By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Our Lady is the Living Ciborium of the Lord Giver of Life in which Our Lord and Savior was birthed. To reject a devotion to Our Lady as CoRedemptrix is to reject the living Cup to who is Filled” to the brim with all graces that perfect the soul. When a soul is perfected in all 7 gifts then one is reborn with a Perfect soul in Image of Her Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As scripture states it’s no enough to be sinless to get into heaven one must be perfect. Our Lady’s infinite infusion with the Lord giver of Life made possible by God was to insure His divine Mother be loved by all of Humanity as Christ himself loved Her!

If you reject the cup(Ciborium) then one rejects what is in the Cup(Graces to Perfect the Soul)

Fatima’s Peter the Roman Roman

Special note: There is a reason for this chosen image. As the Church has always taught all graces and sacraments come through the Mother Church who is one with the Holy Spirit(ETERNAL Immaculate God) and Infinitely infused with the Immaculate Conception. To reject one is to reject all and to damn oneself.

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