By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

[Catholics who go tell Hell,,, Hint: one example is St Elizabeth parish in Port Neches TX]

The sin that is going to get most practicing Catholics such as those at St Elizabeth parish in Port Neches TX a free tip to Hell is the sin of omission. They like most Novu Ordo have turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the Church’s teachings as well as Fatima warning to ALL Catholics to speak out about all Church teachings especially the Fatima teaching in these END TIMES as to save as many souls as possible. Every Catholic alive especially the lay have an Apostolic duty to engage in teaching the Church’s teachings especially in regards to Freemasonry and their homosexual and NWO agenda that includes socialism and communism.

St Elizabeth is a perfect example of embracing evil by the sin of omission and not standing up for those who were trying to protect them.


Everyone at this particular parish knew I was defending the Church’s teachings as well as the parishioners themselves by bringing to light those Goddamn Freemasons in the Church. As you see Our Lady Of Fatima is very descriptive of those like all those at St Elizabeth who have done nothing with the Fatima teachings that expose the Freemasonry within the parish and throughout the world. St Es carried out the devils work by not only doing nothing but carrying aggressive tactics as to have those like myself arrested and institutionalized for defending the Church teachings. During this time I tried to motivate St Es but I was unsuccessful and I’m sorry, I wish I could be a better person as far as reaching out but I’m not,,, it weighs heavy on my heart

Our Lady’s Of Fatima’s warning to those who keep quit in the Catholic Church.

*[Fatima’s Lucia talking about those Catholics who go to hell for turning a deaf ear to the Church’s teachings and the Fatima teachings. ]

LUCIA: One group was floating around in a conflagration (the multitudes of the damned who entered by the wide gate, thinking “the Lord” is God), and the other group of people looked like large animals who were not affected by the fire. The latter were deceased Freemasons, and the ones floating around in the fire were the slaves (the damned), who must serve under the Freemasons for an eternity since they didn’t pay attention to what was happening to the Church (or didn’t care). These damned souls are at the mercy of these burning-bush-fire-Lord-promoting-Freemasons who led them astray with false teachings and the gifts of like, so now the damned are forced in Hell to serve these gods they made.

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