By Fatima’s Peter the Roman


Jesus elevated every Jewish Law from the natural world to the supernatural spiritual world. This is the meaning of the Law was not abolished but fulfilled by Christ and with through and Christ Church.

Jesus Christ being Born of the Virgin fufilling all Law meaning He elevated Jewish law to the supernatural level then you should have no problems understanding this:

Jews had a law that a child could not rightfully claim Fathers inheritance. The child by law had to identify There MOTHER! The mother was the only one who could lawfully claim the child’s inheritance for them “because” she was intimate with the Father in sexual relations through marriage as 1 as well as the mother was intimate with the Child in her womb as one.

Jesus being born of the Immaculate fulfilled this law because She was one infinite with the Holy Spirit as to fulfill universal truth “true God from true God. Since Our Lady Of Grace is NOT the 3rd person of the Trinity then the only way “..true God from true God..” could be fulfilled in the birth of Christ is for the Blessed Virgin Mary be infinitely infused with the Lord Giver Of Life. This elevating the natural law of Honor they Mother on a supernatural level that is universal truth,,, if one does not identify Our Lady she can NOT INTERCEDE for ones rightful inheritance of eternal salvation!!!!

Outside the Church there is no salvation,,,

Tell people to fight for there Church!!!!!!! Do not leave

The warning to Protestant is not a warning of physical threat or danger but is a warning for the threat of eternal damnation.

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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