I understand that the apparitionest at Holy Love, (Maureen) believes in Maria divine mercy. The only issue I have ever had with what she has stated is the importance of the “Living Seal Prayer.” From the Fatima Teachings that are not mine but mine to give I understand the Living Seal as taught by the Church is the Mother Church sealing through the anointing of oil on the forehead (Book Rev)of the one being confirmed.  This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law that a child must first identify the mother and ask her intercetion as to make lawful and rightful claim of the fathers inheritance. This anointing is telling the Spiritual world, the devil mainly, that this Child has identified the Mother Church who is in full unity with the Holy Spirit thus the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a rightful lawful claim the the Eternal Fathers reward.  Simply put the confirming is identify and claim the Mother thus the Mother Church intercede marking or claiming the confirming for the eternal Fathers inheritance. This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law on a spiritual level.

Through Fatima teachings i understand that the Confirming, in Humility, has as identify the Mother Of God/Mother Church/ Mother Spirit and the priest only acts on behalf of the Mother blesses them with the “Living Seal” with Oil. This fulfilling the Jewish law on the Spiritual level. The Mother Church on a spiritual level is making rightful claim of the eternal Fathers inheritance.

My issue with Maria of Divine Mercy is the push of Living Seal prayer as being as powerful as a Sacrament and is mandatory for salvation in these end times.

I am good with the Living Seal prayer seen as a sacramental but I myself at this time In discernment can not place no value on a piece of paper with a prayer on it. The true Living Seal at this time in my discernment is,has been i and forever will be the Sacraments Of confirmation.

This is essential to know as far as CoRedemption Dogma is concerned. It’s another way of explaining the dogma and the absolute beauty of Christ Church. Sad these days people quick to hand out graduation invitations to celebrate but there is no event worthy of celebration more than Comfirmation.

What are your or anyone’s thoughts at Holy Love Of this issue.

Peter the Roman.

4 thoughts on “Letter to Mary Refuge Of Holy Love

  1. I agree with your reflections.
    You see that prophecies and private revelation are clearly instructed by St.Peter and the Apostles to the rest of the church members that PROPHECIES are not to be privately interpreted, much more teach is as DIVINE TRUTH…
    it must passed the Church approved official procedure in declaring the Private Revelation is Divine and free from Doctrinal errors.
    Why? Jesus Wisdom is so great, that He only gave the Teaching Authority to the Church and not to individuals…as Jesus knows Satan would deceived many to follow prophecies and will be amazed and deceived by private revelations.
    Unless the Church bind the Private Revelation as Divine only then can the faithfuls whole-heartedly believe it, because it is now also bound in Heaven, and the graces coming from that private revelations will now descend to the Church and flows to all the believers to benefits.

    Prophecies and private revelation are so important to the Church, as the Church is built upon the foundation of Apostles and Prophets (Ephesians2:20)…but Satan can counterfeit prophecies.
    As scriptures said to all those who prophecy in His name…
    “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.

    See false prophecies and private revelation needs a careful discernment.
    One must not used his own judgment to quickly believes private revelation, For me personally…PRUDENCE will tell you to believe a private revelation like Marian Apparition although the Church is still discerning and not yet proclaiming it to be an official Divine Revelation free from doctrinal errors is to check who are the people who believes in that particular private revelations or prophecies.
    Like Medjugorje, no less than St.John Paul II the Great and Fr.Gabrielle Amorth believe it to be TRUE, so PRUDENCE tell me I have to follow the DISCERNMENT of this two pious man better than my personal judgement.

    This Age of ours is describe by Daniel as almost all will prophecy because of an easy means of gathering information thru digital platforms.So many will be confused.

    But the goodnews, is the Second Pentecost all will be empowered esp. the Marian Faithfuls.


    1. Wow, Jong you have a wonderful gift of writing and Church knowledge. Is it possible you can take my pathetic attempts of documenting Fatima Teachings and turn them into to beautiful works of art? Don’t answer right away. Think about it. You express yourself so clearly and your words are chosen wisely,,, please think about it


  2. Fatima911
    Sorry for late reply, got other things need to prioritze…sorry too, I don’t know how to response to your invitation..although I’ve been pondering that thought in my prayer time…Don’t worry the Holy Spirit grace will lead us to where it Wills….Keep writing your great reflections.
    The latest one is a great reminder the “Blasphemy on the Holy Spirit thru attacks on Mama Mary”…
    you can find the biblical support on that clearly on Matthew12:32 which Protestant and Bible Alone believers skewed or muddled when teaching this verse…
    Jesus clearly set a Word of Caution to Protect the Dignity of Mama Mary before His mission is over….
    Read the verse as it clearly says…
    “Anyone who attribute the Work of the Holy Spirit to the devil is the UNFORGIVABLE SIN”.

    I will post this comment on your article and expound it a little bit more.

    Godbless! S&IHMMP4us.Amen


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