the onewho will crush the snake
    she TOLD juan bernadino herself
    spainish MASONIC misnamed
    light wolf river

    yes or no please?
    all else comes form the evil one

    silence is

    dia dhuit

    in nominee patrii et filii et spiritus sancti

    tiocfaidh our lady
    eireann go brach

    sisterly love

    You are somewhat right;)


    1. Well you have somethings right,, You need to know the history of Guadeloupe and how the name came about it’s NOT a Masonic term but a Term given by uneducated because it sounded like it’s original title. 😉 I am Fatima’s Peter The Roman of St Malachy’s prophecy have a great day


      1. I do
        its a Spanish – statue
        found at a river
        carved by st luke

        guadalupe means
        light /wolf river
        – stan masquerades as an angel of light – (((
        wold in sheeps clothing (((
        depending on the translation
        which is
        NOT Bible affirmed confirmed justified
        and so
        TODAY we have the
        Latino Love ((( via the Mexican Brotherhood – ie #FREEMASONRY

        The Tilma has been placed and
        to SERVE
        permit adulterous marriages
        on heterosexual celebrities – downey andburnett
        and politicians
        trump and melania
        – both of who have 3 living wives ala Islam
        Mrs Ivana Trump is a ROMAN CATHOLIC
        Roma Downeys brother is RC PRIEST HERE
        who cudlt wouldlt
        marry her to burnett as she was laready married and
        he could be

        The Miraculous
        tilma was deliberately
        into a circle druidesque Pagan building
        the original cathedral still stands

        Our Lady of Guadalupe in Extremadura
        Shrine[edit]. The shrine houses a statue reputed to have been carved by Luke the Evangelist and given to Saint Leander, Archbishop of Seville, by Pope …

        YOU are conflating
        an Imposter
        with the spoken words of our lady Mother of Truth
        to serve your own personal taste in story telling etc


        ave maria


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