By Fatima’s Peter the Roman



Main Fatima teaching: Let us all be reminded that Fatima warned us more people go to Hell for sins of the flesh than any other sin.



Fatima main warning was to inform the world that the devils last attack would be on marriage and family. In other words Homosexuality which opposes both!



Below is a article dealing with Bergoglio addressing a homosexual which he states God made the homosexual this way. Wrong God made man in His image making them both male and Female. There is no ambiguity among the 3 divine Persons of the One God. There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit who proceeds from God the Father in divine Humility/Wisdom as Spouse as well as Proceeds God the Son in Divine Humility/Wisdom as Mother. The Masculinity of the Holy Spirit is by being in divine position of authority being within the Trinity.

God is certainly no homosexual because it’s against divine design and against his very own Image and Likeness of Him as 3 divine Persons in 1 God. God the Father, God the Son God the Spouse/Mother.


The Antichrist trinity is God the Father God The Son God the Life Partner!!!

Natural Law found in Bio Genetics chemistry Physics all unveil the Holy Spirit Femininity that does not over showdow the Masculinity that is associated with the Lord giver of life. Even the word Lord as in Lord giver of Life is not gender specific as well is masculine by position of authority. Added to this post is a letter that address the LGBT strongly but most of all LOVINGLY!!! Read it is a Main Fatima teaching that is not mine but mine to give. (See Article: Peter the Roman firmly addresses the LGBT)

To Bergoglio

Bergoglio i know you are following me as you should be. I know your blind as well as leading others who are blind into the pit of hell, RETIRE AND REPENT,,, you will not do these things on my WATCH!

8 thoughts on “The blind leading the blind

  1. How do you counsel a victim of homosexual acts if you are a Priest much more a Pope?
    What words of comforts would your mouth uttered to a wounded soul?Judgment & Condemnation?
    Would God condemn a gay? A creature created in His own image & likeness, man’s imperfection is the consequences of our fallen nature.We live in a fallen world ruled by satan.God gave LGBT a body & soul but the fallen world is corrupted by evil that tries to deformed the image that God gave to every human being.
    LGBT is God creation, to deny each creature a God creation is to deny that God gave each of them a rational soul….same given to us a man & woman.
    We man & woman had a disease too, not in the form of being gay or lesbian but also in a deadly/evil form…judgment & condemnation.
    Pope Francis followed Jesus words when Jesus said “DO NOT JUDGE” …as Pope Francis said “if a gay or lesbian is seeking God and the Church for help…’who am I to Judge?
    Jesus came to heal sinners not the righteous…
    So LGBT as a person/creature is created by God giving them a rational soul…The physical ,psychological & emotional IMPERFECTIONS that we men & women see in them is NOT THE SAME as God sees the LGBT,…that’s why Jesus reminded everyone “DO NOT JUDGE”.
    Jesus commanded us to PRAY FOR SINNERS and not to CONDEMNED sinners.
    That’s why Jesus founded a Church to Teach & Guide us. As Pope Francis rightfully said that the Church is Hospital for the wounded soul and Clergy must provide Pastoral cares.

    God is very clear on His Words to King David in Psalm105:15 “DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED ONES”.
    And Jesus gave a good example on this on Acts9:4 “SAUL, SAUL WHY ARE YOU PERSECUTING ME?”
    An attack on the Vicar of Christ is a direct attack on Jesus Christ Himself.
    You cannot say you are a Catholic and continue to slap the face of Christ by attacking the Vicar of Christ/Pope Francis.

    points to reflect upon…As Mama Mary is the Mother of all the Priests…Godbless


    1. You can’t not embrace homosexuality, If one is looking for God then they will find him and his teachings over Homosexuality in the Church. It is a Mortal sin and to embrace this as to accept it as natural is a mortal sin and one is also a heritic as well as blasphemes the Holy Spirit that resides in a person in Grace…

      Loving another of the same sex is not a sin,,, the sin is in the unlawful act of sex,,,

      You need to be reminded of soddem and Gomorrah. from there you will understand why the Glory Be prayer was added to the Rosary at Fatima,,

      God view on Homosexuality is the Same now as in the Old Testament “…as it was is now and forever shall be…”

      You need to look up the Church doctrine teachings on homosexuality and is absolutely beautiful.


    2. As far as Judgment, Judgment implies a punishment and I have not punished anyone but I have given “Good Council” as Our Blessed Mother Asked me too,,,

      Are you practicing Homosexuality?


    3. I am who God has made me and by Frances being a Freemason as elected Pope voided his papacy. These things have been prophisjzed for years and those are church approved prophecy,,,


    4. Your defense of homosexuality inclines me to believe you are struggling with this issue,,,, if so remember it’s not a sin to love the same sex deeply the sin is in the perverted acts that is against Natural law as well it’s a blasphemy of the Holy Spirit residing in the person. This is the Catholic Teachings and Frances is no pope.


    5. This should help you understand that Homosexuality is against both Marriage and Family. This was warned at Fatima, your defending an evil that was created by satin himself because homosexuality destroys the Image of God found in the traditional family

      This will help you grasp the Fatima Teaching. It embraces those in bondage to the mortal sin of homosexuality acts! Again love for another is no sin but this love does have its proper place in order with the world.

      I love you and if any more question please ask.


  2. Did Jesus commanded us to condemned sinners or to pray for sinners.?
    Fatima Prayers is clear on this..
    O my Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls into heaven esp. those most in need of thy mercy. ”
    You cannot preach Fatima message and at same time condemned LGBT. Thats a contradictory message.
    Regarding Pope Francis as not the True Pope, you will make Jesus a liar, and implied that the Holy Spirit had abandoned His Church.
    Jesus words is very clear “heaven and earth will pass away but my words will remain”
    As Pope Benedict XVI said “Do not lose the vision, God always guide His Church”.
    To believe that the Vatican II Church and Pope Francis is not the True Church and Pope would clearly contradict Jesus powerful Words and promises.


    1. Jong,,, Catholic teachings period say we are to council those in grave error. If one is not practicing homosexuality then there is no sin as Fatima teachings states. However if one embraces homosexuality then they themselves reject Christ and the Teachings He gave His Church. It is obvious you either are a practicing homosexual are you are struggling with identifying as a mortal sin which Christ taught his Church… judgment implies a punishment and I’m certainly not punishing any one including homosexuals. Its Good Council and its fulfilling my Apostolic duties required by Christ…

      Stop sympothizing with the Sin, and have compassion for the sinner as you council them, just like I’m.doing with you now,.

      I. Struggle with sex as a heterosexual but I don’t say its not evil when it is if, and I said if its outside of a valid marriage

      Stop throwing a pitty party. Sin is Sin


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