By the French Monarch. Fatima’s Peter the Roman

As you all know that many Protestant believe that being reborn again means one believes  in Jesus as Lord and Savior. This is at best a partial truth.
   From past Fatima teachings you all understand how the Holy Spirit as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary “proceed” from both God the Father and God the Son in Divine Humility in mans redemption.
    They both proceed at one time or another from God the Son and God the Father in mans redemption therefore God himself made the two one as the Mother Church on all levels both physical and Spiritual.
   To be born again simply means you have a “humble spirit” in Image of Our Mother who was MADE ONE with the Lord Giver Of Life. Humble means humility to ALL CHURCH TEACHINGS CHRIST GAVE HIS CHURCH. This rebirth of man is that depending on the Mother Church as to nourish and develop the human mind body and soul. When man abandons his own understanding and humbles oneself to the Church’s teachings then they are reborn with a Spirit of Humility which is the Holy Spirit who is one with The Immaculate Conception.
 The Holy Spirit as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary are both Spirit and Flesh that is divine humility. To have humility to all Church teachings as to aspire to live them is a rebirth of man!!! In this rebirth one becomes ONE with the Church HOLY and APOSTOLIC in its mission to bring all to the Love of Christ through the divine Intercetion of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is one with the Holy Spirit. This is precisely why She is Mother of all of Humanity.
The French Monarch
Fatima’s Peter the Roman
Breaking News: Pope Francis has decided to authorize pilgrimages to Medjugorje…”can now be officially organized by dioceses and parishes pilgrimages to Medjugorje”…
This will be Frances own undoing
He never saw Medjugorje as a threat. In fact the False prophet has stated that for over 30+ years the message haven’t said anything and have been general message about nothing.
   As you all know I am not a big fan of Terri of Caritas Bermingham Alabama. However he was given a gift of ensight to the messages that seemed ordinary to most. He has a great gift, and Frances overlooked this as well as he fell to the trap and final athorized this which will backfire on him as Our Lady designed.

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