The Torah and the 5th Marion Dogma

Torah means Law. It is often referred to as the Old Testament.

This is just one of infinite examples of the written Law of the Torah. There are many more written laws outside the 10 Commandments.

There are many other Laws of the that were handed down that are apart of the Torah. These laws passed down are called Traditions. They are “LAWS” in every since and not like the traditions you find in today’s societies. One particular law the Jews practice was that for a child to make a claim of their father’s inheritance, the child had to first identify their mother. Only the mother could intercede as to make a “LAWFUL and RIGHTFUL” claim of the Fathers inheritance for the child. This is explained in detail as to why in other Fatima Teachings)

Here is Jesus talking about the Torah law , again, that is law both written and handed down.

One must not forget the (Torah) are laws “both” written and “laws” handed down in Tradition. These laws were not destroyed but elevated to the supernatural realm so we all could fulfill them in Image of Christ in Christ’s Church. When Christ was born of the Immaculate Conception died and resurrected, “all” Jewish law were elevated from this world to the supernatural level. The 10 commandment Honor thy Mother and Father is raised from the ones earthly mother and father to ones heavenly Mother and heavenly Father. The same principle applies with regards to one claiming to be saved. No one person can rightfully or lawfully declare their own salvation. One must identify the Universal Mother the Immaculate Conception as so She can advocate for ones salvation in this life as well as intercede as to declare one the rightful lawful inheritance of Her Sons promise.

For one to fulfill all law in Image of Christ they must be practicing Catholics.

Every law written such as the 10 commandments as well as the unwritten “ Laws” handed down In Jewish Tradition like that of only a Mother can lawfully declare the child’s inheritance of the fathers are fulfilled only in the Roman Catholic Church.

Let’s look at other laws such as confession and atoinment. For the Jewish high priest to make a proper animal sacrafice for the sin committed he had to be confessed the sin. Small animals such as doves were used all the way up to the Perfect Lamb for the grave sins committed. This law is fulfilled in confession and the sacrifice of the Mass. The presentation of the child in the temple is fulfilled in the sacrament of Confirmation which also fulfills the Jewish law on a supernatural level of the Child identifying the Mother as in the Mother Church. When this sacrament is meet the Priest acts on behalf of the Mother Church who is one with the Immaculate Conception who is also one with the Holy Spirit. The priest anoints with oil “THE SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD.” This anointing by the Mother Church tells the supernatural world that the anointed is the rightful heir of the Fathers eternal reward. Every Jewish Law is fulfilled in the Roman Catholic Church however it is often not recognized. The seal of the Living God is mentioned in the Book Of Revelation with regards to the sacrament of conformation.

In closing, If one does not claim the Immaculate Conception as Universal Mother, then She can not “advocate” and “intercede” as to make the lawful and rightfully claim of Her Sons inheritance for them! They will stand in condemnation. ***One must remember our Lady was made infinitely one with the Lord Giver of Life as so the “infinite” Son of God could be “birthed” and not manifested.***

SPECIAL NOTE: There is a specific teaching on why the Jewish law demands the mother be identified as so a child can make the rightful claim of the father’s inheritance. Links will be added for this information.

What troubles the Protestant is they have no understanding of the difference between Christ being birthed and the definition of manifesting.

The Infinite Son Of God, Jesus, was birthed and “NOT manifested.”

For the birth of the infinite Son of God to take place Our Lady had to be infinitely infused with the Lord Giver of Life. If they were not infinitely infused then Christ would have manifested which is in opposition to sacred scripture and universal truth.

The birth was willed by God the Father because birth of life itself wether physical or in the rebirth of salvation is the power of God. The Lord giver of life is only Masculine by position of Authority being within the Trinity and NOT by gender. The Spouse/Mother in the Family Unite is in Image of the Lord Giver Of Life by birthing physical life as the Lord Giver Of Life. When the Immaculate Conception was infinitely infused with the Lord Giver of Life as ONE, the physical Universal Truth of Jesus Christ was birthed. When one is Re-Births in universal truth in salvation they accept the Church’s teachings on the Immaculate Conception being the Universal Mother to all mankind. To be reborn is to be reborn in the feminine Holy Spirit which is a Spirit Of Humility(Wisdom) to the Church’s teachings. This rebirth is only capable by a feminine Holy Spirit that is masculine by position of Authority being within the Trinity and not by gender.

The underlying issue is the rebellious Protestant rejecting Church teaching. The Protestant by not listening to the Church has confused Christ birth as a manifest of Himself which is clearly against sacred scripture and sacred teachings of the Doctrines and Dogmas of Church. God comes only from God as this universal truth is proclaimed in the Universal Creed.

The Protestant should be reminded of another Dogma that they have rejected and that Dogma is “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION.”

By the Man-Child

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

aka The French Monarch

Links to information regarding the Jewish Law Of a child identifying their mother as so she can make the lawful rightful claim of the Fathers inheritance.

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