A letter to Holy Love devotee with regards to Maria of Divine Mercy Living Seal prayer being essential for salvation.

I understand that the apparitionest at Holy Love, (Maureen) believes in Maria divine mercy. The only issue I have ever had with what she has stated is the importance of the “Living Seal Prayer.” From the Fatima Teachings that are not mine but mine to give I understand the Living Seal as taught by the Church is the Mother Church sealing through the anointing of oil on the forehead (Book Rev)of the one being confirmed.  This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law that a child must first identify the mother and ask her intercetion as to make lawful and rightful claim of the fathers inheritance. This anointing is telling the Spiritual world, the devil mainly, that this Child has identified the Mother Church who is in full unity with the Holy Spirit thus the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a rightful lawful claim the the Eternal Fathers reward.  Simply put the confirming is identify and claim the Mother thus the Mother Church intercede marking or claiming the confirming for the eternal Fathers inheritance. This is the fulfilling of the Jewish law on a spiritual level.

Through Fatima teachings i understand that the Confirming, in Humility, has as identify the Mother Of God/Mother Church/ Mother Spirit and the priest only acts on behalf of the Mother blesses them with the “Living Seal” with Oil. This fulfilling the Jewish law on the Spiritual level. The Mother Church on a spiritual level is making rightful claim of the eternal Fathers inheritance.

My issue with Maria of Divine Mercy is the push of Living Seal prayer as being as powerful as a Sacrament and is mandatory for salvation in these end times.

I am good with the Living Seal prayer seen as a sacramental but I myself at this time In discernment can not place no value on a piece of paper with a prayer on it. The true Living Seal at this time in my discernment is,has been i and forever will be the Sacraments Of confirmation.

This is essential to know as far as CoRedemption Dogma is concerned. It’s another way of explaining the dogma and the absolute beauty of Christ Church. Sad these days people quick to hand out graduation invitations to celebrate but there is no event worthy of celebration more than Comfirmation.

What are your or anyone’s thoughts at Holy Love Of this issue.

Peter the Roman.

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