By Fatima’s Peter the Roman


Christ said “man does not live on Bread alone..” so even if solo scripture Protestant think that scripture is the is the Living bread then then they have to recognize there is more to salvation then just scripture which they can not account for.

Catholics know that the Living Bread is the Holy Eucharist we also know that scripture feeds us intellectually in Image of Divine Intellect. We also know from Scripture that living bread of Jesus Christ is not enough for Salvation because as Jesus stated that man in the physical world does not live on bread alone and this natural law was elevated to the spiritual world by Christ Paschal life death and resurrection.

Christ’s on birth from the Immaculate Conception elevated natural birth to a supernatural level. Christ’s life death and resurrection elevated all physical and Jewish law to the supernatural level. Jesus Christ gave himself on the cross as to provide the Living bread of Jesus Christ Himself in the Eucharist. Yet as scripture and natural law reveals man does not live by Bread alone so one knows that there is a spiritual Living Water as well.

Catholics have always known and taught since the Days Of St Peter that there is more to salvation than Just the Eucharist. Man needs both physical and spiritual food and we also need both physical and spiritual water in this world and the next to survive. The Holy Eucharist feeds one both In the physical world and the spiritual world being Jesus Christ “TRUE” body under the appearance of bread.

The Living Water is needed in the physical world is also needed by the Spiritual world as Christ himself elevated this natural law to the supernatural level. The first time this is seen is in baptism by water. The Living Water is directly related to the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that unifies the physical world with the Spiritual. This is why the Blessed Virgin Mary had to be full and infinitely infused(Sanctifying grace) with the Lord giver of life so the eternal spiritual Son Of God could be birthed into the physical World for our Salvation. Why was Jesus Christ birth and not manifested? Birth is by divine design by God and it is the essence of Gods power that is to say the power of God is to “Birth life.” Christ being birth also shows Gods divine omnipotence as to be birth yet be birth as “eternal” divine Son Of God. Only God can come from God because “He is all that that IS.” For this birth to be divine the Lord giver of Life had to be made 1 with the Immaculate Conception as for the “eternal” God the Son to be birthed.

Our Lady is the Living Ciborium aka the real Holy Grail. Universal Truth itself was birthed by the Immaculate Conception by divine design.

Our Lady is the true Ciborium of Living water of the Holy Spirit who the two were made one as to the spiritual God the Son birth and the Physical man rebirth in salvation.

Our Lady Of Grace is the Living Ciborium that is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. If one rejects the Living Cup they also reject the water/graces needed “along” with the Living Bread as to sustain life as well as eternal life in salvation

It’s this simple and Protestant condemn themselves by there own teachings as always.

Let’s also not forget sacred scripture “HAIL FULL OF GRACE.” Grace is needed to Perfect the soul because as Jesus said in sacred scripture being sinless is not enough. BVM being full of the infinite Holy Spirit became the Living Ciborium of Grace. If one reject the Cup that has life giving water aka grace then one rejects what’s in the cup and that’s causes both a physical death as well as a spiritual death. Let’s not forget what sacred scripture states for one to blaspheme (meaning in opposition of Gods will) it is unforgivable. Jesus Loves is Mother above all and to make sure all loved Her, He made Her essential to salvation as God the Father willed it as for-told in sacred scripture Genesis.

Very tired these days,,, I could go on for hours on this but you guys should be able to extrapolate from this teaching if you are praying the daily Rosary

False Prophet Frances needs to be reminded “OUTSIDE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION”


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