By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

The right to life is defended in the Constitution. President Lincoln stated that we as a nation should always fight law and legislation that protect ones rights EXCEPT when eliminates the rights of of others.

The right faith based lawyers could easily destroy abortion. Democrats what to rid the constitution because as Fulton Sheen states it says our rights and liberties are God given as stated in the constitution itself. If America rids itself of God we rid ourselves of our constitution rights. Be sure to listen to Fulton Sheens speech over the constitution called the Glory of Being a America provided below.

Abortion by its very nature is a crime against humanity and it directly violates laws already upheld and ENFORCED by the state and federal government. When a pregnant woman is murdered the criminal is charged with a double homicide because the state and federal governments identifies and defines the unborn child as a person and as a individual human being and no person including the mother of the Child has a right to murder the unborn.

“The Glory of being an American”

Fulton Sheen explains in simplicity that the constitution defines that Americans rights and liberties are “divinely” given.Therefore America must keep our one true God in all things as to keep our rights and liberties and that includes the right to life!!!

Our Great President is re-establishing the Presence Of the one true God in America where other countries such as France Canada are being destroyed because they have abandoned God.

The liberal left. Sheen explains that those democrats that are protesting in nudity violence as well exhibiting multiple personalities meet the medical criteria for being diabolically possessed. The Liberal left are possessed because they have accepted the the Antichrist Trinity in homosexuality as well had accepted the Antichrist evil spirit that Murders life which is in opposition the HOLY SPIRIT that “Births” life.

Check comments section for Fatima’s Antichrist Trinity teaching

Why Is the Iberal left in Image of the Antichrist wanting abortion?

The liberal left had followed False PTR Frances and Obama by embracing the Antichrist Trinity that is found in homosexuality. They will be damned for eternity if they do not convert

Antichrist Trinity is seen in 3 masculine divine persons

God the Father (masculine)

God the Son (Masculine)

God the Life Partner (Masculine)

The Roman Catholic Church has always fought the perfect representation of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Family



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