9645DE5B-B546-4C89-8DDA-FEB3B66B91BDBy Fatima’s Peter the Roman

These Fatima teachings that are not mine but mine to give are the first part to the Illumination and can be seen as a general or overall illumination. The Fatima teachings explain in detail how one blasphemes the Holy Spirit as well as Our Lady’s essential roll “along with Christ but not equal too” in Mans salvation. Yes they are poorly written but I’m no grammar scholar but they are understandable. These teaching allows for man to convert by “actual grace” which is in the form of Fatima teachings unveiling explaining universal truth. This allows man a short time to convert and repent. The very last illumination will be on a individual level and we Catholics are protected by confession. One does not have to be Roman Catholic as to be covered by this protection. However one does have to be Roman Catholic as to accept and live all teachings and doctrines of the Church. This allows the souls to infuse with the Holy Spirit(Sanctafing Grace)  and perfect the soul for entry into heaven.

MANY people will die just from heart failure when Jesus addresses and shows their unconfessed sin. Even more will go dispare in suicide from the mental entropy that will occur from see thier sins as they crowned scurged and crucified Our Lord and savior.

Only those properly confessed will have rightfully and lawful immunity to this. Confession meaning mortal sin properly confessed to a Catholic priest. Reminder Protestant, that there is absolutely NO “humility” in confessing to God. Humility is to be subject to one equal too are less than. It is a slap in Gods Omnipotent face to say one humbly confess to Him, He that no sin or no person in sin hides from. God knows your sin now he’s going to show all Protestant the consequence of it being unconfessed and being disobedient to Church doctrine and teachings. It is divine Justice fulfilled in divine Mercy by both the unveiling of Fatima teachings as well as His individual appearance as to show one thier sins. Make no mistake about it, this is the End Time!!! Many rebellious Protestant will trample on these Fatima teachings and depend on There pride as to see them through Jesus individually appearance. 99.99999% will die if left to this as a last resort to convert. They will see there sin with perfect clarity as it crucified our Lord!!!

Fatima teachings are all on this blog and at the end of this article. Please thank Our Lady Of Fatima Medjugorji with a special offering of gratitude. In closing I ask you all to pray for me, I too am the greatest of sinners.


By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

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