By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Homosexuality opposes both family and marriage and Catholics are obligated to counsel those embracing the LGBT ideology of thier eternal reward of damnation. This is not Judgment it is Good Council as in Our Lady of Good Council.

Judgment implies a punishment. Counciling is not judging however it is Holy because it’s one of the Holy Spirits 7 gifts of Our Lady of Grace and it fulfills the lays obligation as a Catholic in being Apostolic. The last few sentences are the fulfilling of the Fatima mystery that some will easily see.

The world has embraced the sin instead of embracing the sinner with universal truth. The homosexual thinks that thier sin is natural. However no where in nature can they point out two  male or female species engaging in sexual acts in Love much less as to reproduce. The homosexuals somehow think that perverse sexual desire is far greater than that of any heterosexual struggling in Holy Orders or those living a chaste life before marriage. Have compassion for the sinner NOT the sin!!!! The compassion of the Catholic comes at knowing how we ourselves are guilty of mortal sin. Again embrace the sinner with universal truth and knowing we are all sinner. Stop sympathizing with a particular sin as to justify its exsistance in one life. Homosexuality was literally created by satin as to destroy the Image of 1 God in 3 divine person seen in the traditional family that showers all those within it with grace.

Homosexuals have to understand that they are not in Image of the 1 True God In 3 divine person. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father in divine Humility/Wisdom as Spouse and Proceeds From God the Son in Divine Humility/Wisdom as Mother. The word Lord as in Lord giver of life aka Holy Spirit is a secondary pronoun that is masculine by position of authority.

Simply put homosexuals are not in Image of God but in Image of the beast who rejects divine designs as willed by God in His Image.

Let me also add that Our Lady Of Medjugorji said expose evil. By Baptism all Catholics are obligated to expose and reject all of Satins evil acts and affiliations as to counsel in the universal(One and supreme) faith.

Sense counseling is 1 Of the 7 Gifts, one perfects the soul as to be accepted to enter the gates of heaven. As Jesus stated in scripture it’s not enough to be sinless to get into heaven one must be perfect. Thus meaning perfecting the 7 gifts.

Any one and I mean anyone including Bergoglio (Frances) who tramples on these Fatima PEARLs that defend the Roman Catholic Church teachings are nothing but SWINE.!

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