By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Our Lady’s Divine MotherHood is as perpetual as Her virginity to all of mankind because the Lord giver of Life is one With Immaculate Conception, thus the Title Spouse Of the Holy Spirit.

The Chaste Spouse title  unveils the Immaculate Conception is one with the Lord giver of Life. HOWEVER Her tittle is not based on the opposition of masculinity and femininity . Instead the union is based on the communion of divine virtues of humility. Her unity is the Infinite and perfect communion with the Holy Spirit as 1. This unity is the infusion by way of divine humility and a gift from Her Son Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This unity by divine humility was granted by Her Son because the Immaculate Conception in flesh was the perfect and infinite mirror image of the Lord Giver Of Life proceeding in divine Humility in mans redemption from Both God the Father and God the Son. Sacred scripture states that divine humility is wisdom. This wisdom as stated in the universal Creed proceeds from Both God the Father and God the Son in Divine Humility. The Crowning Of Our Lady as Queen Of Heaven and Earth is by the Gift Christ gave to His Mother to be one infinitely with the Lord giver of Life all though having only two separate origins Conception and eternal.

Because our Lady was in perfect humility to God the Fathers and Sons will, Jesus Christ gave the greatest gift of all which was to to infinitely infuse the Lord giver of life with the Immaculate Conception as 1.

The word “Lord” as in the Lord giver of Life is a 2ndary pronoun masculine by position of authority not gender. So the 3rd person of the Trinity is NOT gender specific and masculine by position of authority. This is why the book of Wisdom refers to divine wisdom as feminine as well as why Jesus Christ said man has to be reborn of the spirit. Natural law found in universal truth unveils the rebirth of man from the Holy Spirit is a a rebirth in the spirit of humility which is feminine. One is reborn in the Spirit of humility when one accepts all teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

To deny the Power Of the Holy Spirit to Infinitely and perfectly infuse with the Immaculate Conception, as to be CoRedemptrix along with Christ NOT equal too, is the only unforgivable sin. Let all be reminded that outside the Catholic Church there is NO SALVATION!

The Chaste Spouse Title unveils the 2 or 1.

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