By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:26

Protestant grave error of “faith alone” insures ones salvation is easily corrected when one uses sacred scripture as to define what and/or how one gets one into heaven.

Christ stated that being sinless is not enough to get one into heaven. Christ stated one has to be perfect and that perfection comes by way of perfecting all 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Therefore belief and/or the knowledge(1 of the 7 Gifts) of Jesus Christ as savior is not enough to gain eternal salvation because it does not use and/or Perfect the other 6 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In short, even if the human mind could grasp all universal truth (knowledge[3]) of God one still does not Perfect the other 6 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christ stated “It’s not enough to be sinless to get into heaven one must be perfect.” You must Perfect the other gifts in physical acts of the knowledge presented by the Church. Christ says he who does not hear the Church is a heathen. Christ did NOT say read the Bible and self interpret and one is saved. St Paul is specific about not interpreting scripture as much as Christ was specific about Protestants not hearing the Church and being heathens. The Protestant are truly the modern day gentiles.

1-Fear of God



4- Fortitude

5- Understanding

6- Counsel


To Perfect all gifts of the Holy Spirit

One has to have fear of God(1) as to seek knowledge(2) of the Church’s teachings with regards to Scripture. Humility/wisdom(3) to the Church’s teachings allows for the Understanding(4) that acting in the sacraments Sacraments is essential to salvation thus giving one the Fortitude(5) to act in them as well as to Counsel(6) others in conversion to “Christ Church” which is Piety(7)

5 thoughts on “Simplicity of correcting Protestant’s grave error.

  1. Where in Scripture #KJV does it say we must attain perfection to gain entrance to heaven?
    No person is justified by their works btw. I have never communicated with a #Catholic yet, who is willing to be corrected by Scripture.
    The Catholic so-called church is always prating false teachings.
    I could give you quite a ong list of those.
    You need to leave that Whore of Babylon the Catholic so-called church.
    Jesus Christ had nothing whatsoever to do with the start of the Catholic so-called church.


      1. I did not say that either.
        so don’t make feeble attempts at putting words in my mouth.
        Please feel free to ‘Grow Up’!!
        doing so-called good works are not proof of anything, and neither are they a means o salvation.
        You cannot earn your way into heaven.
        Chew on that.


  2. You need to correct your own error.
    Become a Christian, and leave The Whore of Babylon of the Catholic so-called church.
    See Rev 17 #KJV
    Chew on that.


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