By the French Monarch

Fatima’s Peter the Roman

National Geographic(Liberal Leftist organization) has launched all out war on Catholicism with there new show HOT ZONE.

National Geographic threw this blasphemous tv program is showing the spread of a END TIME disease through the giving of the Sacraments. Gods promise to “HIS” CHURCH was those who had faith to receive the Sacraments would indeed be protected from such plagues. This very post was originally posted with National Geographic official trailer of this blasphemous show and before a minute was up they removed the trailer from my post. Not 10 min but 1 min. So I added my own images. The NWO people do not want Protestants to convert as to be saved so they are trying scare tactics as to keep them away from the TRUE BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST found in Christ Church that is one Holy and Apostolic.

As the French Monarch Peter the Roman it is my responsibility to remind all that Christ will protect HIS CHURCH from such plagues who receive the sacraments in the Union with the Universal ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Freemasons owned and operated

Freemasons owned and operated

Freemasons owned and operated

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