The bellow is a personal texted that was sent to a Protestant thread on my phone.

The thread had a Baptist convert on it and even he got pissy on the subject of “Faith alone does NOT get one into heaven.” I waited a while before addressing this issue because they got arrogant and stopped listening.

[Text to Protestant]

I chose to wait and address this issue(Faith alone does not insure ones salvation)) because it’s important and emotions need to be settle. When one has the faith as taught by the Church one acts in the Sacraments. When one is taught or shown truth this is called actual grace. Actual grace can be rejected and does not allow one to Perfect the soul as to get into heaven. When one hears and/or sees actual grace and ACTs in it it is then called Sanctifying grace and it Perfect’s the soul. So when one is told that the Bible did not exsist for the first 300 years that is an actual grace of knowledge. Now when one hears and/or reads scripture and learns about St Peter giving the sacrament of Confession and Eucharist etc and then that person “acts” in the knowledge(knowledge is 1 Of 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit) then that grace is “sublimed” for lack of better words into Sanctifying grace that is a saving grace because it perfects the soul. It is the grace Sanctifying grace of humility(2) to act in the Church’s teaching that explains the sacrament of confession and the Eucharist in regards to understanding(3) scripture.

You CAN NOT get into heaven by faith alone!!! Period!!!

Actual Grace can be seen in general as the gift of knowledge (knowledge is 1 of 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit). Even If one was capable of obtaining all universal truth in Knowledge Of God this still does not perfect the soul with the other 6 gifts of the Holy Spirit)

7 gifts of the Holy Spirit that Perfect a Soul

1-Fear of God



4- Understanding




The gateway grace and/or gift of the Holy Spirit is the first gift of the Holy Spirit known as fear of God aka fear of Hell(1 ). This grace is to be first taught to our children as it allows for the perfection grace of Humility(2) to the Church’s teachings and humility offsets pride of self interpreting of scripture as St Paul says is leads to absolute error. Christ reinforces this universal truth when Christ said “he who does NOT HEAR THE CHURCH BE THE HEATHEN.”

Since humility(2) is defined by sacred scripture as wisdom(2) one understand(4) the Church’s teachings in relationship to scripture in regards to the 7 Sacraments. This humility allows one to have Fortitude(5) in practicing the Sacraments as well as fortitude in Counseling(6)others of the Church’s teaching which all of these are examples of Piety(7)

This grace are not specific in order but the first grace or gift that should be taught to and above all things first is a Fear Of God(1). This instills a humility that constantly searches for universal truth as to live it in perfection which is Sanctifying grace.

Now this address Eastern Orthodox error in many ways and there are countless tangents one can go off in but I’m keeping it Short.

In closing Protestant need to be reminded that Judas believed in Christ and so does Satan. Catholics need to be reminded Judas attended the first Mass and still went to Hell. What caused Satan and Judas damnation??? Pride that led to wrongful ACTs or rebellion against Universal Truth. Protestant upon death call for their savior but He states Begone “heathen” i do NOT know you because you did NOT HEAR MY CHURCH!

Peter the Roman

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