To proceed in another’s will it is a feminine act of humility virtuous in WISDOM(Sophia). When the Holy Spirit proceeds in God the Father and God the Sons will for man’s salvation it does so in divine femininity from a masculine position of authority. This is why the Holy Spirit birthed(feminine) the Church rebirths(Feminine) man in salvation yet is referred to as “He”(masculine position of authority) within sacred scripture.

The Traditional family is in Image of the Holy Trinity.
A woman proceeds the man in Marriage as Spouse in his will for family. The woman then Proceeds the Child as Mother in the child’s will for nurturing and love… This is in perfect image of the Lord giver of Life known as the 3rd person of the Trinity… The Spouse/wife also holds a masculine position of authority within the family unite like that of the Holy Spirit within the Trinity while retaining all divine femininity.

The Holy Family is in direct image of the Holy Trinity. Only the Roman Catholic Church kept one from going into heresy by its devotion to the Immaculate conception who infinitely infused with the Holy Spirit as 1(infinite sanctification) to birth our Lord and savior eternal in flesh as He is in Spirit.. Protestant that call on the masculine Holy Spirit are calling on the Jezabell spirit thus why there is so many Protestants denominations

Our Lady and Our Lord refer to me as Peter of the Romans. For many years I had no idea what this meant until I read of St Malachy’s prophecy. Make no mistake about it, I am Fatima’s Peter the Roman of St Malachy’s prophecy and I will teach what Our Lord and Lady taught me… this is just one of many teachings given to me.

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