Art by the Man-Child 😉
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
Aka the French Monarch
I call this masterpiece “Protestant and their Father of Lies”
Protestant know scripture and verse as good or even better than Satan himself. Problem is they don’t connect the Father of Lies with regards to understanding scripture meaning. This is why Christ build His Church as to persevere the understanding and teaching of sacred scripture. The Bible is NOT GODS words it’s words inspired by God as stated in sacred scripture(2 Timothy 3:16) Christ promised His Church would prevail against the gates of Hell not the Bible which the Protestant Have deleted 7 books and changed words. Protestant are soon to find out that universal truth has many truths on many levels. The Bible is a book itself made up of a collection of books and as it says in the Book Of Revelation, who ever adds are deletes from this book (Universal meaning of both Book Of Revelation and the Bible itself) will suffer Gods wrath.
Protestant deleted total of 7 books as well as changed words and meanings. This is the understanding of universal truth that not only does this scripture apply to the book of Revelation but to the Bible as a book of prophecy itself especially the gospel with the Return of Christ. Universal truth is truth on multiple levels that are applicable at any given time.

   In closing the Protestant need to be reminded that the universal truth of Christ being the living bread has truth on infinite levels. Yes scripture and understanding of scripture is one truth however Protestant reject the universal truth of Christ in flesh in the Holy Eucharist. As Christ stated in sacred scripture those who do not eat of His flesh and drink of His blood do NOT have life in them. Therefore Protestant are truly dead by not accepting universal truth as taught by the Church of sacred scripture.

The meaning of being “reborn in salvation” is to be reborn in the Spirit of Humility to Christ Church teachings

Protestant should listen to what Our Lady has been telling the world since the beginning of the Church. She never focuses on Herself and Her role along with Christ but NOT equal too as CoRedemptrix but focus on Her Son in the Holy Eucharist. That is Her soul/sole purpose!!!

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