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Many would believe that Saint Pio was talking about his earthly mom and the Immaculate Conception. However Saint Pio was well aware of his earthly mother’s existence as well as the Immaculate Conception roll in salvation. So he at no time was surprised by the fact of these two existing mothers. However one should recognize that St. Pio believed in Divine Motherhood and for him to point out there are “two Mothers” at death is a direct reorganization to the understanding he was talking about the LORD GIVER OF LIFE with regards to the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION who was made one with, as the 2 or 1 (Our Lady’s title of Chaste Spouse of the Holy Spirit defends the 2 or 1. They infinite infusion(Communion) is not in opposition by way of gender but in communion by their divine humility. The Holy Ghost divine in humility by way of the Spirit and the Immaculate divinely humble in the flesh)
Saint Pio is referring to The Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception. Both proceed from God the Father as Spouse and God the Son as Mother in man’s redemption and it is why Our Lord and Savior Gave the Greatest gift to Her which is to infuse the 2 as 1.
The Holy Spirit “proceeds” (proceeds is feminine in humility) as Spouse from God the Father and “proceeds” as Mother from God the Son. The Holy Spirit is masculine by position of Authority by being within the Trinity and not by gender much in the same way a mother in a family unite is masculine by authority not by gender.
The Immaculate Conception in perfect divine humility Also “proceeded” as Spouse from God the Father in accepting Gods will for His Son Birth as well as The Immaculate Proceeds from God the Son, when on the Cross Jesus willed She be a Mother to Mankind.
The Immaculate Conceptions perfect humility to both God the Father and God the Son allowed Her to be fully infuse with the Lord Giver of Life as 1 making of both the physical and spiritual existence of the Church on all levels with no regards to time.
This infinite unity of the 2 as 1 is precisely why scripture states the Church is the Mother Church and it is both physical and spiritual on all levels both eternal yet having been “Birthed.” I could go way deeper but will stop now. Just remembers scripture states that the Church will be a physical place as well as spiritual that includes from lumber to build a church all the way to having a meaning of flesh and spirit as to birth to salvation on all levels physical and spiritual. So many different ways to address this so will stop here
Peter the Roman

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