By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Natural Law in regards to genetics and the Trinity.

-God The Father(Divine Intellect that created divine design represented by Blue Genome)

-God the Lord Giver Of Life Divine Wisdom(Humility)

-God the Son(Both Divine Intellect and divine Wisdom which is represented by both blue and red genomes that express divine intellect and divine wisdom/humility.

Reference the bellow top picture.

[Top pic] Blue strand of DNA represents the Spouse/Mother who is masculine by position of Authority not by gender. Red strand of DNA is Divine Intellect Of God the Father.

Natural law of Genetics unveils that God the Son is both masculine in Divine Intellect with feminine virtues of divine Wisdom aka Humility.

Within the Trinity the Masculinity of male is expressed in through and with Jesus Christ. However as the Book of Galatians states sons within the traditional family unite can be expressed as female. The Book Of Galatians states all men both male and female are Son’s of God.

This is Fatima’s Peter the Roman and for all who read this, tell the world not to leave the Church! Fight for It!

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