Natural law was willed by God the Father in accordance to universal truth found within the Trinity. This is the reason the Church was willed by divine intellect(Masculine) of God the Father, built (divine masculinity of intellect in accordance to divine humility to God the Father) by God the Son and “birthed” in DIVINE FEMININITY by the Lord Giver of Life(Pentecost). The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority divine in feminine virtues. The word lord as in Lord giver of life is NOT gender specific and is a secondary pronoun that makes one masculine by position of Authority. The use of “he” with regards to the Holy Spirit in sacred scripture unveils the Holy Spirit divine position of Authority while giving understanding to the divine femininity of the Holy Spirit that birthed the Church and rebirths man in salvation

The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority. To proceed in another’s will is a submissive feminine act and is virtuous in humility/wisdom. When the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and Son(Creed) in man’s redemption it is a submissive act that is divine in femininity and virtuous in humility/wisdom.

The solid Blue and Red DNA rings and/or solid blue and red circles in the Church Trinity diagrams represent the God the Father and the Lord giver of life. The parents in the traditional family are in direct image of God the Father(masculine) and the Lord Giver of life(Feminine in divine virtues but masculine by position of Authority.) As stated in the Creed when the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father it does so in divine femininity of submissiveness as spouse maintaining masculine position of Authority and infinitely infusing with the Immaculate conception that birthed the living word Jesus Christ who is both infinite in the flesh and He is in spirit. When the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Son in infinite unity with the Blessed Virgin Mary they as one do so in the submissive feminine act “rebirthing” man in a spirit of humility to Christ Church teachings, while still maintaining divine masculine position of Authority.

The offspring represented by both blue and red in the Fatima diagram super imposed on the church diagram is directly in image of Christ because all off spring wether male or female are born with both masculine virtues of intellect and feminine virtues of humility/wisdom.


Peter the Roman

PS the final persecution of the Church is two fold. One attack is from outside the church by Protestants and their perverted scripture. The second attack on Christ church is from within by Freemasons and the false prophet Frances. Let us all be reminded of St Lucia’s words

3 thoughts on “The False prophet Frances blasphemes the Trinity by embracing civil unions.

  1. NO Christ is male. The trinity has to be male. Other wise the trinity would be bi-sex. That would be counter to the life forms GOD has populated the earth.
    Mary is female and could be impregnated only by male.
    Every time Jesus mentioned GOD he is addressed as Father, never as mother or parent.


    1. Well Barbara you have a very skewed understanding that the 1 God who is neither male or female is 3 divine persons. The 1 God is infinite in masculine and feminine virtues thus nether male or female. I could go on but I want


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