By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The bellow diagram must be viewed and read as to give clarity to the proceeding article

Anti-Christ Trinity/Catholic Trinity

Bellow is the Masonic art that represents their Anti-Christ Trinity. It is in accordance to there secret mission to destroy the Sacrament of Marriage and Family by replacing divine design found in natural law with rebellious perverted blasphemies.



The Masonic Trinity upholds homosexuality as the bases of unity instead of natural law which unites male and female in opposition as to be in Image of the 1 God. A (+) signed has been assigned to divine masculinity as to unveiling natural law created by the divine designer in Gods image.

The Anti Christ Trinity is

God the Father(+)

God the Son(+)

God the Life Partner(+)

The Holy Trinity is infinitely unified in opposition of divine masculinity(+) with divine femininity(-) as found in natural law. Natural law was willed by God the Father in accordance to the universal truth found within the Trinity. Going outside of natural is precisely why the three Masculine (+) divine persons is the Antichrist Trinity.

The True Holy Trinity is upheld in the Roman Catholic Church as depicted by the Holy Family.

There unity is based on opposition of masculine divine intellect and femininity of divine humility/WISDOM. The masculinity of the Lord giver of Life is by way of divine authority by being within the Holy Trinity. The Spouse/Mother within the Holy Family is the perfect image of having a masculinity by Authority and not by gender. The word “Lord” itself as in Lord Giver of Life is NOT gender specific and is a “secondary pronoun” that is masculine by position of authority not by gender.

The Holy Trinity a (+) has been assigned to divine masculinity and a (-) assigned to divine femininity.

God the Father(+)

God the Son (+)

The Lord Giver(-2) of Life who “proceeds” from God the Father as Spouse (-) and proceeds from God the Son as Mother(-). The Lord Giver of Life is MASCULINE by divine position of authority NOT by gender. When one adds up the assigned divine masculinity and divine femininity they equal 0 or neutral which is Latin for Neuter meaning neither male or female. There is no ambiguity among the 3 divine person who is neither male or female.

God the Father “willed” creation but it was the LORD GIVER OF LIFE who “proceeded” in the birth of the universe and man. It is also the Holy Spirit who “proceeds” from God the Son in the Rebirth Of man in Salvation. In all of time no masculine entity has ever given birth including the divine Persons Jesus Christ who built the Church! The Church again was “birthed” by the Holy Spirit. The birth and rebirth that is done by the Holy Spirit unveils that the Lord Giver Of Life is Masculine by divine Position Of Authority and not gender. This is precisely why the devil is attacking the traditional family with all this transgender bull $hit!

The Satan and his secret church the Freemasons what to destroy the essence of the Image of the 1 God in 3 divine persons.

Let’s switch gears for a moment with regard to the universal Church teaching of the Lord giver of life as stated in the universal Christian Creed.

A Creed is a fundamental and or core belief. This is part of the universal Christianity Creed. Who who “proceeds” from God the Father and Son??? Read the below exert of the universal creed that outlines the Lord Giver Of Life.

As the Creed states the Lord giver of Life “proceeds” from the God the Father as Spouse and From the God the Son as Mother.

Lord Giver of Life “proceeding as a Spouse in God the Father’s will by “birthing” creation of the universe and man. The Lord Giver of Life also “proceeds” from God the Son as a Mother by re”BIRTHING” man in salvation.

The Holy Spirit is “MASCULINE” by divine position of authority not by gender. The spouse/mother in the family unite is in image of the Lord Giver Of Life. The only way Christ Himself was “birthed”not manifested was by infinitely infusing (Protestant call this sanctifying grace) of divine femininity of the Holy Spirit with the Immaculate Conception as 1.

Only divine divinity can give “BIRTH.” This divine femininity is why the Church was “birthed” by the Lord Giver Of Life although “built” by Christ. It is also why Man is “REbirthed” in salvation.

I’m not a huge fan of PJ 11 but his words are the most prophetic with regards to the end time.

As Fatima’s Peter the Roman I have an obligation to make JP11 Prophetic statement as clear as one can and this is addressed in the bellow image

Satan wants to destroy all images of the 3 divine person of the 1 God as to destroy the image of God the almighty. To destroy the image of the 1 true God in 3 divine persons, Satan and his secret sect the Freemasons have to destroy the masculinity and most of all the femininity of the 1 God. This is the reason the push for transgenderism.

The Jews understood the one God to have a femininity and they refer to it as Sophia which means Wisdom. This is the reason why the Book Of Wisdom And Proverbs speak of divine Femininity as Wisdom!

Now if the reader thinks there is no femininity then they need to review these Facts.

Fact: The Jews were given truth which all Christianity recognizes.

Fact: One truth given to the Jews of the femininity of the one God. Thus meaning the one God did have femininity.

Fact: The Jews knew this femininity of the one God as Sophia, which means WISDOM.

Fact: Scripture states HUMILITY is Wisdom.

Fact: The Roman Catholic Church teaches that divine wisdom is feminine as found in the Book Of Wisdom.

Fact: As Catholics we know that the truth given to the Jews is fulfilled and clarified in the final unveiling through with and in the Roman Catholic Church.

Fact: Universal truth that is hand written by God in natural law which is found in biology, genetics, physics chemistry etc reveals that all things birthed are done so by feminine entity.

Fact: Jesus Christ was born and/or in the case of mans redemption “reborn” by a divine femininity.

Fact: In all of history no man including Christ himself was born or in the case of mans salvation “reborn” from a masculine entity.

Fact: Natural law of biology and Genetics states that if there is a Father and a Son then there is a Spouse/Mother.

Fact: Natural law unveils a mother who is intimate with the father in the sacrament of marriage is one.

Fact: A mother is one intimately with child as one within her womb.

Fact: God made man in His Image making man both male and “female.”

Fact: Scripture states in the book of Galations, son as in man are “sons” of God means both male and “female”

Fact: There is no feminine representation of the truth given to the Jewis of the Femininity of the one God in any Christian Trinity. Thus meaning there is no divine femininity of the One God represented in the Trinity(3 divine persons)

Fact:The word Lord as in LORD GIVER OF LIFE is “NOT”, I repeat is “NOT” gender specific. It is a 2ndry pronoun that is “MASCULINE,” I repeat “MASCULINE” by position of authority like the Lord Giver of Life is MASCULINE by divine position of AUTHORITY being with the Holy Trinity.

Fact: Jewish law states that “ONLY” a mother can “LAWFULLY” claim a childs inheritance of the father. The reason being is that she alone can identify the rightful father who she was intimate with as one in sexual relations as well as identify his rightful child who she too was one intimately as she carried the child in her womb.

Fact: Christ fulfilled all Jewish laws both written and those passed down through tradition, crossing every “t” and dotting every “i.”

Fact: Christ fulfilled all laws both written and those passed down through tradition as to build His Church. SPECIAL NOTE: His Church allows man to be in Christ image by also fulfilling every law on a supernatural level.

Fact: Jesus Christ elevated all Jewish law from the natural to the Supernatural thus building “His” Church.

Fact: Man who is a practicing catholic in Christ Church is in Image of Christ thus fulfilling all natural law given to the Jews on a supernatural level.

Fact: outside the Church thier is NO Salvation.

Fact: Fatimas Peter the Roman is here!!!

In closing I would like to point out that the Truth of the Femininity of the one God has not simply dissolved nor disappeared. As Catholics we understand divine Humility which scripture states is “WISDOM.” as Catholics we know that in Humility Our Lady of Gracs proceeds from God the Father and God the Son in mans redemption. As Catholics we also know that the Universal Creed states that the Holy Spirit aka Lord giver of life proceeds from God the Father and God the Son also. To proceed from God the Father and Son in mans redemption takes divine Humility which is Wisdom. As Catholics we know the the Lord giver of life is NOT the Immaculate Conception however we do recognizes Our Lady of Perpetual help being a direct physical mirror image of the Lord giver of life who is A Holy Spirit. Both proceeded from God the Father and God the Son in Mans redemption. Ill stop here for now.

Also I’d like to remind Christians know the truth was given to the Jews. However us Roman Catholics know that the truth given to the Jews is elevated to a supernatural level and is fulfilled as well as to be clarified in the Roman Catholic Church. We also know the Church will give the final unveiling and/or CLARITY as stated in scripture as well as this fact is reiterated in Medjugorje apperition.

FACT: Fatima’s Peter the Roman is here. Start preparing by studying these post and cross referencing with church teaching.

Please Pray for me

Peter the Roman

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