By Fatima’s Peter the Roman


The Holy Spirit proceeded from God the Father in divine Humility as to fulfill His will in the “Birth” of the universe and life itself. God the Father willed creation, it was the Holy Spirit who proceeded in its birth(Genesis). This is why in Genesis it said the Spirit Of God hovered over the Water, in admiration of the birth of creation. The Holy Spirit also proceeded from God the Father in mans Salvation as to infinitely unite with the Immaculate Conception as so the eternal God the Son could be BIRTHED as both Man and eternal Son Of God. This divine birth allowedfor the institution of the Sacraments through Christ Paschal life death and resurrection that are esssential to salvation.

The HOLY SPIRIT also proceeded as 1 with the Immaculate Conception from God the Son In the BIRTH of the CHURCH as well as the ReBIRTH of man in salvation. There infinite unity is why Our Lady shares all titles of the Holy Spirit(ex Our Lady Of Grace) as well as why She is Mother to all mankind.

IMPORTANT: The Immaculate Conception was the physical mirror image of the Lord Giver Of Life aka Holy Spirit. She too proceeded from God the Father and from God the Son. The Immaculate Conception like the Lord Giver of Life proceeded in Mans redemption by infinitely infusing with the Lord Giver Of Life so the “eternal” Son Of God could have an divine birth as being eternal as both Man and eternal God. The Immaculate Conception also proceeded from God the Son as He instructed Her and St John as Mother of all of Humanity. The Immaculate Conception is the Living Ciborium of the Lord Giver Of Life infinitely united in humility to proceed from both God the Father and God the Son fulfilling Gods WILL. To proceed in Gods will is an act of humility. Humility is feminine.

Divine Humility as defined by sacred scripture is Divine Wisdom. The truth given to the Jews gave understanding that the 1 God had a femininity and they referred to this femininity as Sophia which means WISDOM. All Christians faiths recognize that the Truth was given to the Jews. Where is the truth of the 1 God’s femininity found in the Christian Trinity? It’s not and this is one major part of the final unveiling that does not give new truth only Clarifies the truth that was given to the Jews to fulfilled and given final clarity it Christ Church

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