By the Man Child(Bk of Revelation) 
Fatima’s Peter the Roman 
Aka The French Monarch 
By the Man Child(Bk of Revelation)
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
The French Monarch
From a scientific view, nothing can be proved only things can be disproved. Reread that because this is the backbone of biology. There is also a term called THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE that directly applies to this issues of proof of Life. An example is given with this term in regards to the safety of Fluorine in the water but it applies to life itself.

The “abominables” such as Ruth have to prove that there is no life by proving there is no characteristics of  life(provided in the bottom left image). There are certain characters that define life itself and this is well established by the science community. 

   By all scientific text book definitions of life the “abominables” such as Ruth can not(Definition of life bottom middle image)prove there are NO characteristics of life that define life itself. 

 Again the “abominables” have to disprove there is life and/or that characteristics of life exists. 

By all text book science definition life begins at conception.

From fertilization, characteristics of life over exponentially increase.

   To disprove a theory is the backbone of science and the scientific method. If these “ABOMINABLES” are to use science to argue then they have to use the rules that science itself uses.
Signed #1 Deplorable
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
French Monarch 
Man Child

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