By the Man-Child Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Below is a traditional picture of Jesus being baptized. The universal Creed States that the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and this is seen in just one instance with Christ Baptism. The dove symbolizes that the presence of the Holy Spirit is one with Christ.

The universal truth stated in the Creed also states that the Holy Spirit also proceeds from God the Son. This to is seen in the traditional image of the day of Pentecost. Notice that all the apostles have the image of a tongue on fire but the Dove symbolizing the presence of the Holy Spirit is above Our Lady Of Grace. Like the dove at Christ Baptism it to is symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit who is one with the Immaculate Conception.

This unity is why Our Lady sits on the Seat Of Wisdom because She is one with the Holy Spirit. Thier infinite unity allowed for the Immaculate Conception to birth the “infinite” Son Of God as well as one as to Birth the Church.

The WOMAM reigns in the Church while men are the apostles “govern” the Church in the teachings of scripture. Women inside of the Church are elevated and is why they are not to be Priest.

Protestant believe that the Holy Spirit can be received outside the Church and it’s succession of Apostles. This is not only against the teachings of sacred scripture but the teachings of tradition itself in-which both are under the supreme authority of Our Lady who is one with the Lord Giver of Life.

There is no other way to receive the Holy Spirit other than as described in scripture which is by Apostolic successes of the Christ Church which is the Roman Catholic Church. This is willed by God as to insure HUMILITY to Christ word which are the teachings He entrusted to His Church. 2Timothy 3:16 states scripture is not the word of God but words inspired by God.

This doesn’t mean a Protestant can recieve some truth because all the different Protestant faiths branch of Roman Catholic however have perverted the truth. This is the reason Christ Church is promised to prevail against the gates of Hell and NOT SCRIPTURE.

Let us not forget Alpha and Omega scripture as it relates to Genesis and Book Of Revelation.

Traditional images of Pentecost

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