By the French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman

When one is converting the Protestant the first thing that has to be establish is the Church‘s authority of the teaching of Sacred Scripture.

Christ stated He would build “His Church”(singular) not write the Bible. As scripture states itself the Bible is not God’s words itself but words inspired by God. Big difference.
Christ also stated that “His Church” (Singular) not the Bible would prevail against the Gates of Hell.
This is most evident with Protestant when you explain to them that if sacred scripture was to be preserved from error than the King James Bible wouldn’t exists that edited and eliminated 7 total sacred books.
Protestant need to understand that if the scripture understanding itself was to be preserved then there would NOT be over 1500+ denomination of Protestant faith. The Protestant in these end times are forced to acknowledge there error or suffer eternal damnation.
The time is up for the Protestant, they have to options that will be made clear upon the French Monarch, Fatima’s Peter the Roman being made public. They can either stop grieving the Holy Spirit and prolonging conversation or reject the Fatima teachings by refusing to studying them in regards to Church teachings and blaspheme the Holy Spirit in this world by not finishing conversion to Christ Church. This is Unforgivable as sacred scripture states.

Inclosing I like to add that before the late 1400 there were no printing presses. What few bibles there was in the world were owned by the Catholic Church. Copy’s were distributed only to the Church because it was the Church responsibility protect and teach what the sacred scripture meant.

It was the Catholic monks who hand copied them which took years. To think that scripture is the sole and only means of salvation is just asinine. To think that people who were in the Church who didn’t have access to a Bible for 1500 years went to hell is an Insult To Jesus Christ Himself who built “His Church.”


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