By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Protestant disobey the 10 commandments. Christ elevated Jewish law in His Church to a supernatural level. The law was not again I say NOT abolished but fulfilled in Christ Church. All law From the Passover to how a child rightfully and lawfully claims the Fathers inheritance is fulfilled in Christ Church that is One Holy and Apostolic. Here is another example of Protestant error.

Since Christ took the Jewish Law and raised it up to supernatural status it is easy to see how Protestant do NOT again DO NOT “HONOR Their MOTHER ANd FATHER.” You see this in their rejection of the Holy Eucharist as well in the rejection of the 4 soon to be 5 Marion Dogmas.

All The 10 commandment and/or law was raised to the Supernatural spirit relm and thOse Catholics who are faithfully practicing are in Image of Our Lord and Savior by also doting every “i” and crossing every t. Protestant do not Honor there heavenly Fathers as found in scripture as well as Do Not Honor our Divine Mother when She instructs us to receive the true Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

Protestant also do not recognize the Holy Spirit proceeding in divine Humility/Wisdom From God the Father as Spouse as well as proceeding in divine Humility from God the Son as Mother. The Holy Spirit masculinity is by divine Position Of Authority much like that of a Spouse/Mother within the family unite. The Word Lord as in Lord giver of life is a secondary pronoun that is NOT gender specific and masculine by position of authority like the Holy Spirit is masculine by divine position of Divine authority.

Because the Mother Of God is in Physical mirror image of the Holy Spirit in divine Humility/Wisdom to both God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, made them one even though they have two different origins one eternal and one Conceived. This was only possible because The Immaculate Conception abandon all Her will in divine Humility/Wisdom as to carry out God the Fathers will in divine obedience.

To deny this unity is to deny the birth of Christ and universal truth found in the Creed “…God from God light from light….” The Immaculate Conception is was and forever shall be the perfect Host for the Eternal Immaculate God Also known as the Holy Spirit.

Simply Put the Protestant Blaspheme the Holy Spirit There is just to many subjects to cover

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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