By Fatima’s Peter the Roman

4 soon to be 5 blasphemies of the Holy Spirit that Prideful rebellious Protestant are damned for.

One is they blaspheme the Power Of the Holy Spirit to make Our Lady Divine Mother Of God

Two they blaspheme the Power Of the Holy Spirit as to keep the Divine Mother Of God perpetual in Her Virginity

Three they blaspheme the Power Of the Holy Spirit allow the Blessed Virgin Mary to be born Immaculate meaning without original sin.

Four they blaspheme The Power Of the Holy Spirit assume The Divine Mother Of God into heaven by Her Son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

The Fifth will soon be made known and that is they blaspheme the Power Of the Holy Spirit To infinitely infuse as One with the Immaculate Conception as to fulfill universal truth found in the Creed “God from God, light from light…” A Gift by Her Son Jesus Christ as to make Her CoRedemptrix to all of man as Divine Mother.

You Protestant will learn that the Old Laws Tarah or fulfilled and elevated to a spiritual level in Christ Church. That means in this particular you are breaking one of the Ten Commandments by NOT Honor your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Divine Mother!

The 5 first Saturday devotion is for blasphemy against the Church’s teaching of 4 soon to be 5 Marion Dogmas. Protestant at the very least blasphem the Power Of the Holy Spirit and at the very worst blasphem Our Lady’s infinite communion with the Lord Giver of Life… Their infinite unity was cemented by both being perfect in divine Humility (Wisdom)Proceeding both from God the Father and God the Son in Mans redemption. There infinite unity is not comprehendable by the human mind. They are one with two separate origins. The blemish free Holy Spirit origin is eternal and fully infused with the Blimish free(Immaculate) Blessed Virgin Mary who was concieved.  To deny thier infinite unity is to blaspheme the Power Of the Holy Spirit. Please if you can, offer up the 5 Saturday devotion for the Prideful disobedient protest-ant.

inclosing I like to add that even the Protestant know that for a soul to have Kingship or Queenship in Heaven that one has to be in communion with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of Humility. For one to be in communion with the Holy Spirit they have to be humble to Christ teaching He gave “His Church.” His Church is one Holy Catholic and Apostolic.


Special Side Note: the Title Our Lady Spouse of the Holy Spirit does not mean That God is pagan god Zues and united by opposition of gender. This title simply means Our Lady is in full infinite unity of the Holy Spirit because she is the perfect living “host” for the Holy Spirit to infuse with. The reason for Her being the perfect host for the Lord giver of life is because She to proceeds from both God the Father and God the Son in divine Humility/wisdom because She impeccably abondaned Her own will as to do Gods which is divine Humility aka Wisdom. This obedience is why Her Son gave His Mother the gift of all gifts which is infinitly infusing the Eternal Blemish Free Holy Spirit with the conceived Immaculate(Blemish free) conception. They are one but of two different origins. To deny one is to deny the other which is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It is the one sin that is not forgiven in this life or the next!


2 thoughts on “Protestant and their Blasphemies against the Holy Spirit.

  1. Thanks for this wonderful article.
    Your wording introduction attributing the Marian Dogma’s as the Work of the Holy Spirit perfectly describes Matthew12:32.
    “Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the one to come. ”

    This particular verse, I’ve pondered on this many times and surf the net from articles to youtube and even Christian channels, but your articles perfectly describes Jesus Words and the essence why Jesus reminded the Pharisees and the crowd in Matthew 12:32.

    You see Jesus knew, the Mystical Infinite Union between the Holy Spirit and Mama Mary so Jesus as God sees the attack that would be thrown at His Mother in the future.
    The 5 Blasphemy against Mama Mary is the UNFORGIVABLE SINS.

    Satan discovers this TRUTH, that’s why this particular hatred and blasphemy to Mama Mary, satan relentlessly inspired to all Pastors/PESTors and bible alone believers to commit the UNFORGIVABLE SINS for this soul to go straight to hell.
    This verse Matthew 12:32 had been interpreted and teach by Pastors in error…I can’t imagined how the bible believers accepted the teaching error’s of their Pastor’s…one word only to describes…they are “BLINDED”!
    And by posting hatred to Mama Mary on the social-media this protestants and bible believers are attributing it PUBLICLY and perfectly fits the bill or the description of Jesus on the nature of the UNFORGIVABLE SINS.

    That’s why I’ve read a lot of confessions of christians esp. those who with malice attack Mama Mary as saying having experiencing horrible dreams…because satan’s breathe had infected their heart and soul by blaspheming the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    I do hope your article can reach to a lot of viewers esp. christians who truly are seeking the TRUTH.



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