By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Titles of these first two reference articles only need be read but the web addresses have been added incase one wants to read the whole article.

Bellow is an actual painting of St Bosco’s Vision Prophecy.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

St Bosco Prophecy is about Pope Benedict XVI moving the headquarters of the Church to the United States Of America. The two pillars are representation of CoRedemption Fatima teachings given to me, Peter the Roman. They are teachings that explain why the Holy Eucharist and the Immaculate Conception are “BOTH” essential to salvation. The final unveiling.

The height of the pillars in the prophecy are different heights because it’s represents Our Lady Of Graces essential roll in salvation ALONG WITH CHRIST but NOT EQUAL TOO CHRIST. This is why Her pillar is shorter.

In the vision of St Bosco, Pope Benedict XVI is having a hard time Navigating where to bring in the headquarters of the Church within the United States. He is looking for the TWO PILLARS meaning Peter the Roman with the Fatima teachings of CoRedemption. The pillars are representative of the Fatima teachings that explain the CoRedemtrix Title Our Lady shares with Her Son our Lord and Savior JesuS Christ.

Early in this vision there are smaller ships attaching the Mother ship. These smaller ships represent different religions attacking CHRIST’S, ONE TRUE CHURCH. However all of a sudden in the vision these ships (meaning other faiths) stop attacking the Mother Ship because the other faiths represented by them not only get the Fatima teachings but they understand them!!! Thus these faiths pull along side of the Mother Ship representing the Mother Church and help

Guide the Real Pope Benedict XVI to Port Neches Tx!!!

For Protestants these are a few critical Fatima Teachings read them in order.

By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

Bergoglio and Obama embrace the Antichrist Trinity that is found in homosexuality. They will be damned for eternity if they do not convert

Antichrist Trinity is seen in 3 masculine divine persons

God the Father (masculine)

God the Son (Masculine)

God the Life Partner (Masculine)

The Roman Catholic Church has always fought the perfect representation of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Family

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