Bio Chem with the French Monarch, Yeap you guest it “Fatima’s Peter the Roman”

Before you start to read please go back to the above diagram and grasp the difference between Chiral and ACHIRAL Images. It’s simple but it’s critical to understand when making the difference in the Chiral Mirror Image of Christ and the Immaculate Conception and the ACHIRAL Image Of the Lord Giver Of Life and the Immaculate Conception

Jews knew the 1 God had a divine Femininity. All Christianity recognize the Truth was given to the Jews as well as it is to be fully unveiled in the Catholic Church.

Since Our Lady is NOT again is NOT the 3rd person of the Trinity. God had to infinitely infused the Lord giver of life with the Immaculate Conception as to Birth the “eternal Son Of God”

Christ did not manifest outside of the womb because it’s against divine designs created by God. Birth is The greatest power of God and that is to birth Life. So for “Eternal” God to be birth The Lord Giver Of Life was made one with the Immaculate Conception. She is the perfect mirror Chiral mirror image of Jesus Christ being in opposition of Divine Masculinity in Divine Femininity. (Two hands)

Now the Immaculate Conception is the perfect ACHIRAL Image of the Lord Giver Of Life meaning that She is in the Flesh (divine Humility) what The Lord Giver Of Life was in the Spirit(Divine Humility) (ACHIRAL=Coke bottle)

This Acharil Image was made by both being divine in humility to both God the Father and God the Son thus allowing God to perfectly and infinitely Infuse the 2 as 1. This communion (Sanctifying Grace) was not made possible by opposition but by similarities of being the same one in flesh and the other in Spirit with regards to divine humility. They both proceeded from God the Father and God the Son in Mans redemption one in Spirit one in flesh that united as one.

As the Universal Creed States Christ (Divine Intellect) was Begotten not made and in opposition Our Lady Of Grace who was “made one with the Lord Giver Of Life(Sanctifying grace) and not birthed. (Chiral Image of Christ by one being birthed God the Other Made one with the 3rd Person Of God)

This is precisely why Our Lady Of Revelation says “I am who I am in the Trinity.”

Christ is divine Masculine Intellect

Our Lady is Chiral Image of Christ in Divine Femininity witch is Humility that sacred scripture says is WISDOM. It is the mirror image of Christ in divine Intellect by way of being in opposition by divine wisdom which is humility and feminine.

The analogy’s of the Hands is a great example of divine intellect and divine wisdom being the same but different(Lol). Same in divinity opposite by way of Masculine/Intellect and Feminine/Wisdom.

Mirror images

It’s like the Ole Saying “They the same but different”

Man does not live by bread alone you need to drink from the LIVING CIBORIUM.

Remember Jesus in Sacred Scripture says “Man does not live on bread alone” one has to drink. Protestant need to drink from the LIVING CIBORIUM. Essential that means convert or die both a physical death AND a SPIRITUAL DEATH.

The Holy Eucharist is the Divine Masculinity

The Blood is the Divine Femininity.

Blood line comes from Mother.

Signed the French Monarch

Peter the Roman


River Ratt

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